Digital Transformation

Bringing Velocity in your business to move into new orbits

Your business needs the AGILITY to respond to the changing needs in the Digital Economy. Credencys is helping companies to propel further & go beyond in creating entirely new categories & introducing new products & services faster than ever before

Ubiquitous Mobility™

Convergence of an always connected world

In a truly connected world, everything is talking to everything. Your mobile. Your car, every appliance in your home and the devices you own. Together they’ll form intelligent systems that will create new ways to meet your every need more efficiently. At Credencys, our “Center of Excellence” in IoT, Wearable, Mobile & Cloud are pushing the boundaries of technology farther than ever imagined. This is just one bit of our contribution in making Digital Economy a reality.

What we do

Our Centre of Excellence executes the best in Strategy, Design and Development using Scrum and DevOps to deliver you the latest in IoT, wearable, mobile, cloud and emerging technologies.

Platforms we work on


With anytime, anywhere connectivity, enterprises are achieving better results in lesser time. Whether it’s about mobilizing workforce or engaging customers, we are here to help.

Cloud and Big Data

Need to migrate your legacy apps to cloud? We will help you do that and much more. Leverage our expertise in AWS and Azure to provide your organization the cloud transformation it needs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

While top software development companies are exploring IoT’s potential for driving next phase of innovation and growth; as an agile software development company, Credencys is actively engaged in delivering mobile-enabled IOT solutions.

Cognitive Technologies

We also help enterprises gain the first mover advantage by adopting the latest in Wearable Apps, Augmented Reality Apps and Virtual Reality Apps.

Web Application Services

With a mobile first approach, we optimize your processes with highly secure web applications that minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Brands we have worked with

Industry's first IOT based Smart Alarm

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