21 Best App Ideas for Your Business Startup

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By: Sagar Sharma

21 Best App Ideas for Your Business Startup

The digital world has changed the way of doing business today. Lots of entrepreneurs are coming up with new startup ideas. They execute these concepts in bringing their desired trade in the market. The rise of various applications has given a boost to the mobile app development.

Are you planning to develop an app for your startup? Then, you need to think about what your app can offer and how it will hit the market. However, establishing such an app for your business that will take over the market is not as easy as it seems. It is a critical process for the growth and success of your trade.

Let us dive in to learn the top 21 startup app ideas that can guide you in developing your startup application.

Top 21 App Ideas for Your Startup

1. Tax/Invoicing

Mostly, people make huge efforts and sit for hours to cut short their tax payments. A Tax app can be one of the best solutions for people to help them manage their expenses. It will calculate how much tax the user needs to pay according to their income. Moreover, it also ensures that the correct amount of tax is always paid.

Additionally, if it can generate invoices, then your financial disputes can become quite easier. With the help of the application, you can conveniently calculate your taxes and generate invoices for your business transactions.

2. Food Delivery

When you have to pay an equal or lesser delivery fee for ordering your food, it is disappointing. Usually, we all look for free delivery in every kind of shopping, whether it’s about food or clothing. Now, with a local food delivery app, you can search for a cheap and the best food delivery service. For this, the user needs to fill in the requirements like delivery location, the choice of food, contact details, and more. The application will provide information regarding the delivery service for the available item.

3. Restaurant Reservation

People fail to get a table at their favorite restaurant due to increasing traffic at various hotels. When a user has sudden dining plans, this app will help them to have a graphical layout of pubs and restaurants in the nearby areas. It will enable them to book a specific table for a particular time in advance.

4. Health Inspector

Mostly, you have to remember the day and time when you have to visit your doc for a regular health checkup. Normally, we remind ourselves about our appointment by saving a remainder in our device.

However, when you have such an app, you do not have to take the burden of reminding yourself about taking an appointment. It will save your doctor’s number, and according to the set duration, the app will automatically send a text message for the appointment and notify you whether it is approved or not.

5. Gift for Special Ones

People live a busy life and hardly find time to give gifts to their dear ones. Creating such an app can be one of the best and promising startup ideas for your business.

With hectic work schedules, if the user doesn’t have time, then he can use this application to place an online order with the recipient’s address to deliver flowers or gifts. Additionally, this app will also recommend gift ideas, fetching data from social media.

6. Truckloader

People need to shift places when they want to relocate. However, they may not be able to get the required services on time to accomplish their task of moving. As an entrepreneur, you can come up with a Truckloader app that will help users to find an empty vehicle to carry their goods to the required destination. This app idea can prove to be the most promising one, as the demand for moving goods will never be out.

7. Your Cook

You can come up with one of the best mobile app ideas in the form of an intelligent cooking app. Many times, it may happen that you will have limited ingredients and will be in the dilemma of what you can cook out of them. A cooking app will suggest the recipe for cooking a food item. It will first ask the user about the available ingredients and then will come up with a dish that they can make out of those components. Thus, the user will not require rushing for other additives.

8. Dating 2 Matrimony

Dating and weddings are quite in demand. A dating to matrimony app will import the user’s friends from all social media networks and allow them to rank each other with some comments like attractive, repulsive, would date, normal friends, etc. When two persons rank each other with the same comments, they’ll be notified. Even when these both decide to stay that way for years, the services will help them take their relationship to the next level.

The app will offer end-to-end services from dating to marriage, thus helping users in their journey.

9. Police Scanner

It will be relieving if you get alerted of the wanted criminals in your nearby area. A Police Scanner app will help users to see the wanted robbers in their area when they come close to or across the one. The application will have a database of criminal activities updated by users and professionals. Moreover, the user will be able to press an alert button that will immediately inform the police and show them location through GPS.

10. Security Control

Today, shop owners, as well as other people, use several security devices in shops and homes to monitor their respective places. A security control app will control all such security systems through Wi-Fi. Additionally, it will enable the user to answer people at the door, view the camera footage, and a lot more through a smartphone. You can materialize this concept with the help of an IoT app development approach.

11. Interior Designer

Incorporating the right elements and items into your home while decorating it can be intimidating. Hiring an interior designer can be expensive as well. This app will take a picture of the user’s home and allow them to visualize it with different designing options like colors, curtains, wall paint, and more. Moreover, it will show the selected product’s dealer in the nearby area, so that the user can make respective purchases at competitive rates. Thus, it enables you to create your own interior design for your home.

12. Your Reader App

Often, we are in a situation, wherein we need to note down something on paper for future reference. This app will read numbers or text written on paper and will save it for the user to refer to it in the future. Additionally, it will detect the origin of the word or the data written to enrich the user’s knowledge.

13. Musician Hub

This app will help musicians and bands to find members for their team. Additionally, it has a feature that will help bands search for gigs, which is particularly beneficial for beginners.

14. All In One Social

Normally, we switch tabs to surf various social media accounts at a time on our mobile devices. This app will combine all the significant social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and will act as a single platform that the user needs to be on.

15. Disaster Alert

Many times, you must have experienced that you had to cancel your meeting due to a sudden cyclone or rainfall. A disaster alert app comes to your help to make you alert in such situations. It will let you know about any natural disaster in the areas near you. Moreover, it will also offer suggestions for saving you from natural hazards.

16. Immediate Invites

Sometimes, you want to throw a party without advanced planning in the case of a promotion or something. But, you may be in the dilemma of how you can invite your friends and family without advanced planning.

With an immediate invites app, you can create an invite and send it to all those at once, whom you wish to come over to your party. However, your guests will receive the invitation in the form of a normal text, not on the app.

17. Business Tips

Developing a Business Tips App will guide young and growing entrepreneurs in difficult situations in their trade. However, it will be an offline app containing strategies and techniques for a successful business.

18. Smart Receipt

This app will help retailers provide the receipt to customers via email or text. It will reduce paper consumption and will help consumers manage their receipts conveniently.

19. Find Tutor

Finding a good tutor is difficult today. In such a situation, the Tutor4You app will help students connect with teachers. Additionally, it will allow them to choose teachers matching their interest in subjects.

20. Am I Original

This app will help users know whether the product they plan to buy whether it is original or not. It will not only allow them to purchase the best item but will also help increase profits.

21. Life Hacks

We perform a wide range of tasks in our everyday lives. A Life Hacks app helps the user to accomplish the daily activities such as tying a tie, plumbing issues, repairing a fan, etc. easily by providing tips and tricks for the same.


There is a vast range of app ideas for entrepreneurs to consider for their startups. We discussed some of the most significant and promising ones in our post. Deploy the latest technology and come up with a unique app to boost your business to great heights of success.

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