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Credencys was born with zeal to not only provide technology solutions to real world problems, but also wow you and your customers in the process. With huge appetite for the newest in technology, we help enterprises leverage Mobile, Web, Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cognitive Technologies for their growth. Completing 400+ projects in 5 years, Credencys’ 200+ strong Agile workforce continues to strengthen the company’s position in the market as a leading software solutions and managed services provider.


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Global Presence

As a leading web and mobile application development company, we have presence in the USA, Singapore and India

We Started Small, but we did Significant Things.

We started our journey with a headcount of 10, at a time when our peers were totally engrossed in web development projects. This didn’t deter us from thinking big and create a unique retail solution – a smart mirror – which would help shoppers in a retail store put on and browse through apparels with a simple hand gesture, virtually.


The plus points – shoppers don’t have to actually get in and out of clothes, they get more time to evaluate which colors and styles look better on them, and usually they return to get the wow experience. It is this strong focus on delivering wow which helped us create differentiation in the market where mobile application development companies are thriving in abundance.


We have completed 400+ projects including (but not restricted to) smart phone Apps development, for enterprises in hospitality, retail, logistics and many more. Is our story akin to yours? Let us know about your “smart mirror”…we’re all ears.

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Smartphone Apps Development – What Interests us the Most.

With anytime, anywhere connectivity businesses are achieving better results in lesser times. However, for us mobile is just not freedom from wires, it’s a state of mind –that is what interests us the most and drives our mobile app development processes.


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Our Founders

Our founders have played an instrumental role in enlisting Credencys among the best mobile application development companies in the world.

sandeep sir

Sandeep Agrawal

CEO & Founder

Before establishing Credencys among the leading software companies in Los Angeles, Sandeep spent a couple of decades driving world class teams and delivering cutting edge technology solutions. He lives and breathes startups. His likeable personality, infectious positive energy and a good taste for humor comes in handy for empowering teams and training newcomers. He is religious follower of scrum and believes that design led thinking and open communication are the critical factors responsible for any organization’s growth.

sagar sir

Sagar Sharma

CTO & Founder

Sagar is the go-to-guy for engineers in Credencys. Always ready to get his hands dirty, he has more than 15 years of diverse software industry experience in SOA, Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture and Design, Application Development in Web and Mobile, Deployment and Support. Leading client presentations and POCs on numerous occasions, Sagar has played an instrumental role in establishing Credencys’ brand. Prior to founding Credencys with Sandeep, he worked with firms like Citibank, Toyota and Oracle. Sagar helps teams define and sustain Agile Development Practices across the organization.

Our People

There are some good people behind the Credencys name who are creative, trust-worthy and extremely knowledgeable. They are the drivers of the organization. In as much, we require creativity, motivation and experience in current technologies. As we hand select each individual to complete our teams, we have every confidence that his or her individual contribution adds to the bottom line of ever product we produce. Read more in-depth profiles about our employees and our founders here.

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