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Augmented Reality
By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Augmented Reality Based Real-Estate Marketing: A CooI Idea

The Real-Estate business is booming.

With it, the competition, too, seems to be brewing up considerably. Real Estate Agents are finding it increasingly difficult to hook new customers and sell properties.

Those stepping into the business for the first time don’t know where to start from.

Which prospects to target, what messages to deliver, when is the right time to deliver those messages and a plethora of other question seem to bog down real-estate marketers today.

Prospects, now, have technological tools on their hands to search properties.

As a result, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) business models, which involves sellers and buyers making transactions via agents, is becoming less popular. With sites like Trulia and Zillow coming to the aid of buyers, real estate brokers and agents now face stiff competition.

How can Real-Estate Agents deal with such a situation?

Well, the times now demand that agents and brokers coming up with something innovative that actually address their prospects needs and concerns.

As a property buyer, one is very much interested in how an under-construction property would actually look like upon completion. True, there are ways to answer this. Brokers use little 3D models to display properties and give customers an idea about their dream house. However, this does not provide customers with the complete picture.

Another area of concern for customers is while hunting out for properties they have to keep looking out for addresses, keep calling up the agent to know where exactly the house is located. It just takes up too much of their precious time. Most importantly, it makes Mr. CUSTOMER frustrated.

As an agent, this would definitely be the last item on your list.

Luckily, technology knows how to address these issues.

Augmented Reality is turning out to be an excellent marketing solution for real-estate business owners, agents and brokers too

This technology allows superimposing digital assets on top of real-world objects to offer a better perspective of the surroundings we stay in.

For instance, as a real-estate agent, you can have an AR-enabled application that brings to life the property displayed in your marketing materials such as a print advertisement or brochure.

Take a look here.

Augmented Reality helps Super-Charge your Marketing Efforts


Imagine your prospects passing by an area, pointing their smartphone device towards a specific direction and getting crystal-clear information and address of vacant properties nearby to that location. Home Spotter is an excellent example of this. Take a peek here.

Realistic View of Exteriors

Augmented Reality Real – Estate Applications can take your prospects on a virtual journey that delivers a more multi-sensory experience. Hologram technology is also being used by real-estate companies to highly differentiate themselves from competition.

3D Visualization for Floor Plans

When customers know and see how their actual future living space would like, it makes them more inclined towards making the right decision. Augmented Reality can help Realtors showcase how floor plans, living rooms etc. look like keeping in mind the depth and scale which are difficult in case of traditional 3D models.

Real-World Examples

Zoopla, one of the well-known names in the British Property Market, was amongst the first to use augmented reality for its mobile application., a Chennai-based real estate portal, has also started utilizing the power of augmented reality to help real-estate owners add an extra interactive dimension to banners, advertisements etc.

Lanterra Developments, a Canada-based Real Estate Construction Company, used augmented reality to market 11 Wellesley. Brokers used tablets to showcase how condos looked in an interactive 3D format.

In recent past, Tata Value Homes and has partnered and launched an AR based app for home booking.


AR is the future of Property Marketing as we have clearly seen it here. When you arm your brokers and agents with AR-enabled applications with smartphones and tablets, your prospects are sure to get reeled in. It’s time to become one of the early adopters of this technology to market your business and see the amazing benefits it brings along.

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