Your Business Catalogue Should Be Using Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality
By: Sandeep Agrawal

Make Your Business Catalogue Interactive with Augmented Reality

Don’t you think it would be so much easier if you could carry your entire business catalogue with you anywhere you wanted? Yes that’s possible and that too with the help of augmented reality!

Augment, the brand has launched “Business Catalogue” which enables the sales person to carry the entire catalogue in 3D form with him on his iPad.

They had released the beta of premium app version earlier and now have come up with a full fledge version of this app which is available for $30 per month per user. There’s also a free version but as usual it has limited number of models and they need connectivity to upload to your team’s iPad.

In the premium version, the items are pre loaded in the iPad so that even when the sales executive is in a network less zone, he still will have full access to everything. Also there’s no hassle of waiting until the products load when the products are pre-loaded into the iPad app.

Augment has many clients which make their models in 3D and thus it is very helpful for them.

Even the new clients are supposed to make a 3D model and then send it to Augment.

This has gained quite popularity amongst the market due to the fact that this enables the clients to visualize any item before purchasing it via their tablets. It will also enable you to feel the painting you have your heart set on, in your living room above the fireplace. Yes that’s possible with the help of this app.

Don’t you think that this a very very helpful app? It helps all of us in so many ways! It helps the sales executives as they just have to carry an iPad and not the bulky catalogues. It helps the end users as they can see and feel their product in a whole new dimension and that becomes quite helpful in deciding what to buy and what to not.

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