Your Security Is Our Top Priority

How can you be sure that Credencys can protect your idea, your data, your future? With IP theft at a rate of 200 billion dollars per year in the US alone, it’s certainly a valid question. Indicative of our very name, Credencys stems from “credence” which means trust and credibility. IP protection is our #1 priority and not something on which we will ever compromise. Our core client base consists of big enterprises and innovative startups that entrust us with their valuable ideas. There are still even more reasons why you can trust us with your intellectual property:

No Development Outsourcing Ever

Why does this matter? It matters because if you’re using a firm that outsources its projects, it means they have little or no control of your Intellectual Property or who owns the rights to your code. With Credencys, these issues don’t exist. From the security audit officers and stringent ID entry procedures to our locked-down servers and password-protected project management systems, we take information security as seriously as you do. That’s why we elicit only the leading security measures available.

Our Solid Non Disclosure Agreements

At Credencys, we sign mutually beneficial non-disclosure agreements more often to ensure your confidence. We want to legally protect your idea and clearly assign ownership of intellectual property to you. These legally binding agreements are specifically designed to protect your interests, and have been vetted by some of the largest corporate legal departments in US.

Employee Non-Compete Agreements & Education

Even with an ironclad non-disclosure agreement and the best of intentions, what’s stopping a development firm employee from leaving a company and taking your amazing idea with them? Nothing at all – unless that firm has a specific non-compete agreement for all employees that clearly outlines your IP rights. Credencys protects you with rock-solid employee non-compete agreements drawn up by largest law firm in the world. We regularly audit our systems, processes and we educate our employees on the latest security guidelines and best practices.

Your Trusted Technology Partner


Credencys’ International Reputation

We have been in the game for long time. We place a great deal of value on our reputation and notability. Knowledge of different industries and entrepreneurial concepts of startups are at the core of our business, and the trust our clients place in us is something we continue to earn, every single day. Our many glowing client testimonials tell the same story.