Apps Like TikTok: How To Create an App Like TikTok

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By: Sagar Sharma

Apps Like TikTok: How To Create an App Like TikTok

When it comes to popular entertainment apps, regardless of the platform you are in, the first app that comes in your mind is the TikTok. However, after the ban proposed by certain governments around the world, there may be a case that the app does not work in your country.

Banning TikTok has been the top viral news for the past few months all over the world. As TikTok is not working in many countries, users have started looking for apps like TikTok. It’s an opportunity for you to engage with the TikTok users by developing a TikTok alternative.

Table of content

  • What apps like TikTok mean?
  • Interesting facts about TikTok
  • 11 Important Features to Consider While Making Entertaining Apps Like TikTok
  • Top 11 TikTok Alternatives You Can Find In 2022
  • How To Create Apps Like TikTok? [5 Steps to Consider]
  • How to Select A Tech Stack to Build Apps Like TikTok?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Build An App Like TikTok?

Are you ready to get a profound understanding of all the above-listed points one by one?

Let’s get started!

What is Apps Like TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most entertaining apps across the globe. It allows users to stream their live video, post their pre-recorded short video chip, or share their favorite tracks/video clips among their friends. The mobile app is developed by Alex Zhu.

When we talk about apps like TikTok, they are developing using the same concept. Just like TikTok, they allow users to create audio and video clips and share them across their network through social media by making all these facilities available under a single roof.

Starting from teenagers to youngsters, everyone loves to use such apps. These apps provide the best platform for entertainers to entertain their friends or audience. Thus, it is the most favorite app for almost every smartphone user worldwide.

In addition, TikTok like apps enables users with a platform where they can share viral news or make funny or any clips as viral.

Interesting Facts about TikTok

Take a look over the statistical values that highlight the people’s love for the TikTok app. Almost every smartphone user all over the world have a TikTok app.

Do you want to make an app like TikTok that helps you to achieve that same number?

It’s not rocket science anymore!

Here are the key ingredients that you should consider to create the best entertaining app.

11 Important Features to Consider While Making Entertaining Apps Like TikTok

Like said, TikTok is operating for many years, and in these years, the company and developers gained an enormous amount of profit that helped them to introduce simple to complex features in the app.

To provide the users with a somewhat similar experience, you can consider all these features and develop a good alternative for TikTok.

Basic Features
  • Log in through Social Media Account
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Faster Video Upload
  • Video Editing and Sharing
  • Filters and Effects
  • Easy to Understand UI
Advanced Features
  • Filters and After Effects
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sharing Over Different Social Media Platforms
  • Video Preview
  • AR Filters


Basic Features

To start with the best TikTok alternative development, you should include a few basic features in your app. Here, we have listed down the features that you should use. We have explained each feature in brief for you.

1. Login Options

The first thing to consider while developing a TikTok like app is the number of login options you provide to the users.

Social Media

Most users often choose to register with the app through the social media account i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.


There is a considerably a large user base that prefers to login to the app through their Gmail account.


You might have users who want to login with other email addresses. So allow them to insert their preferred email address.

The more login options you provide to the users, the more comfortable they feel to register with your app.

2. Real-time Notifications & Updates

This is one of the critical features to consider while developing an app like TikTok. Users must be notified through real-time notifications when they receive likes and comments on their videos.

Moreover, the user must be notified about the update happening in his profile. By providing notifications and updates to the users, you can get more on-screen time on the app. Eventually, your app will inevitably gain popularity.

3. Faster Video Upload

Whether it is TikTok or any other video editing and sharing app, users won’t like to wait for ages to upload or download a video.

Be sure to make tweaks so that the app utilizes the bandwidth effectively and provides the users with the best video watching and updating experience.

There are numerous app libraries that you can use to enable users with best-in-class performance and usability.

4. Video Editing and Sharing

If you are planning for a robust TikTok like app development, then you must build a powerful video editing and sharing platform.

Unlike the users of professional video editing software and apps, entertainment app users won’t invest too much time on editing the videos.

So, provide them an easy way to edit their videos through the app. Help them to make quick edits that look great on the internet and make their videos more attractive and popular.

