7 Best Celebrity Look Alike Apps | Which Celebrity you look alike?

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By: Sagar Sharma

7 Best Celebrity Look Alike Apps Examples [Business Models + New & Proven Ideas]

Do you know you look alike some celebrity?

You don’t believe me? In this post, I have mentioned the 7 best celebrity look alike apps you want to try today.

If you have a smartphone and a good Internet in your hands, it’s easy to fulfill many dreams in this technical period. There are plenty of new app Ideas and features to display to you that look like any time of year. Choose the right app and make your own mobile applications.

What Does The Celebrity Look Alike App?

A photo editing app that makes your image with a celebrity looks like you. Isn’t it interesting? There are so many faces matching apps in play stores that make you know exactly what do I look Like.

These apps create face recognition with celebrities who fit their image by comparing facial features, hairstyle, skin color, and weight. If you want what celebrity I look, then the article will let you know about the top seven best celebrity face-matching app with top features here.

You will easily get this app in the play store or you can search inside Google. Downloading these Celebrity Look Alike Apps is extremely easy; you need to allow some permission. You can develop an app for your both IOS and Android phone.

Some apps also offer free trials for some days or a month, and some apps even give absolutely no subscription. You have to check out the features which you like to download on your phone today. You cannot believe after seeing your photo you can share social media for fun.

Top 7 Best Celebrity Look alike Apps In The App Market

Here the top 7 most trending celebrity face look-alike App which you can find in today’s current mobile app world, so if a celebrity in your mind and wants to resume your image likes them then check-out these apps below.

Sr No.Name of The AppHighlighting Features
1My Replica
  • Beauty Tools
2What Do I Look Like Celebrity
  • Facial Comparison
  • Numerous Celebrities under dozens of Categories
3Look Alike-Free App
  • Face Compare
  • More than 1000 celebrities
  • Uses Amazon Machine Learning
  • Artistic Painting
  • Magic Filters
  • Glitch Effects
  • Double Exposure
5Celebrity Face Morph
  • Face Morphing
  • Face Swap
  • Auto Face Detection
  • Face Expression Algorithm
  • Face Warp
6Star By Face
  • High-quality Celebrity Look-alike Pictures
  • Over Thousand Celebrity Face
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with Various Facial Features & Facial Points
  • Highly Focused Facial Filters

The upcoming section will elaborate on all those above apps in brief.

1. My Replica

My Replica - Celebrity Look Alike Apps

My replica-celebrity like me app lets you compare any face to the most prominent celebrities. This app requires some process to use, whether the picture is men or women?

This app first analyses your face with a killer filter face features close to the camera. Then expose your photo with the most likely celebrity. Try and experience my replica celebrities like me to see the celebrity you look the same!

Whether it’s an Actor or Actresses, Singers or Sportsman and Sportswoman Models or Activists, there are diverse options available and waiting for you. Upload your picture to my replica celebrity Like me and figure out who you look alike.

Key Features of My Replica

  • You can equate any face to the most celebrities.
  • You can use the app without ads and with added features
  • Uses HD technology that in digital photographs distinguishes human faces.
  • Advanced photo editing learning technologies

Download from Google play store

2. Celebs – Best Celebrity Look alike App

Celebs - Celebrity Look Alike Apps

If you are always wondering, Who Do I Look Like? It’s time to compare your image with the celebrity in this app. The app recognizes the face and creates a model for the face.

The sensor of facial points can identify main facial features such as eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and position. You can match yourself with a popular Hollywood starlet or a TV actor and actress, Model singer, reality TV personality; you can get the best results to depend on the image you upload!

Key Features of Celebes – Celebrity Look Like App

  • This app allows more than 1000 celebrities to compare your selfies.
  • It offers fast comparisons with better accuracy and 100% free
  • It also allows your image to share on social media.

Download from Google Play Store
Download from Apple Store

3. Look Alike – Free App

Look alike - Celebrity Look Alike Apps

Look-Alike is a free app developed for Android and iOS devices that have no limit on finding celebrities. The app has a wide variety of celebrity faces that determine which celebrity looks like you.

Simply upload your photo, you can be face matched up with anyone. It is the unique celebrity look alike app that delivers a perfect match for who you look alike. The app finds the nearest match in your photo.

