11 Best Real-time Examples of App Experiences (Updated)

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By: Sagar Sharma

Top 11 Real-time Examples of App Experience You Should Consider for Your Business Growth

What makes a great app is a million-dollar question in many users’ mind, but only developers who use the app they develop to know that the secret behind this is the app experience. There are several factors such as progression, delight, intuitive rhythm, and simplicity that influence app experiences.

Developers who are users look at technology and creativity as a value addition to their app development. Sometimes, what they observe in other apps and like to develop their app with utmost quality inspires them. Also, it gives them a way for learning and overcoming challenges faced by the respective industry as well and makes them think out of the box.

In our blog, we are going to learn about such best examples of app experiences based on industries and understand how they can apply to your app for achieving consistency in business growth. Before getting into the topic, here is a list of user opinions about the performance of a mobile app that includes all factors affecting it.

A recent statistical survey states the following:

  • Around 71% of users uninstall apps due to frequent crashes occurring while using them.
  • Almost 44% of users find defects in-app by themselves.
  • Users encounter inconsistency in an app interface, and 58% have reported it as a frustration factor.
  • Moreover, 52% of users say that they are not happy with the overall app performance.
  • Nearly 70% of users are not likely to use an app because it consumes time for loading.
  • Around 29% of users do not find any valuable information inside an app.

All factors in the aforementioned lists fall under app experiences with respect to users. So you should understand how important the app experience is in terms of the success of mobile app development.

11 Best App Experiences Examples That Make You Go Crazy

#1: Splash screen animations by Uber

We all know what Uber is and its mode of business. But what makes it a special is? The attractions and inventions that Uber is ideal when it comes to the app experience. Uber introduced splash screen animation technique in its latest version, and users enjoy the way it appears.

The splash screen interferes in a smooth transition from Uber logo navigating to the current location on the map i.e. the app has to spot the user’s location before the map displays on the screen. In order to make that time interesting and more fun to users, the splash screenplays a cool role leaving a futuristic and awesome feeling to users.

This is one of the best examples of app experiences.

#2: Splash screen animations by Nikitin Team

Here comes Nikitin Team, a popular digital agency, whose animation and illustration work speaks about how pleasing users may find their app. The entire design of the app is dynamic and filled with animated briefings that clearly set the user expectations towards the rest of the features and pages in the app.

Users will love the app once it is launched because it is fun and gets your attention towards it.

#3: On-boarding demonstrations by Ramotion and Adam Nelsen

It is another best example of app experience where you navigate only using the visual representation throughout the app. It is that interesting, and the moment users enter the app, they get to know the complete style and usage of the app.

Ramotion’s onboarding demonstrations are simply excellent and show contrast variations between shades and Adam Nelsen may appear better than Ramotion’s as they bring you multiple sceneries that lead to view the full screen of the app. It is important when it comes to app experiences because rather than making a user understand the features of your app, they get clarity of the app while registering.

#4: User engagement during sign-up, by Christophe Kerebel

First, presenting simplicity in the sign-up process is the speciality of Christophe Kerebel. The point of attraction is interacting with users during sign-up and also letting them know how close or far they are in the registration process, through introducing automation. Hopper is one of the famous apps and best examples of app experiences in buying airfares when it is extremely lowest.

Almost in every app, either a mobile number or e-mail verification is important. Hopper makes it easy for users by displaying the verification code on top of the registration window. Users can simply provide the number and continue with completing the simple sign-up process.

#5: Card stack by Filip Slovacek

This is an interesting and new implementation of an invention by Flip Slovacek on card designs. Users like the design and flow pattern of the card stack in the app. It provides an empty background with making every element contrast off its colour.

Another best part with this app is users can be able to see the depth of the background at the screens behind it. The app also showcases how many cards are available in the stack by providing a progress marker at the bottom.

#6: Parallax effect by Jardson Almeida

This app experience gives users a natural feel that they can twist and turn the cards they pick. The parallax effect brings in more advanced animations and interactions, which are popular among prototyping. Moreover, you can see a great depth behind every card that makes you feel real and implements a great speed while picking card to card.

#7: Animated wireframes by Phi Hoang

Phi Hoang has not used many attractive animations in the app, but it graces simplicity. It maintains an easy understanding of context by creating interactions between map view, full details, and brief details and collage together to provide the best app experience to users.

#8: Overall app experience by BloomThat

The second version of BloomThat offers an amazing app experience to its users that make the entire journey with the app delightful. The pictures they attached for every product is an extraordinary one that surely gives you some time to go through the content.

Here, the app shows animated effects on the keypad stating your sign-up or purchase process status effortlessly and with fun. The after purchase note is very pleasing and makes you keep visiting the app again and again just to see what they introduced.

#8: Virtual effect by Zedge

Zedge is a dynamic app that offers a plethora of high definition wallpapers and ringtones. The background of the app amazes you with a variety of effects that make you feel virtualized in reality. The content part may look simple, but the effect and photography they have used for wallpapers are uncompromising.

#9: User interface experience by Momondo

For those who do not know Momondo is a travel app, it is an exceptional app that impresses users with its design and quick to use navigation. It contains a search button in unique and bold colours that change according to the theme or background you select. The location suggestions provided by the app remains accurate and on-spot.

#10: Minimized approach by Farfetch

Farfetch app dedicated to iOS users, the app provides an awesome UI experience to the users. It comes with an attractive search screen that you never get confused among thousands of products even when it appears on the home screen. It is eye-catching, trendy and displays products as per user’s wishlist and allows them to enjoy real-time shopping experience.

#11: Animated roadmaps by Waze

Waze is a great app, which is completely surrounded by animation effects throughout. It acts as a GPS tracker, way-finder, traffic alerts and live navigation to reach your preferred destination. With clear pictures and animated effects, you see the Waze app as a treasure hunter game instead of like a Google Map.


These are the best examples of app experiences that inspire developers to produce more quality apps for user benefit. You can write to us for any help to improvise the user experience of your app.

Frequently asked questions on app experiences

1. How to improve my app experience and make it successful?

You should learn and implement various technologies through which users can easily understand your app with the way it is designed. Obtain references from apps with a variety of verticals. Go through the best examples of app experiences and gain knowledge.

2. How important is an app experience considered?

Your job is not done only with app development. First, you should compare your app with other apps and get feedback from friends, whether you are up to the mark. If you as a developer do not enjoy using your app, the entire effort goes in vain.

3. What to do for attaining the best app experience?

Follow these rules for the best app experience:

  • Implement native component in the app
  • Keep your app simple and intact
  • Enhance the search future in your app
  • Animate your transitions
  • Maintain consistency throughout
  • Test your app until you become better

4. Is app experience and user interface experience both the same?

Yes, both are the same. The user interface experience talks about the overall performance and user experience of using the app.

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