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Make your Sales Process More Efficient with Markerless Tracking AR App

Markerless AR’ signifies an augmented reality application that doesn’t require any pre-knowledge of users’ environment to overlay 3D content into a scene. These types of AR apps are helpful for businesses that deal with heavy machinery, manufacturing or complex processes to deliver better insights about the products or processes to the customers through interactive AR content.

At Credencys, we address such challenges with plane detection AR app. Our AR developers empower your sales and marketing teams by allowing them to run a demo just by tracking a plane surface using plane tracking AR solution, regardless of any object or location. Hire AR developers from Credencys to shape your raw idea into full-featured markerless tracking augmented reality app that offers immense end user experience.

Benefits of Markerless tracking AR for your Business

Enhance Marketing

Allows your sales and marketing team to provide a 3D demo of products or processes just by tracking plane surface, without any location or object driven constraints.

Increased User Interaction

Keep clients coming back to your brand and convert their willingness into buying decisions by offering them interactive AR content.

Gain Competitive Edge

Stay ahead in competition by offering immersive and interactive experiences to the customers during product demonstrations.

Improve Customer Relationship

Developing engaging apps that help your business to spread awareness about your brand to attract more people and ultimately, increases relationships with your customers.

Our Featured Work

Samsung - A utility AR solution

Developed an augmented reality-based mobile application for Samsung that offers an immersive shopping experience to the customers across Singapore. The shopping app allows consumers to evaluate how ​​​​​​​the Samsung appliances look like in their selected location.

  • Accurate Motion Tracking
  • Area Learning
  • Depth Perception
  • HD 3D renderings of electronic appliances
  • Integration of Store Locator

LPC Latina - A Plane Surface Detection based AR App

We developed an augmented reality app that helps sales and marketing department of the LPC Latina to present their construction approach by showing 3D structures of under construction large-scale civil projects.

  • The client uploads 3D models of construction plant on the web portal
  • Users can access the augmented content just by tracking a plane surface
  • Organizers (sales & marketing team) can interact with the augmented content and broadcast the information
  • Receivers can access information by connecting their Wi-Fi with Organizers

We Have Helped our Clients to Adopt Markerless AR Solutions for these Use Cases


Offer a visual demonstration of your large-scale civil projects using plane tracking AR to display an interactive model of the project to the clients. Detecting plane surface, the app will show a 3D interactive model of the building architecture.

  • Upload different 3D models of the infrastructure in the app
  • Boost convincing power of your team during client visits, as they can effectively show virtual look and feel of the construction site
  • Allow clients to interact with models to get an exclusive overview of the architecture
  • Win the trust of clients by helping them to make informed decisions about their investment

Consumer Goods

Deliver an interactive shopping experience to the customers with the plane tracking AR app. Allow buyers to evaluate how the home appliances look like in the particular area of their premise before making a purchase.

  • Upload high definition 3D models of home appliances
  • Offer an exact view of any home appliance in the customer’s defined place through accurate motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception
  • Allow customers to interact with augmented appliances and make required adjustments to have a virtual overview of the place with an appliance
  • Encourage instant buying by enabling customers with the list of stores available in a particular geographical area.

Education and Training

Improve learning with realistic real-time display of educational 3D content with Markerless tracking augmented reality apps. It delivers many possibilities for learning and educational processes.

  • Delivers a real thought with appealing and effective real-life simulations
  • Bringing physical and psychological experience together and delivers a real virtual experience that is implemented in real life.


Markerless tracking enables convey information on products, services, or ideas that increase profits on advertisers. It targets users by providing a customized advertising message in the most effective ways.

  • Help to find restaurants and people and obtain place information within a visible distance
  • Improve social functions of sharing information with neighboring users and finding places
  • Trigger users’ interests and curiosities that ultimately, increase profit for the business.

Sales and Marketing

Turns campaigns into engagement AR experience with Markerless tracking AR app. It delivers impressive augmented reality experience for brands that help them to boost sales.

  • Help build customer loyalty along with providing engaging, interactive and personalized content.
  • Stimulating a new audience to experience its unique product range through product visualization.
  • Solving some of the biggest pain points of users by providing ideas with AR product visualization apps and act as the ultimate sales tool for most of the businesses.

Engagement Models to Hire AR Developer for developing Markerless Tracking AR Apps

We have a team of augmented reality developers, who have competitive skills in developing AR mobile app development for various industries. Hire AR developers from Credencys with flexible hiring models to develop Markerless tracking AR apps.

Fixed Cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

Offshore Development Center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

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