Male can search with a female look-alike or vice versa. Its calculation is based on the features of your face, eye, nose, and mouth, etc. It checks for the random picture, compares the facial features, and with the amazing algorithm, the app predicts how close you look like with popular celebrities.

Key Features Of Look Alike-Free App

  • The completely free download option is available
  • This app boasts a simple interface, no need to registration, latest algorithm and huge massive database.
  • It allows you to share your result on social media platforms.

Download from Google Play Store
Download from Apple Store

4. Gradient

Gradient - Celebrity Look Alike Apps

Gradient is another top face-editing application on the Internet that has gone viral these days. Powered by artificial intelligence, Gradient has an incredible combination of AI and embellishment technology that takes users into a celebrity’s world.

Gradient photo editor allows users to upload your image or selfies then will use artificial intelligence to turn them into a celebrity that they resemble. You can find editor function in the celebrity photo section where users choose a photo of themselves and then the app uses AI to match your photo with a celebrity who you look like.

Key Features Of Gradient

  • It allows a 3-days trial is free, but it also ensures that users have to have pay details
  • It can very easy to share pictures with friends and family

Download from Google Play Store
Download from Apple Store

5.Celebrity Face Morph 

Celebrity Face Morph - Celebrity Look Alike Apps

Take a selfie and design your photo exactly as you like, you can also use your image from your gallery. Celebrity Face Morph is a simple application that is available in Google play store and you can only download and install the application on your mobile, update it and find your favorite celebrity face matching features after installation.

You can easily edit your image by cropping; applying filters, effects, and much more that make it more exciting.
Celebrity Face Morph app also allows creating an image with your face, automatic face detection, face morphing, mix face, and simple interface by using these features you can quickly transform yourself into a fun and inspirational celebrity.

Key features of the Celebrity Face Morph App

  • Transform into attractive images for the users
  • Supports high definition images
  • Enjoys various facial options like eyes, nose, and mouth for making perfect celebrity match.

Download from Google Play Store

6. Star By Face

Star by Face - Celebrity Look Alike Apps

Just like the name, the app functions exactly. This Celebrity Look-alike app will make changes on the user’s face in order to give resemblance just like the celebrity face. With the aid of facial recognition technology, this ‘Star By Face’ app starts to identify their facial data of the user and make necessary changes according to the facial data of the celebrity face.

The highlighting fact of this Star By Face app is it doesn’t collect or store any of the personal information or data of the user. However, users can opt for the sharing option of their data at any time, the application comes with such provision.

Key Features of Star By Face

  • Users can avail their morphed photo in best resolution
  • Users can find more than thousands of celebrity faces
  • With the aid of machine learning technology, this Star By Face app carries enormous functions

Download from Google Play Store
Download from Apple Store

7. Y – Star

Y-Star - Celebrity Look Alike Apps

Y-star is one of the most preferred celebrity look-alike apps by people all over the world when compared with other apps, this Y-Star has a slight advantage. Users are able to avail their morphed photos within a few seconds.

Also, once the users downloaded and installed the Y-Star app on their gadget the app automatically captures the facial data of the users through the front camera and stores. So whenever a user intends to morph their photo, it simply collects those data and suggests the suitable available celebrity face.

Key Features of Y-Star

  • The application provides far-better results than other celebrity look-alike apps when the user image clicked from the front camera of their gadgets
  • By default, the application comes with different facial points that represent the user’s nose, mouth, cheek, eyes, and so. With those facial points, the app easily maps and fetches with the celebrity face.

Download from Google Play Store

Best Ideas for Developing Celebrity Look-alike Apps

Wondering about how to develop a unique celebrity look-alike app that differs from all other existing celebrity apps! Well, we have the best ideas for you. Our experts have analyzed today’s market condition and suggested 2 best possible ideas for developing peculiar celebrity look-alike apps for driving the attention of potential users.

1. Voice-based App for Adults

Modern smartphones come with various features along with high-resolution cameras to gain a competitive edge. Buyers prefer such phones to avail its full benefits especially for taking their pictures from the high-resolution cameras. So, they will be amazed to see their high-resolution picture morphed with their famous celebrity face.

Now, just think about how they feel if they can access such a morphing app by using their voice message. It will be fantastic right!

To have such uniqueness, your app must support this operation. After taking a high-resolution picture, users suppose to get an option to speaking their favorite celebrity name and the application should respond and convert the user’s picture look-alike the particular celebrity. The implementation of voice-based technology on celebrity look-alike apps is something unique which you don’t find.