5. Filters and Effects

If you talk about a feature that has made the TikTok so popular among the users, then it would be none other than the unique filters and effects. TikTok allows its uses to apply a lot of filters and effects to make their videos more impactful and engaging.

Thus, if you want to make an app similar to TikTok, you should provide a better list of filters and effects to the users. Offering advanced filters and effects, you can get better responses from the users and generate more profit.

6. Easy to Understand UI

Regardless of the type of app, you are planning to build, it is essential to provide the users with the simple and easy to understand UI. By this, you can target those users who are new to smartphones and are not too keen to try their hands on the app that is hard to use.

With a simple yet attractive UI, you can get a better response from the users but it will also help you load the app on the smartphones with lower-end specifications.

Advanced Features

TikTok is a popular app among entertainers, especially due to the advanced features it provides. Some of the app features that are complex to develop and implement yet considered as the base reasons behind the enormous popularity of TikTok are listed below.

1. Filters and After Effects

Filters and after-effects are the major reasons behind the popularity of TikTok. Users can create the videos through easy to use after effects and filters to get more views and likes.

These features make TikTok a far better choice than most other apps available in the market. Every startup that wants to build apps similar to TikTok should consider this feature.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The way TikTok deals with the effects and camera features is a great reason why the app is so popular across the globe. With better AI and feature handling, TikTok offers users with best-in-class performance and usability.

3. Sharing Over Different Social Media Platforms

Apart from making attractive videos, good TikTok alternatives allow users to share videos over their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This way the users who aren’t using the app till now also get attracted to the app. This acts in a passive way to promote the app.

4. Video Preview

It is quite a unique feature of the platform. Video Preview lets you preview all the popular TikTok videos without actually signing in on the device. This way you can look at a few popular videos before making an account.

5. AR Filters

AR Filters are another great addition to the TikTok app. The brilliant usability and enhanced effects make the AR filters one of the most popular and important features of the TikTok.

You should try your hands on this feature to understand how TikTok delivers a great experience to the users. Consider this feature while making apps like TikTok, to ensure its success and effectiveness.

Apart from those, there are plenty of other features TikTok provides to its users. Therefore, if you are after TikTok like app development, you should keep exploring the features offered by the different TikTok options.

Apps Like TikTok: Top 11 TikTok Alternatives You Can Find In 2022

There are numerous apps similar to TikTok that are gaining immense popularity across the globe. Though the apps are not as great as TikTok and somehow have lesser features in comparison to the original one. But, as a TikTok alternative, users can easily rely on them until a new app comes to the market. An app that is safer and more reliable than the original TikTok.

Though Apple’s AppStore and Google’s play store is full of numerous apps similar to TikTok, we are going to list the ten most reliable and effective apps that you can try today.

AppsKey FeaturesApp Store LinkPlay Store Link
  • Add effects, filters, stickers, text, etc. on your videos
  • Record a video Duet with other users
  • Share your videos on social platforms
  • Record videos up to six seconds
  • Provides personalized feed & notifications
  • Create professional-looking videos
  • The unique auto-editing algorithm helps create best videos
  • 100+ filters and personalize your videos with text, drawings & emojis
  • Creating entertaining content
  • Allows to promote content creation in regional languages
  • Upload new photos pics of your beautiful selfies
  • Share video status with all likes & comments
  • Live video recording
  • Add and edit videos with tools like trim
  • Apply slow motion, zoom in, zoom out, and more effects
  • Add background music and effects
  • Awesome transitions for your edits
  • Add lyrics of the music to your video
  • Make videos by drawing effects on the screen
  • Take both horizontal AND vertical video in one shot
  • Repost your favorite videos, and build your collection
  • In-app purchases
  • Flawless beauty & professional editing tool
  • Renowned lip-sync & dubbing function
  • Personalized trending video feed
Video Star
  • Create incredible fan edits and amazing lip-sync music videos
  • Create pure magic from photos and videos


1. Dubsmash


Dubsmash has been in the store for the past many years. If you are looking for a perfect short video making and editing app for yourself, Dubsmash would be the best choice for you to make.

Besides, it allows to build grate fun videos with better quality and handling than any other similar app. Dubsmash is one of the best TikTok alternatives that users love to use.

