Varun Shakya

Varun Shakya

Varun is an avid blogger and technology enthusiast. He is handling content and communications as a part of the sales enablement and marketing team at Credencys.


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Editor, Insights By Credencys

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Marketing, Design, Technology, Cinema

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Developing Strategies for Enterprise Mobile App Development

An interview with Credencys CTO, Sagar Sharma Former Toyota and Oracle Solutions Architect Sagar Sharma is the CTO of Credencys, an LA-based mobile applications development company Sagar has helped numerous startups, SMBs, and enterprises in choosing the right strategy for developing mobile apps He is a proponent of Agile and is currently developing a project management system for Agile software deliveries Enterprises today are engaged in a perpetual cycle of...

These 5 tech-trends are transforming the way content is created and consumed

When Apple launched its smartphone in 2007, little did the world know that the small screen devices will soon upend the online world. Businesses had to scramble to adopt the Mobile First approach and those who still haven’t, continue to miss the massive opportunity. Consumers spend a significant amount of daily time on their smartphones and use it as a preferred medium for researching before doing any purchase. Mobile gives...

Credencys to build IoT solutions with IBM Watson IoT

Credencys recently signed a multi-year strategic partnership agreement with IBM, adding Watson IoT (Internet of Things) and Bluemix platform capabilities to its enterprise application development services. A 48 hour ‘Hackathon’ was recently conducted by Credencys to create some unique POCs highlighting the power of IBMs platform. In this workshop, developers produced some applications while getting used to IBM’s tools, APIs, and frameworks. Watson IoT platform is a unique platform which...

10 Brilliant Psychology Hacks for Marketers

In an era driven by consumers, consumer behavior studies are increasingly getting relevant than ever before. Brands are constantly competing to transform consumer experience. In order to gain some control on consumer perceptions, you might have already invested in consumer studies and research. There is no replacement for insights gained from such studies. However, there are certain psychology hacks which are privy to people involved in business strategy and marketing...