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 SIMPLE-REFLECTI-ICON 144Simple Reflect is a new way to store every detail of your child's learning process. Whatever your child learns and does, it gets reflected here! Available on iTunes for iPad. Start recording!
 ODRIVIA-APPLICATION-ICON 114Ordavia is an app for Android and IOS platform via which one can place orders in any restaurant. This app serves both vendors as well as clients and is a total life saver!
 globr_app_iconGlobr lets you make friends across the world in literal sense! Yes now there will be no language barrier as this app lets you communicate in any language and on top of that its available for both android and IOS platforms.
 LIGHTER-ICON-smallSay goodbye to the old and traditional looking lighters now! We have much more creative and amazingly cool lighters for all of you lighter lovers! Change skins, flames, apply tricks and choose from a wide variety of lighters.


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