If you are planning to build an app like TikTok, this could be your biggest competitor.

2. byte


The byte is another excellent choice for the entertainers. If you are looking for excellent video effects and are searching to have better control over the content, then opting byte would be best. The numerous video filters, amazing usability, and great updates are the few key reasons to consider byte.

3. Triller


If you are looking for a popular app like TikTok, Triller will be the best app for you. With the amazing features, great usability, and pro-level editing, Triller a perfect choice for the users who are looking to make high-quality fun videos.

4. Chingari


For those users who are looking for an Indian alternative to TikTok, the Chingari app can be a worthy choice to make. The app has many features that the original TikTok contains. Also, it offers a better and simple UI simplifies the app navigation for the users.

5. Mitron


Mitron is another excellent app if you are looking for a clone-like TikTok. The brilliant usability and great list of features make Mitron an excellent choice for the Indian TikTokers who are looking for the perfect TikTok alternative.

6. Lomotif


Lomotif is primarily an iOS app, and the Android version of the app has been launched recently. So, if you are looking to get the perfect experience of Lomotif, then you must have an Apple device.

Like TikTok, the Lomotif offers you to make and edit the video easily. Additionally, you can also add gifs, emojis, and many other elements to your videos to get the best experience. Apart from adding the effects to the videos, the app provides users with the basic video editor that helps the users to trim, crop, and make copies of the video with a single tap.

If you are looking for a neat experience and a better list of features, the Lomotif would be an excellent choice for you.

7. Funimate


Unlike the TikTok, Funimate offers users to have a facility to make different types of videos as per their needs. Funimate is a better app than most of the other video making and editing apps available in the market.

It provides a better list of features, more professional-looking effects, and many other features that aren’t available in the apps of this category. Therefore, if you are looking for the best apps like TikTok, you should once try Funimate.

8. Firework


If you were on TikTok for the video editing features and usability, you will find Firework a great app as it has quite similar features and functionality. With excellent usability and easy to use features, the Firework acts as an excellent option of TikTok. Surely, you will not be disappointed while giving a try on it.

9. Kwai


Kwai is another great choice for the buyers who prefer quality over quantity, the app offers an amazing feature-set and you can use it as a lip-sync music app, or just use to make absolute fun videos.

So, try your hands on KWAI and get great quality videos and effects that are unique to these kinds of apps.

10. Video Star

Video Star

Video Star is an excellent choice for those users who are looking for a perfect music video making app with lots of features and great performance. You will not experience any lag or crash while dealing with the app. The unique features and filters make the Video Star a perfect alternative to TikTok.

11. Next Will Be Yours

We are not assuming. We are sure that you will rock the entertainment domain by developing a robust app like TikTok.

We would love to help you bring your app idea to life by developing and integrating simple to complex features and functionality that make your app a perfect option for TikTok.

We ensure you, your app can beat the TikTok by engaging billions of users who help you to reach millions of app downloads. So, are you ready to rock?

So, these were the most efficient and feature-rich apps that can be taken as the TikTok substitute. Try them and find which one is a better option for you.

How To Create an App Like TikTok? [5 Steps to Consider]

Additionally, we will be talking about the TikTok app development that can help you build a perfect app like TikTok.

If you are a startup and are looking for a trending app idea to invest in, then this is the best app idea that you can consider. TikTok is already banned in many countries and you can fill this gap by launching your app.

Are you worried about how to build an app like TikTok and to get better results? Then you need to consider the below-listed steps to build a successful, user-friendly, and feature-rich entertaining app.

How To Create Apps Like TikTok


Step 1 – Know Your Target Audience

The first step to build an app is to know your target audience. Perform detailed research about your target audience and identify who is going to use your app. It helps you understand what users are expecting from apps like TikTok.

Moreover, it gives you clarity on choosing the right set of features that allow users to perform their intended actions in the app by leveraging the best-in-class app performance.

A detailed user analysis helps you unveil the hidden desires of your customers that are not addressed by any other app or not even TikTok. By satisfying those desires, you can be the best app available in the market

Step 2 – Conduct Market Research

As said, there are numerous apps like TikTok in the market. To build a better app for your customers, it is important to know what your competitors are doing with their apps. Keep an eye on some of the popular alternatives and you will be able to introduce an app with better features that improve the overall user base for you.

