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Ingenious Android mobile app developers of Credencys are proficient in converting mind blowing ideas into faultless apps. We deliver high performing mobility solutions using emerging tools and technologies. Our experts create intuitive UI/UX with simple yet interactive navigation to engage the end-users. We offer innovative mobile products that permit users to complete their tasks with a few taps. Offering user-friendly navigation, we drive robust engagement and speedy transition of users (not too slow or not too swift but as per standards) for the brands. Credencys is a renowned Android application development company that has proven expertise in creating elegant designs for all app sizes through asset optimization and app thinning. While designing and developing Android apps, we accurately follow Google’s guidelines so that the app go live on play store in one go.

Android SDK

Use of advanced Android app development tools allows our developers to unveil unlimited product development possibilities. Credencys holds expertise in developing apps using Android SDK, C, C++, Location-based service API, 2D and 3D Graphics API, Android Security Architecture, Wi-Fi APIs, OpenGL, game engine support, and more. Before delivering the final product, we test the Android app to deliver operationally stable and efficient mobile solution. We check out various aspects such as cross platform compatibility, user experience, graphics, navigation, and overall quality of the app in order to hand over a bug-free solution. Apart from these, we provide next level data security to avoid vulnerability issues.

Key Offerings

Android is a widely used mobile operating system across the world. We understand the complex ecosystem of the technology and develop sustainable and scalable apps that run effectively on different platforms such as smartphones, tablets, Android wear, and Android TV. Our Android app development services involve

  • Conceptual UI/UX design
  • Native and hybrid app development
  • Launchers app development
  • Widget development
  • App test automation
  • App porting/redesign
  • App support, maintenance, and optimization

Personalized Development & Progressive Approach

By developing Android apps with hi-tech customization, we address the specific business needs of the organizations. A personalized solution facilitates organizations with more simplified and automated business processes. Adopting the progressive approach, we build feature-rich and futuristic solutions that run seamlessly across multiple devices. Offering affordable Android development, we help companies in attaining outstanding business performance.

Proven Android Development Practices

We have proven experience of working with almost all the Android versions start from the oldest Cupcake to latest Orio and developing highly responsive apps with breakthrough functionality. With the new release of Android OS and SDKs, cutting-edge features and APIs are also launched. We always work with latest technologies to make the app compatible with advanced mobile platforms. To deliver the world class solutions, we follow phase-to-phase application development process for Android that involves concept definition, market research, prototyping, design, coding, testing, approval, collecting client’s feedback, modifications, and launch on Play Store.

Breakthrough Integrations

Our gifted Android mobile app developers have proven expertise in Android application development by integrating various tech elements such as GPS, AR, multimedia, push notification, wearables, Healthkit, Homekit, camera, OCR, real-time integration of back-end, app analytics to track users’ behavior, MDM, offline functioning, and more. Integrating 3rd party software and developing bespoke mobile apps, we improve the productivity of the organization.

80% of smart devices are Android, wow Android users

Finding Android App developers in the market is not difficult; however, developing successful Android Apps that deliver value is another story. Give a boost to your business by developing Apps that score high on retention and usage rates. Get our Team onboard for your Android App Development.

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Build impressive Android Apps


Simple and intuitive user interfaces conforming to Google Material Design


Integration with Social Channels


Integration with credit card readers, printers, speakers, TV and other devices with NFC, Bluetooth and IR


Customized interactive mapping with Google Maps API


Proximity communication with Nearby Messages, Nearby Connections & Nearby Notifications


Conferencing, Messaging & Collaboration with Twilio API


Powerful and simple video/image editing & video streaming capabilities


Integration with popular Shopping APIs such as Amazon eCommerce, eBay, Shopzilla, Yelp, PointLoyalty and more…

Ensure Development Best Practices

  • Secure remote access with strong authentication using eToken.
  • Code optimization and obfuscation using Proguard
  • Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool (MAT) and DDMS for profiling and debugging.
  • Internal distribution of APK using Google Play or Deploygate
  • NDK for building native-C components that improve performance.
  • Monitoring, using Analytics and Crashlytics
  • Android Studio with Gradle to automate building, testing, publishing and deployment tasks
  • Genymotion as an accelerated emulator that speeds up the development process
  • Jenkins for Continuous Delivery (CD) and frequent release
  • JUnit + Instrumentation + Espresso with Jacoco for automated testing

Design Apps that deliver desired ROI

Our top Android App developers ensure that your App meets predefined goals. Mobile Apps have several features, which by design are expected to raise CTR; however, overusing these features (for example – push notifications) may at times hamper user experience. We will help you achieve the fine balance with desired ROI and increased engagement, all at the same time.

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