Do you have a Mobile App Idea? It’s Time to Turn It into Reality

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Do you have a Mobile App Idea? It’s Time to Turn It into Reality

Do you know mobile users spent $71.3 billion on apps and games? According to Sensor Tower survey, the world’s mobile users spent $71.3 billion on both Android and iOS apps and games in 2018.

The total amount, which is paid by the users, spent on premium apps, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Moreover, $71.3 billion was 22.7% higher than the $58.1 billion, which was spent during 2017.

Apart from the ‘Games’ category, the second top App Store category worldwide by downloads in Q4 2018 was Photo & Videos with 567 million. The category saw downloads increase 6.4% year-over-year from 2.11 billion in 4Q17. This data shows Photo & Videos was expended during 2018 in the App Store.


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There is no doubt, Apple users are spending 88% more than Android users and thus, businesses are focusing on developing iOS apps first than Android app development. If you are thinking same and focusing on developing an iOS app for your business then don’t forget to consider the popular categories that have maximum downloads.

Popular iPhone App Development Categories with Revenue and Downloads

If we are considering the above chart, we come to know average spending per user with a comparison of 2017 and 2018.

Photo & Videos

Photo & Videos category is the second largest App Store category with a 6.4% increase as compared to last year. There are many social media apps adding video chat and live streaming functionality. Recently, Instagram allows its users to chill and watch videos together with their friends with its “co-watch content” feature that hidden inside Instagram Direct Messaging, as per TechCrunch’s news. Before Instagram, Facebook already has “Watch Videos Together” feature released in November in its Facebook Messenger’s code. It has Watch Party for group co-viewing.


Although, entertainment category 12.1% decrease from the last year, the category is still leading at the third position with 472 million revenue. Netflix is a popular entertainment app that pulled in an estimated $86.6 million in worldwide in November 2018.

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Geolocation Functionality

Geolocation is one of the most demanded technology among various app categories. This technology enables users to show relevant information about the product or service, and also make different personal proposals for specific or existing clients.

The iOS Location service provides a geolocation option for iOS. It determines the position of the object and displays the acknowledged object on a map to the user. Having such a feature enable retail mobile app development to minimize the development timeline and provide a reliable solution for the entire business scheme.

Beacon Technology

Another popular Geolocation-based technology is Beacon in which a system based on the Bluetooth to send push notification related to new product’s offers to nearby users.

At Credencys, we have integrated iBeacon technology in one of our projects, Phoenix malls. This technology increases effectiveness in offering personalized messages to customers and offers the most relevant options in a non-intrusive, automated manner.

Mobile App Idea

With iBeacon, Brick-and-mortar store owners at Phoenix malls also get an opportunity to register an online presence and benefit from online bookings.

Discount & Personalized Recommendations

Collect insights of your regular users and provide a discount on products of similar past purchases. It would be great to create dynamic campaigns considering behavioral insights to make sure that your customer gets ongoing commendations based off of users’ purchase history.

Product Search & Finder

Many a time, it becomes difficult for customers to search an appropriate product from the list and thus, customers will abandon the cart. Having a Product search feature in an app helps them to find a product without any difficulty. Even, some apps like Flipkart also allows users to narrow down product search using multiple filters such as price, color, brand, etc.

Product Finder feature allows customers to search for the products when they enter a store by showing them the exact location of the items.

Multiple Payment Options

Without a doubt, payment gateways are the backbone of iPhone shopping application development. So, it is essential to add multiple payment options to ensure that your business caters maximum shoppers. Having multiple payment options enables to deliver a hassle-free shopping experience, as it makes the process a lot convenient for your app users.

In ‘Signature Wine Club’ project of Credencys, we have integrated two payment gateways, i.e. Alipay and Paypal. Signature Wine Club is a China-based firm owned by a group of wine enthusiasts, who wanted to make best-of-the-world wines easily accessible in China. We have also integrated functionality to gift wine and glassware to others using the application.

Key factors to consider while developing your own Shopping app like Amazon

Target Audience:

The most important aspect is to identify the targeted audience. Whether you want to develop a shopping app for women only or for the men as well. Identify your audience and add functionality accordingly.

App Idea:

In the mobile area, creating an app idea can be an extremely daunting and surprising thing. So, you have to ensure that the idea you implemented should be well-researched and analyzed properly.

App Cost:

The cost of shopping app development for iOS includes many things like features, the technology used and a number of developer’s hours invented. Other than this, the app cost also includes app complexity, targeted platforms and functionality you want to integrate.

Over To You

As you are thinking to develop mobile apps like Amazon, or other shopping apps, it is advised to choose less but well features to integrate. At Credencys, a mobile app development company, we are developing bug-free shopping applications for iPhone and Android at a reasonable cost.

In addition to development, we are also providing support and maintenance service to add the latest features to deliver up-to-date app and optimize the customer shopping experiences as per users’ requirements.

Do you have questions related to your next project? Don’t worry. Our Mobile app development team is here to solve it. Contact us for free 30 minutes consultation now.

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