2. Cartoon Look-alike App for Kids

Kids these days are highly prolific in accessing smartphones. They are using mobile phones more than middle-aged people, particularly on using gaming applications, photo editing, social media, attending online classes, watching cartoons, and so on.

Now, think about developing an application which can convert kids’ high-resolution pictures morphed with their famous cartoon characters. This will surely entertain kids and they will share their morphed images among their friends through social media.

Tips to Generate Revenues through Celebrity Look-Alike Apps

generate revenues through Celebrity Look Alike Apps

If you are new to the mobile application world, then you may not fully be aware of making money via mobile applications. Here we have shared a few ideas by using you can convert your celebrity look-alike app as a money-making application.

1. Mobile Advertising

Well, placing relevant ads on a mobile application in the most common way to generate money. As per the survey reports, money invested in mobile advertising could go beyond 280 billion USD by the end of 2020. These pictures, how people are using their smartphone.

App owners can display commercial ads inside the application or they can prefer affiliate marketing tactics for making money from reliable third-party networks.

2. Paid Subscription Model

Next to mobile advertising, having the best and transparent subscription model will enhance the app revenue. App owners need to select which app features are going to be free for user access and which are going to be free of cost for a limited time. Also, they can have paid subscriptions for accessing videos, tutorials, and to avail other valuable cloud services.

Having such a powerful subscription for celebrity look-alike apps will attract more users and boost app revenue.

3. In-App Purchase

Finally, the inclusion of In-app purchases into the celebrity look-alike apps will help app owners to sell the viral services or virtual items directly to the end-users. Also, the In-app purchase model allows app owners to charge a certain amount of fee for accessing special features of the celebrity look-alike app.

So, users who wanted more features and ready to pay for availing such features can get benefited through In-app purchases. This revenue model will attract more potential users who love to be impressive and innovative among their friends.

Concluding lines

I hope the post has provided you with the best examples, ideas, and monetization tactics of the celebrity look alike apps. Now, probably you are clear which features and functionality to want to include in your app to make your app outstanding from the competitors.

Do not worry even if you are still not able to seize your requirements for Celebrity Look Alike Apps. We would love to help you bring your idea to life. Connect with our experts to get a free consultation for your project.

Frequency Answer Questions on Celebrity look alike apps

1. In what ways the celebrity look-alike apps work?

Well, just like a normal photo editing app, the celebrity look-alike apps work simply and elegantly. Here we have elaborated on its working procedure.

  • In order to upload your photo, your face should be clearly visible to the camera. Meanwhile, you should be cautious on capturing your face without any intermission of another person’s face. We highly recommend using the front camera of your mobile phone for capturing your face.
  • The face pattern and other vital components of the celebrity look-alike apps will detect your facial elements such as the nose, hair, nose, and so. Also, the features of celebrity look-alike apps will include the beard for converting your face similar to your favorite celebrity.
  • You may witness attractive results from the app which generated with the aid of the neural network. The network compares your face with the celebrity and suggests the action to take place to create similarities.

2. What are the scenarios to be considered for developing celebrity look alike apps?

Here are the lists of measures you should consider for developing celebrity look-alike apps.

  • The first thing you should do is to find a reliable and highly reputed mobile app development company with a bag full of happy clientele.
  • The second thing is to have proper consultations with the application of developing experts. So that you can clearly express your requirements.
  • Finally, there must be a proper communication flow between you and your app developer. So that you can ensure your ideas and expectations are reaching the app developers.

3. List a few of the top-performing celebrity look alike apps other than described in this article?

In Google Play Store, there are so many celebrity look-alike apps. Here we have enlisted a few of the top-performing apps other than our list mentioned above.

  • Y Star
  • Star By Face
  • Looky
  • Face Idea: Celebrities, Who looks like me
  • Popsugar Twinning App

4. How to convert my celebrity look-alike app as a revenue source?

The revenue model of the celebrity look-alike apps mainly depends upon whether you are going to release it as a paid or free version. Apart from that, here are the few possible ways you can make a handsome amount of cash via your celebrity look-alike apps.

  • By placing commercial mobile advertising in the app
  • Having subscription models for availing videos, tutorials, and other cloud services
  • By implementing in-app purchase into the application

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