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By: Sagar Sharma

What is the accelerometer used for in mobile devices

Accelerometer, a device which measures proper acceleration, we all has learnt it in our science class. If you are from technical background, you will know importance of the accelerometer.

But you know, accelerometer is one of the important hardware in the smart phone. After knowing this the question arise why the mobile device need accelerometer, why mobile device needs to measure change in the motion. Here is the explanation that why it is used in mobile devices.

As per the definition, you come to know that accelerometer actually measures the changes in the movement of the current position. At the same time accelerometer detects 3D movement along x, y and z axis.

Ultimately, in mobile device, accelerometer is a motion sensor that detects the change in movement relative to the current device orientation. It can measure the magnitude and the direction of the acceleration; can be used to sense the orientation of the device.

In Mobile Phone, Accelerometer is measuring linear acceleration of the device. When at rest position in whatever orientation, the figure represents the force of gravity active on the device at the same time it also measures the acceleration on X and Y axis which will be zero.

At the time of motion, the figures represent the accelerator due to gravity plus acceleration of the device itself relative to its rest frame.

When accelerometer combined to gyroscope or any other hardware like compass or magnetometer, developers can create an application that can sense motion on six axes: up-down, left-right and forward-backward and as well as the rotation of roll, pitch & yaw.

In the mobile, when you are playing games by tilting your mobile phones, it is because of accelerometer; you will have such effect on games. It is just an example. Developers can build multiple applications on the base of accelerometer.

Accelerometer has opened a new world for the mobile gaming, the mobile games like cricket, golf, and car racing use the accelerometer to give you an amazing gaming experience.

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