10 Feature That Defines the Core of Stunning Casino Game App

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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

10 Things That Defines the Core of Stunning Casino Game App

For thousands of years, people have been wagering which has evolved from the common street dice games played for fun to bets involving bulk of cash. With the pace of time, the games are shifted to traditional Casinos, but as the gaming industry revolutionized, the Casinos have been entered into the mobile phones.

Digital gambling market is also expanding with exponential growth of digital devices worldwide and gross win has raised by 14% annually during the last decade. So, expectedly with massive use of mobile phones, online gambling proportion will rocket to more like 20% over the next two to three years.

With growing hunger for Casino apps, the app stores are reaching a new peak, thereby makes the hunt for the excellent app difficult. This concern compel the gaming companies to add set of unique ideas that can give a leg up to their casino game apps and set an edge in the gaming landscape globally.

Let’s figure out the top 10 must have features of Casino game apps that brings you ahead of the curve and thrills the user

1. Intuitive UI

As, beginners finds difficult to go through & understand the app initially, in that case simple, clear and easier interface creates a way to find what they are looking for. An app with rich UI & backed up with robust performance excels in the market along with large user base.

2. Integration with web social services

A Couple of Casino gaming apps works in both online and offline mode. The online mode allows the users to sync with Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter & many other social services to play with their friends. Integration of these services let the players to compete with their friends, and in turn enables the multiplayer gaming mode.

Such functionality makes the game play more interactive and enthralling and also helps gaming companies in the marketing of their game app.

3. Rewards

It is the human nature, the things that human being get at free of cost always delights them more. Progressive bonus rounds, free spins, jackpots, contest to unlock more levels & credit are such rewards in the casino game which intrigues the user and makes the game more interesting.

4. Appealing design

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, gamers crave for the games that gives them real feeling in virtual game play. The colorful designs, outstanding animation, unbeatable graphics and excellent sound quality makes the game more aesthetically pleasing and provide the users immersive experience brimming on their digital devices.

5. Freemium games

Freebies allure everyone, especially when you are playing Casino game. The casino games that can be downloaded at free, when offers the gamers to play different free games in the middle of the game play as a reward will work as frosting on the cake.

6. Bringing the personal avatar

Many a times, winning is not the only thing that excites the gamer while viewing the favorite character in the game also deliver an unparalleled experience. Even, some games let the players dress up and shape their own avatar to reflect their personality. It creates more realistic view of virtual things.

7. Tutorial for beginners

Most of the casino game apps come with tutorials which can train the user how to play from the scratch. Instructions for playing the game, collecting your earnings, what the reward means and much more is spelled clearly for the convenience of the gamers.

8. In-app purchase

With increasing trend of consumerism, people like to play without any roadblock and for that they are ready to pay through their nose. In-app purchase allows the users to play continuously and would bring them at the top in the leader board.

9. Security

It’s true, playing Casino game online on your portable device is very convenient, but holds on! This game takes away the identity of the user. Especially, in the USA, it’s a big deal and companies assure that identity of the user will not fall into the wrong hands. Companies take security seriously and encrypt user’s data, and keep the information private on the top priority.

And, comprehensive game log is made robust added with high level of security and no one can hack it because it matters a lot when gamers play with real money.

10. Customizable

Customize gaming solutions allows the player to made the changes that suits their needs, it foster app in the app store. Customize feature in handful of apps let the user to change the number of pay lines and amount they want to bet. Also, some games come up with different themes and user can enable any theme for a particular level.

Here is an example of a casino game, you can download it on your apple device and enjoy it.

casino game app


As the betting industry heats up, it’s tough for the mass of Casino game apps to get space in and earn one’s spurs. For the companies, to create a niche in the gaming sector, there are certain features that Casino game should have to break into the growing market and stimulate the fan-base. Otherwise, their Casino game app would remain for the birds!

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