Step 3 – Raise Required Funding

Building an app, especially like TikTok, needs a good budget. If you are new in the business and do not have enough funding, then it will be harder for you to build an app of your expectations.

It is essential to define the sources from where you can raise the funds for app development. To collect the fund for your app, you can

  • Connect with investors and strategic partners
  • Raise donation from your site
  • Participate in funding contests
  • Set up crowdfunding campaigns
  • Take a loan from financial institutions or banks, and more…

Based on the potential of your app idea, it will be easy and tough for you to raise funds for your app. Along with the idea, you need to come with a clear investment plan so the other parties can understand what you are planning to achieve and whether it is acceptable for them or not.

Step 4 – Hire an App Development Team

For the effective and perfect execution of your app development plan, you need to be a partner with a mobile app development company. Before hiring the developers from any organization, check out their portfolio, and analyze the apps that they have developed in your domain.

It gives you a clear understanding of the design and development capabilities of the app development services provider.

An experienced mobility solution providers utilized their proven expertise and deliver a charismatic app like TikTok that helps you achieve a tremendous response from the public.

Step 5 – Consider Customer Feedback & App Updates

Right from the day when you launch your app, it is essential to start working on the next version of the app, so that you can provide users with a better list of features and better usability. Be sure to provide the users with better service. By providing better features with every released update, you can get a better user base.

Another important thing to consider while working on the app update is the feedback you receive from your existing customers about the app improvement. By reading their reviews and feedback, you can get enhance your app in terms of user experience, development, performance, etc.

How to Select A Tech Stack to Build Apps Like TikTok?

Here, we have listed all those essential tech stacks, which you may require while developing an app like TikTok. However, as technology keeps evolving you need to be well updated over the modern-technologies and utilize the latest tech stack wisely to build an app similar to TikTok.

Programming LanguageKotlin (Android), Swift (iOS) & Node.JS (Back-end Development)
NetworkingOkHttp 3 (Android), Alamofire (iOS)
FrameworkExpress 4
DatabaseMongoDB, SQL, MySQL
CloudAWS or Azure
NotificationGoogle Cloud Messaging for Android and Apple Push Notification Service for iOS
Real-time analyticsAzure stream analytics, Google Mobile App Analytics
AR-FiltersML Kit, ARCore
GeolocationGoogle Maps API, MapKit / Core Location frameworks (iOS)


How Much Does It Cost to Build An App Like TikTok?

App development cost may vary according to country, development requirements, and based on experts that you hire for building your app. You can either build a simple app with basic features or an advanced app with ultra-modern features.

The development of a simple app with basic features may cost you around $15,000. If you consider the advanced app with complex features and functionality, it may cost you more then $50,000.

The more complex app you required, the more development efforts it needs. Moreover, to build an advanced app you need to hire skilled and experienced developers who cost you more than any junior developer.

If you want to build an app like TikTok and you are clear about your requirements, you can talk to our experts to get exact cost estimation for free.


I hope, you find the blog post useful for your next project endeavor if you want to build an app like TikTok. With the help of information provided in this post, you get profound insights into every aspect if TikTok like app development.

Start building a perfect and feature-rich TikTok alternative from scratch now.

FAQ on How to Make an App Like TikTok

1. What is the target audience for building a TikTok like app?

The usual target audience for the TikTok alternative is the students and users who have enough spare time to use on the internet. Apps like TikTok are great for those who are looking to get popular without making too many efforts.

2. Do they have the potential to get a global response?

It depends on how you have developed your app, and what are the features you are providing the users. Make sure to provide the users with a better list of features and work on the feedback. Believe us guys, by emphasizing on these two points, your app can reach the global users.

3. What are the key things to consider while building a TikTok alternative?

Whether you are looking to build a new entertaining app like TikTok or are planning to launch an alternative for TikTok, it is essential to keep two things in mind. One is privacy and the other one is usability.

4. Whether you Build Apps With Safety Features?

Yes! We always make sure we build a perfect app for the users that is safe to use, and offers better usability. By providing the users an easy to use and safer app, you can gain the trust of the users that will help you gain more users and popularity.

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