11 Best Digital Asset Management that You Shouldn't Miss to Use

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By: Sagar Sharma

11 Best Digital Asset Management that You Shouldn't Miss to Use

To have assets that you cannot utilize at the time of need is as good as nothing to have. When was the last time you had your data (asset) lost and could not utilize it at the right time? To stop it from happening over and over, the best digital asset management is the best option. It is storage for your digital asset to boost up your productivity and profitability.

There are many Digital Asset Management tools that you can choose from, but some of the best are mentioned so that you can make an informed decision before implementing them.

When you already know the type of business and your requirements, and expected results from the solutions of Digital Asset Management, it becomes easier to choose the product. The benefits of all are the same, but functionality and efficiency can differ from product to product.

Based on the needs of your business or the nature of your work, you can make a decision of choosing the product which fits best.

Below are the top 11 best digital asset management lists that you should not miss in 2022 if you want to keep your firm/ business ahead of every competition. This list will help you in comparing all the products and evaluating between them.

11 Best Digital Asset Management Platforms to check out in 2022

1) Pimcore

Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management centralizes all media assets- like images, graphics, documents, any other media content, and videos. It can aggregate, consolidate, and manage any type of media assets.

It not only stores and reshapes the data but also offers high performance to help your e-commerce in operating more efficiently. Workflow becomes smooth after Pimcore; from production to distribution everything becomes flawless.

Pimcore disseminates product data and makes content search quicker to make your digital asset more solid. It also boosts your multi-channel marketing strategy. Its basic feature is to let organizations use Pimcore’s platform to achieve and meet their DAM requirements.

There will not be any inconsistency or inaccurate results after implementing Pimcore. Pimcore also gives you free products before implementation so that you can make know your product exactly before buying it.

Pimcore consolidates the data of digital assets in one single platform, the data which was isolated from one another previously.

2) Widen Collective

This is really useful in sharing data across the web. Its powerful function for search and flexible models of metadata are its unique features. Search and flexibility is at the best in Widen Collective.

With metadata- digital assets can be classified and different users can be assigned to that specific classified data. It helps in delivering content to market persons, to salespeople, and to partners who are going to need that data.

Its analytic feature stands out from others as it lets you know who is using your digital assets—your data. This will give more effective results. A larger management system can be built from a widening collective. It can create, manage, and distribute content to create a powerful platform for asset catalogs and categories.

Widen collective also provides a free demo session before implementation, in this demo they give 30 minutes of their time to make you understand its service and also understand your challenges, a personalized demo with the next procedure.

3) Monday.com

It is a simpler tool for your DAM. It manages the sequence of work in a simple and visually intuitive way. It allocates and prioritizes your work, it can even use different tools to find insights and inform you where everything is placed, and track multiple projects. It has a client management feature that works automatically and sets up a reminder so that you do not miss anything important.

Planning, tracking, and delivering is its basic feature. When automation is done, there are fewer chances of errors so you can save up the cost of human error. With different tools, it lets you visualize your data, can integrate it with your current tools, and can manage everything in one place. With Monday.com you can analyze your projects and tasks easily.

4) Swivle DAM

The swivle makes sure that you have a visual view of your business’s core activities, and you can find your asses-data within seconds with its optimal search engines.

With Swivle one can store unlimited data and can replace cloud storage and servers if ever needed, with ease. It’s an extra feature- on the fly, you can use any variation you want, and it eliminates more time consumption over small things.

With Swivle, you can share content with targeted audiences, clients with portals. Each portal has its own content that is different from others, has unique branding methods, and has unique subdomains.

It can integrate with your existing apps, open any file of Swivel with your existing app; upload your new file with just one touch. Recommendations and approvals come from the one shared file- so it makes its users work collaboratively.

5) MediaBeacon

MediaBeacon is used for the creation of assets, finding those assets, and distributing those assets. It can create an asset with managing workflow-it drags and drops workflow, through project management, and in review and approval, it creates an asset.

It lets you find your assets which are stored easily with its search engines, and saves time and cost both, and eliminates the reproduction cost of an asset.

It empowers your assets, and lets you use them more efficiently. With social posting on branded portals, it helps in distributing asset data to individuals and to teams.

With external links and internal saved searches, MediaBeacon helps in asset dissemination. To design a lifecycle and to save time, MediaBeacon is the best solution.

6) Libris

With Libris, you can centralize digital media in a shared library. It eliminates the specific place for every single product and saves storage. With its smart engine tools of search, it helps in finding files easily and smartly.

