Benefits of Open Source Workflow Management System

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By: Sagar Sharma

Benefits of open-source workflow management

Modern businesses require a modern solution to optimize their business operation to tackle the challenges. The open-source workflow management system brings automation into the business process and helps businesses to achieve their goals.

The benefits offered by the workflow management system encouraged business leaders to implement it. Let’s talk briefly about it.

Why Is Open-Source Workflow Management System So Important?

Well, workflow management is the key for an organization to get things going in an organized and structured way. As the name suggests workflow management refers to the management of the sequence of tasks that are responsible for running the business process smoothly.

The ultimate goal of having an organized workflow is to achieve a result and the purpose of having workflow management is to achieve better results based on the business goals. Workflow management is a set of principles that determines how a team should handle the task in a collaborative workforce to achieve a better result.

In general, workflow management doesn’t require software however, in practical concern it does require some tools to keep track of all those tasks and works completed by teams. Having a reliable workflow management system will add more value to your business.

In addition, it improves the business process and the way teams work to complete the assigned tasks. The system will enable better communications between multiple teams and brings more visibility to the business workflow.

In today’s market, you can find a lot of workflow management software among those picking the right one that will help you with your business growth. This article elaborates on an open source workflow management system and what benefits it offers to businesses.

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A Brief on Open-Source Workflow Management System

Open-source workflow management is a kind of software that allows users who manage the business process to created workflows. Also, it enables them to create such an effective workflow in a short time.

This type of management software suits well for a large-scale organization that looks to scale its complex business operation through an effective automated solution. With the help of consistent design and models provided by an open-source workflow management system, enterprises can easily achieve their business goals.

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Open-Source Workflow Management System- Basic Features

To get true value for money from the workflow management system, you need to make sure they come with all essential features. Here are the lists of basic features of the open-source workflow management system, take a look.

1. Real-time Notifications

Most companies have global footprints that allow employees to work remotely. In such cases, communication between employees, document management, and clients is very important. An effective way of communication is going through emails.

An employee needs to respond in time when they receive an important email. Workflow management allows you to create reliable notification alerts to respond quickly.

More than email notifications, it is easy to grab the attention of employees to be in touch through the notifications regardless of device like laptop, smartphone, etc.,

2. Role-based access control

Role-based access control is simply accessed through the role. RBAC grants permission for the users based on the defined role to modify (read, edit, delete) the application within the system and limit the operations to access for certain users.

RBAC improves security and flexibility. Before going to implement RBAC, one must analyze the needs of users and segregate them based on their roles and responsibilities. RBAC helps you to reduce the errors in assigning permissions for individual users.

3. SLA Status indicator

Having good workflow management software will act as a complete solution for managing all your business process management bpm. In general, a workflow managing tool may handle multiple tasks at a time.

In such a scenario, it will be hard for you to view all the work at a time on the dashboard, instead of skipping the current ongoing tasks. To tackle such challenges, open-source workflow management systems come with SLA indicator features.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a metric that measures workflow performance. SLA meets the expectations of customers to improve customer satisfaction.

Implementing SLA helps you to reduce uncertainty, gain trust, and enable structured conversation between parties. This allows you to identify the importance of the work or task handled by the workflow tool and keeps track of it.

4. Cloud-Based Technology

In today’s digital journey, Cloud computing has become central to making systems effective and beneficial. Open-source cloud solutions are interoperable and easily migrated to different infrastructures and environments.

Cloud-based open-source technology creates applications with speed and consistency, ease of operations, flexible with language, database, and framework. Opensource technologies are platform-neutral and can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure.

5. KPI report

KPI reports provide a clear picture of the organization’s performance. KPI report helps companies to identify the strength, weaknesses and trends to reach business goals. The KPI-based report allows the users to see and analyze the existing issues and focuses their attention to solve the issues.

KPI indicators maintain the records of various operations of an organization. KPI indicators are managed by the user and allow the management to work in coordination.

6. Intuitive & Code-free Workflow System

Unlike the other workflow management system, the open-source workflow management system enables the process owners to think simpler when handling multiple tasks. However, the system handles all those complex operations in its background and offers linear loops to the process owners like entering inputs, approval, or denial actions.

Also, the system doesn’t require process owners to be tech-savvy people; it comes with code-free operation along with intuitive designs so anyone with basic knowledge can easily operate.

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Benefits of open-source workflow management

Open-source workflow management is software that allows an organization to manage their projects using the same technology and processes used to manage their products.

