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Who needs PIM in your organization?

Challenges faced
by CXO

  • Slower product time-to-market
  • Absence of a single source of truth for all product information
  • Scattered supplier, dealer, and customers data
  • Poor customer experiences (CX)
  • Slow turn around from quotation to delivery

Challenges faced by
operational team

  • Unable to collect and aggregate different data from suppliers
  • Unable to send updated pricing information across the organization
  • Unable to create effective quotations to dealers and distributors due to lack of centralized systems
  • Unable to maintain the latest catalog due to high product churn rate (discontinued products)
  • Unable to maintain different variants of products

Challenges faced by sales & marketing teams

  • A lot of manual work is required to create custom quotations
  • Unable to define pricing based on customer segments
  • Unable to provide discounts to specific customers
  • Unable to run promotions to specific customer segments
  • Unable to provide all the options/ variants to the customers in an interactive manner
  • Unable to update product quantity
  • Unable to provide information about stock quantities

Challenges faced by
IT team

  • Need to manage multiple systems and database
  • An increasing number of duplicated data across different data silos
  • Frequently required data cleaning
  • Frequently required data merging
  • Inability to create MIS reports on time
  • Need to integrate different systems
  • Unable to provide required data to different teams in operations and sales & marketing
  • Mismanagement and scattered data across the organization

Unleash the potential of product information to accelerate business growth

Boost conversions by delivering engaging customer experiences with enriched, accurate, and updated product information.

Scale your business with effective master data management

Data defines the success of an enterprise. Make data-driven business decisions with a robust data management solution. Get a single, trusted, & centralized view of your unified business data.

Strengthen your relationship with suppliers

Get a holistic view of supplier data that helps in price negotiations, improves suppliers’ onboarding process, streamlines varied processes that involve suppliers, and boosts collaboration between internal teams and suppliers.

Supplier Data

Know your customers with a 360-degree view

Deliver personalized, relevant, and one-to-one experiences by utilizing customer data along with other data domains such as products, locations, etc. Drive better sales opportunities by understanding your customers inside out.

Customer Data

Create a golden record of accurate and updated asset information

Improve processes for managing geographically distributed physical assets by creating a single source of truth for your assets. Reduce operational costs & improve business decisions with the help of trusted asset data.

Asset Data

Boost profitability by unleashing the power of location data

Launch successful marketing campaigns and in-store experiences by managing location data in a single place. Make more effective strategic decisions by leveraging the right amalgamation of location data with other data domains.

Location Data

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