Converting and resizing complex desktop software is so easy with Libris. When you are in search of finding assets in urgency, Libris helps you in that because through it every data is safely secured in one place.

It gives access to its users via shared drive, it can send brand materials to concerned parties, can eliminate oversized attached files, and everything is stored in one place so tracking and monitoring become so easy with it. One of the best features of Libris is its capability to convert between graphics formats.

7) Amplifi.io

When data is stored at different places without security there is a chance of data loss, to avoid data loss this DAS software is a must. It stores all the data in one single system so that it creates an automated asset organization for your data.

It is easy to use and data can never be lost with it. It has a system that helps you keep track of your data from anywhere, so whenever or wherever you need it, data is available at the door.

It not only manages digital assets but also helps in distributing them with partners – with customized presentations, with guides it helps you in distributing it.

With the latest technology, this software has made people burden-free, as data is stored automatically and the burden of humans. This software has the highest adoption rate in any organization.

8) Mediavalet

It makes your marketing data-asset, content, and media, centralized so that all the team members can have access to it. All team members should have your business data so that they can have immediate access to data, which they are going to need.

With Mediavalet and its AI-driven objects, discovering assets is easy. Implementation of AI makes business customized.

Mediavalet’s primary function is to boost sales and channel teams with accurate and up-to-date data, which can be accessed from anywhere. Files are being categorized so that they can be easily used when in need. It can create a problem sometimes when two users are using or are working on the same file, but the benefits of Mediavalet are more than the cone.

9) Wedia

Wedia works as a central tool for all digital assets. To have full control over management’s digital assets, and its distribution- Wedia was formed to serve the purpose. It does not affect how small or big a firm you have, or how bigger data of digital assets is. Wedia can manage millions of digital assets. Wedia is trusted by global brands for its benefits and outputs.

All marketing, sales teams around the globe are inclined towards Wedia because of its output more than expected. Wedia also helps with consistency and data quality for larger organizations as well.

The flexibility of internal and local teams can also be enhanced with Wedia. It also gives you access to compliance issues so that you can know what is stopping your marketing activities from getting boosted up.

10) Brandfolder

It is widely believed as the best digital asset management platform for enterprise usability. It helps marketers and managers in distributing their digital assets and also keeps them on track that how they are performing, time to time.

From single-source, Brandfolder helps you in finding assets within seconds which you might be spending hours in finding without Brandfolder. A brand asset is shared easily with Brandfolder.

It has a key feature, named Brand Intelligence that informs you how your assets are performing. It can integrate with tools that you are currently using so without many modifications it can be used easily.

It has multiple files supported, every digital asset is securely saved, easy bulk can be uploaded with drag and drop.

11) Bynder

It has a one-stop for managing your digital assets. It also has a filter structure for your different marketing needs. It shares data with relevant parties securely. It has a system that lets its users use the data only which is relevant to them.

So unapproved data can never go into the user, who has nothing to do with it. With Bynder, file sharing is easy and secure; it can share within internal and external.

You can download media from it in your desired format, so you can save your time editing those Media. Bynder can do automated dissemination of content so you do not have to do it manually. It makes your asset of high value because the asset is stored in one single platform where it is secure and safe. Tracking assets and searching assets are key features of Bynder.

In today’s market, you can find a lot of software for digital asset management all with unique capabilities, it is necessary to pick the best digital asset management that suits well for your requirement.

There should not be any comparison between these tools. All are best in the way they are. For different requirements and needs of the business, they perform accordingly. To make an informed decision it is wise to know the products before implementation.

Bottom Line

These are the top 11 best digital asset management that should not be missed by any e-commerce business persons. In the year 2022, it is so important to store all the assets in a secured place.

To save time and cost, it is so important to store and manage the data; otherwise, there is no meaning in having it. The creative files are securely stored in one single system which can be accessed by all, from anywhere when needed.

So to stay ahead in a competitive world, and to have a competitive advantage it is a wise option to implement one of the above-mentioned tools so that marketers, salespersons, and every concerned party can use the data.

To save time and cost, to reduce human error, to save timing of editing and cropping those digital assets, it is a practical option to implement one.

Almost all the solutions listed above give a free demo service of the product. So before using your product you know exactly how it works, your queries would be solved well in advance, your customer and partners will be satisfied with your service.

Any questions related to products are supported with a 24*7 support system, so your queries would be solved quickly. So grab the opportunity now.

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