Many benefits of using an open-source workflow management platform in an organization

  • Shared technology platform
  • Teams become more efficient
  • Less error in the organization
  • Reduce pilferage
  • Business strategy development
  • Reduce business operation time
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Work on multiple projects
  • Bring idea sharing to the organization
  • Manage inventory efficiently
  • Meet deadlines on time

1. Sharing common processes and technology across different departments

By adopting an open-source workflow platform, organizations can reduce overall costs. By sharing common processes and technology across different departments, it becomes easier for teams to collaborate and work together toward a common goal.

It will eliminate the confusing scenario in your organization. Hence, your employees can work responsibly in the organization. Their overall contribution to the organization will bring success.

2. Teams can be more efficient and effective

Teams can be more efficient and effective in managing their projects, by being able to use the same technology across all projects throughout the organization. This can result in lower costs of operation and increased productivity.

You will see cohesion in your business when you use the open-source workflow management platform. In this modern era, every fast-growing business needs this type of platform for success.

3. See fewer errors in the business operation

Third, by using the same technology across all projects throughout the organization, it becomes easier for teams to understand each other’s needs and make necessary adjustments. As a result, you see fewer errors in the business operation.

If you want to see less disruption in your business, you have to use the open-source workflow management system.

4. Reduce pilferage in an organization

Precious recourse wastage is a big problem in every organization. It can become the main reason for downfall if not controlled in time. Fortunately, you can prevent pilferage in your organization with the help of the open-source workflow management platform.

This management system will bring transparency to the organization and prevent its downfall. Otherwise, you will see more corruption in your organization over time.

5. Business strategy development

Wrong business strategies can diminish the growth rate of any business. Unfortunately, most companies develop wrong business strategies with insufficient data. Fortunately, the open-source workflow management platform can change this scenario.

Now, business executives will be able to make the right business strategies with the help of the open-source workflow management platform. Due to this reason, your business can face all challenges very easily. Right business strategies will deliver fruitful results to your organization.

6. Reduce business operation time

The more time a business takes to complete any task, the less efficient it is. This less efficiency can reduce the profit margin of any business. Fortunately, the open source WFMS eliminates extended business operation times.

Due to this reason, a small number of employees can increase the productivity of the business magically. As a result, your business makes more profit when it runs efficiently. Every business that has incorporated the open source workflow management platform has become profitable quickly.

7. Increase client satisfaction

Your clients will always be happy with your business when it delivers on time. This way, you can develop a loyal client base in less time. For this reason, most successful corporate companies use the open-source workflow management platform.

Thanks to this platform, they have been able to build a strong customer base. Your business will run at a double speed when it gains the support of customers.

8. Work on multiple projects

Another benefit of this platform is that your team can work on multiple projects simultaneously. As a result, a few people in your organization can execute several big projects. In this competitive era, working on multiple projects is a big advantage that you should not ignore.

Most corporate businesses use the open-source workflow management platform and these businesses work on multiple projects at the same time.

9. Bring idea sharing to the organization

A company is never able to grow exponentially when it remains limited to certain ideas. If you want to see your business grow, then you have to give other people the freedom to express their ideas.

The open-source workflow management platform is the best digital arena for ideas. By incorporating every employee’s idea, you can ensure the growth of your business. This way, you can turn your small business into a large organization in a short period.

10. Manage inventory efficiently

Open-source workflow management software can help you track, control and manage your inventory simply and efficiently. It can also be used to automate processes such as packing and shipping to optimize your inventory management process.

You can also use this platform for managing other tasks, including orders, invoicing, etc. In short, open-source workflow management software can help you manage your inventory more efficiently and cut down on costs by saving time in the long run.

11. Meet deadlines on time

Using an open-source workflow management tool, teams can keep track of all tasks, deadlines, and dependencies. They can also set up notifications and reminders that help teams to stay on track. It’s important to have a system in place to manage the workflow in your business.

This allows everyone involved to be aware of what’s coming up and when it needs to be done. They can also set up notifications and reminders that help them to stay on track. Just make sure you choose one that works well with your existing systems so you can get the most out of it. As a result, you can meet deadlines and finish every project on time.

By adopting an open-source workflow management platform, organizations can be more efficient and effective in managing their projects, reducing overall costs while increasing productivity.

At the same time, it reduces pilferage from the organization and makes the organization more disciplined.

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If you are in a dilemma about implementing workflow management practices in your organization, this is the right time to go for it. Preferring open-source workflow management will bring more automated strategies to your business process and unearth new ways to achieve the company’s overall goals.

In addition, it bolsters collaboration among the teams and enables them to be involved in more thoughtful conversations.

Enjoy the fruitful benefits of open-source workflow management systems by picking the right software for your enterprises.

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