Augmented Reality Glasses : The Future Of Theaters!

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Augmented Reality
By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Augmented Reality Glasses: The Future Of Theaters!

Every industry, be it logistics, manufacturing, education, healthcare or entertainment are showing their utmost interest in taking a digital dive.

In the entertainment sector, the technology adoption is adding utility and novelty to these vertical. In our previous blog, how theater space could be revitalized by bringing movie posters to life, adding AR content to social media promotion, entertain kids with AR games and improving theater ambiance with AR glasses was explained.

Christophe Plotard said, “The glasses are a world first and we felt the show must go on – we are resilient. This technology is about uniting cultures through the arts – a way to get to know another culture.”

But, one thing was left undescribed. What’s that? How about a traveler who is expediting in a country where a language barrier won’t let him enjoy, ruins their experience and make a trip to the theater less thriving. How could this experience be turned upside down?

Incorporating augmented reality glasses would be a great feat for the theaters because in turn, it will certainly increase native as well as non-native people footfall.

Recently, theaters in Paris and Atos launched multilingual augmented reality glasses that enable foreign spectators to view the French theater performances in various languages hassle-free. Wearing the specs, perfectly synchronized translation into the air can be viewed by the spectators in front of their eyes. Integration of technology has alleviated the constraints in live entertainment.

Let’s see how AR connected glasses works

The glasses are similar to Google glasses have larger screens and long battery life. The glasses show the translation above the stage or screen in different languages. The Wi-Fi powered glasses augment the screen in real-time and position the words on a virtual and transparent screen in a language that spectator understand. Moreover, projected surtitles can be configured for each individual glasses, even for the font size, brightness, and color within the spectator’s field of view.

The benefits that are explained above are just the tip of the iceberg and much more are about to come with more innovations. Let us outline all those advantages.

  • Breaking down the language barriers, foreign theatergoers can enjoy live performances with customizable subtitles
  • Visual/hearing impaired people could get the most out of the events in the theaters through some adjustments to the glass
  • In addition to subtitles, superimposed 3D animation, the appearance of rain or augmented sceneries could be provided that improves the overall experience of the visitor.


Bespoke glasses that’s making the most out of the augmented reality is engaging the spectators and uniting the people belonging to different communities and places across the globe. Apt alignment of the technology would certainly give a boost to the visitors stepping inside the theaters which indirectly impacts theaters’ ROI.

Leading theaters have geared up to join the digital race. So, where do you stand? Do you want to add an elite feel to your theater space leveraging cutting-edge technology? If yes, our consultant would help you to get the solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Credencys team is well-versed in engineering augmented reality solutions and developers rocks in glass app development to the perfection. Don’t wait anymore, get in touch with us today!

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