Top 10 Best Prank Apps to Fool your Family and Friends in 2023

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By: Sagar Sharma

Top 10 Best Prank Apps to Fool your Family and Friends in 2023

Have you ever played a prank on your friends and family? Of course, you must have: by sticking “HIT ME!” note on someone’s back or with a whoop cushion.

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. They help us to remember important events, build our business, entertain, and more. Ultimately, mobile apps help to make our lives easier and more joyful.

Today, we have an app for everything. In a typical day, you come across different types of mobile apps. Prank apps help you to convert your typical day into a special one.

Read this article further to know various types of best prank apps in the market today.

Scary Prank App

1 – Scary Pranks

Scary Pranks app allows you to scare your friends and family in many different ways. For example, the call from hell, where you can ask someone else to pick up a call for you, and instead of getting a hello from the other side, the victim will hear a scream.

Similarly, there are other types of pranks that you can pull on someone using this app, such as guard the phone, hell camera, cute cat, fake game, color blind, etc.

Scary Pranks

2 – Bee Sound

Bee Sound is one of the best prank apps that can be used to scare someone who fears honey bee or any kind of bees. The app allows you to make sounds like a real killer bee.

Through this scary prank app, you can make a buzzing sound so annoying that it can make any person stand from their place. It is a great app to pull April fool pranks, scare friends, pull office pranks, and more.

Bee Sound

3 – Taser Prank

All of know, how terrifying is the sound of a teaser or a stun gun. The reason why Taser Prank is one of the best prank apps is that it allows you to scare your friends and family without harming them with an actual taser.

Highlighted features:

  • Beautiful designs
  • High-quality and realistic sounds
  • Multiple sounds and skins
  • Vibrates the phone whenever turned on
  • Massive prank capability

Taser Prank

4 – Broken Screen Prank

Have you or any of your friends and family bought a new smartphone? Then, this is a perfect app for you. It is one of the best prank apps to scare someone.

The app simulates a broken screen effect without harming your smartphone. The app not only virtually cracks your screen but also pulls out the right cracking sound.

Prime features:

  • Realistic breaking glass sound and crack wallpaper
  • Crack the screen by shaking or touching the screen
  • Demolish your phone screen by other effects like electric screen or fire screen

Broken Screen Prank

Photo Prank App

5 – Dude Car Prank Pro

Dude Car Prank Pro is one of the best prank apps that allows you to edit pictures on a single click. Using this app, one can set any vehicle on fire.

Notable Features:

  • Import pictures and photos from the gallery
  • Apply up to three filters simultaneously
  • Adjust the shape, size, and orientation of the damage filter
  • Save image to the gallery or send it directly via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Bluetooth, and more

Dude car prank pro

6 – Fight Battle Photo Editor Prank

It is one of the best prank apps that allows you to add bruises, stitches, wounds, burns, and more to your face. The effects and filters look so realistic that it can fool almost anyone.

The photo editor of this app is simple to use. The best feature of this app is the injury photo editor that has a collection of wounds and bruises, which makes your injury look real.

Fight Battle photo editor prank

Prank Calling App

7 – Fake Call Prank

Fake Call Prank app is one of the best prank apps that saves you in difficult times. You can call yourself by clicking on the prank call button. Moreover, you can also schedule the call.

Notable features:

  • Set caller name
  • Set caller number
  • Choose the caller picture
  • Choose a character such as pizza or police
  • Set a ringtone or use the default
  • Set caller’s voice
  • Record a caller’s voice

Fake Call Prank

8 – Magic Call Voice Changer

Magic call voice changer, as the name suggests, is an app that changes the tone and pitch of your voice. It is one of the best prank apps because it allows you to change your voice tones in real-time.

Note-worthy features:

  • Real-time voice changing support
  • Switch between voices while in the call
  • Voice testing before making a call
  • Play sound emojis during the call
  • Add background noises to the call

Magic Call Voice Changer

Prank Texting App

9 – Fake Chat Maker

Fake chat maker is one of the best prank apps that allows you to send fake text messages on your WhatsApp. You can create fake accounts and start creating fake chats as you want.

Notable Features:

  • Create Fake Profiles
  • Send Fake Conversation
  • Add Fake Status
  • Full emoji support
  • Control both sides of the conversation
  • Image, Video and Audio support
  • Fake call
  • Take screenshot and share
  • List of call logs

Fake Chat Maker

10 – Voice Changer

As the name suggests, this app allows you to record your voice in various ways. Using this app, you can modify your voice and add special effects to it.

The app offers 40 different sound effects, including a robot, helium, monster, giant, zombie, extraterrestrial, backward, alien, drunk, squirrel, and more.

Voice Changer


Pranks have been in this world for a long time. Pranking mobile apps has only made it more fun, creepy, and spooky. If you are a professional prankster or like to build a business around pulling pranks, you need a mobile app in this day and age.

Contact our skilled professionals to develop a mind-bending prank app that surprises your friends and family from inside out.

Best Prank Apps – General FAQs

1) Which app is best for fake calling?

Fake-A-Call, GogoCall, Fake Call by iStyle, Nova Labs, and SoftDroid, Caller ID Faker, Fake Caller ID, etc. are some of the best prank apps for fake calling.

2) How much does it cost to develop a prank app?

There are various types of prank apps, such as for texting, calling, hair cut, scary, pregnancy, broken screen, police, and more. The cost depends on the features and type of pranks you would like to pull through your app.

3) Which is the best prank app development company?

Credencys Solutions Inc. is the best prank app development company in the USA. They follow Agile software development practices to build mobile and web applications.

4) What are some of the must-have features of a prank app?

User registration and login, “Freemium” business model that allows users to use free as well as paid pranks, payment gateway integration, user ID authentication, etc. are some of the must-have features of the prank app.

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