Develop an App like Hulu – 4 Must-have Features that Make Mobile Video Streaming App Successful

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By: Sagar Sharma

Develop an App like Hulu – 4 Must-have Features that Make Mobile Video Streaming App Successful

You might have observed this transition or if not, then you will know about it clearly at the end of this discussion. Most of us have switched from our traditional cable TVs to live video streaming apps and it has eventually become a very hot topic around the globe. It has opened the doors for fascinating people to watch TV shows and series in a different way.

You can pick up several examples for the video streaming apps that have taken the world by storm- be it Netflix, HBO NOW, Youtube. This list includes Hulu as well because Hulu is very successful nowadays. Several reasons are instrumental for the majority of us quitting their satellite TVs and shifting to apps like Hulu. Must be thinking why we are talking about Hulu so much, right?

Reports and Analytics on Hulu App

Well, the reports from analytics say it all. A report from TechCrunch says that Hulu has estimated subscribers of almost 24 million by the beginning of 2019. Even the growth of this app in terms of gross revenue has proliferated by 71% and is continuing to rise every year and summed up to $132 million in 2017.

Another report from AppAnnie says that the total time spent by the TV show lovers on the top 10 video streaming apps has crossed the 12 billion hour threshold very easily. As per the news from Tech Crunch, this app has continued to seek attraction of such a big population and has reached most of the people in the US.

What makes Hulu Special?

Well, recent upgradations of the Hulu App make it so simple to use. Also, it brings sophistication to watch the related content as per the need of a single individual. The tantalizing experience created by Hulu has resulted in bringing it to one of the top-grossing apps in the US.

Now, this exquisite piece of a new experience can inculcate a desire to develop an app like this on your own. If you’re interested too, then you need to consider several requisites before diving into its developmental strategy. Have the necessary competence to figure out the answer to the several doubts occurring in your mind. What can make your platform better than others? How can you reach out to more people on each augmenting day?

Today, we’d like to throw light on the 4 must-have features to consider while developing an online video streaming app and a rough estimation of the expenditure as well. So, let’s talk about these remarkable aspects which can be disintegrated into several factors.

4 Must-Have Features to Make Your Platform Unique Like Hulu

1. Registration, Onboarding Experience and Availability in Multiple Languages

The first and foremost step to create a great app like Hulu is to make the registration process easy for the users. Because people consider the registration process enervating, providing a way to register in one go will give you an upper hand.

Now, let’s talk about onboarding. It is a necessity while creating almost any app in the modern era. The onboarding experience ushers you through a brief path showing the features of the application and accommodates you to adjust all your preferred choices according to your needs.

If you want your streaming app to make good progress, then the best you can do is to make it available in various languages. This will ensure that people from different parts of the world can access it properly.

2. Search and Exploration

The search option can be seen in any streaming app you come across because it makes it convenient for the user to find out the shows and movies. This facility directly provides the user their choice, if available on the platform. It also depicts all the trending searches among the users of the app.

The exploration task needs to be easy. If it is so, it will continue to engage the audience to use your service for long. It saves time by avoiding the duration to search for something good.

3. User Profile and Watchlist

The user’s profile helps the user to make any modifications in their personal information such as their generic profile, emails, and passwords. This will make the way of managing their data easier.

Now, most of the users wish to create more than one profile in a single account. If these profiles belong to different people, then it is important to trace the interests of every member and provide them with the relevant suggestions when they wish to watch something new. It keeps track of their favorite genres and apps like Hulu have also fixed a certain threshold for the addition of multiple user profiles.

4. Use of Real-time Analytics and Social Features

While talking about other important features, it becomes compulsory to know the work of real-time analytics. Apps like Hulu have integrated this feature to monitor the presentation of each of the videos in real-time.

People often love to share their interests with their friends and family members. It will increase the popularity of a particular movie or show being shared along with your platform.

If users can rate and comment on the quality of the video’s content, then other users can easily find out a better choice.

The Cost Estimation For Developing App Like Hulu

To create a good video streaming app like Hulu, it is very important to keep the approximation in your mind. The cost is dependent on several factors. From the features and functions of the app to making it available on different platforms such as Android and iOS, everything needs to be well-integrated. You need to hire an app development company that will do the work for you. Their charges can vary depending on the time they have to put in.


So, if you have grasped these highlighted points before developing an online video streaming app like Hulu, devise a plan to initiate. Above all, the upshot of app development is to bring sophistication to its users.

Frequently Answered Question on Developing App like Hulu

1. Is it true that HULU is the only app offering more TV content?

Yes! When compared with all other existing online video streaming apps, HULU streaming more TV content. Besides, the streaming quality of HULU service is far better than other streaming service providers. As per the recent survey report in the mid of the last year 2019, the Hulu app consists of more than 2 million subscribers and it is positioned at 6th place in terms of top-grossing apps in the United States of America.

2. What are all the important features users can receive from the online streaming app HULU?

Well, when compared with other online streaming apps, HULU offers incredible user experience both on the web and as well as in the mobile version. Here are the lists of few vital features that users can enjoy by using HULU app on their Smartphone

  • On-boarding Experience – Specifically designed to tell more about the app’s functionality to the users.
  • Registration – Hulu Application allows 2 ways of registration via email or via social media.
  • Easy Payment – Hulu Application offers a variety of subscription plans and flexible payment options. Users can pay by using any of the following options by credit/debit card or via PayPal, Venmo, or Amex Express Checkout. In fact, users are allowed to utilize Hulu gift cards for payments.
  • Video Library – Hulu Application consists of wide collections of videos where users are allowed to sort it out based on the categories and easy customizations.
  • Watchlist and MyStuff – Hulu offers everything for all range of users. Users can collect their favorite things and add those on their watch list. Besides they can organize their favorite stuff in the Hulu application.
  • Cloud-based DVR – Easy recording option is available in Hulu application by through personal cloud-based digital video recorder (DVR)

3. Who provides content for HULU?

Just like other streaming apps, Hulu partners with various networks and media partners who create original series. In addition, Hulu partners with popular channels like NBC, ABC, Fox, Big Ten Network, Fox Sports and so on. With these partnerships, Hulu streams high-quality content and movies to its audience. As per the records, Hulu invested more than $2.5 billion every year on content to entertain its audience. In fact, Hulu’s decision on investing in original content is the entry point of the on-demand TV application that starts attracting users worldwide.

4. What are all the devices supported by HULU?

Well, on the official website of the HULU you can find the entire list of devices on which you can avail the HULU services without hassle. To be frank, you can find a wide range of streaming devices running in Android and iOS platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV where you can use and avail all the services offered by HULU. Also, you can also use PC browsers, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and a few more gaming consoles for availing Hulu services.

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