The Future of Web Development: 9 Predictions / Forecasts for 2022
By: Sagar Sharma

The Future of Web Development: 9 Predictions / Forecasts for 2022

Ecommerce websites and mobile apps are so-called as the future of web development because online purchase has become a habitat to your target customers. If you look at platforms that decide the future of web application development, we already have something in the past, such as the introduction of iPad in 2010, which can never be denied by Apple lovers, and we also have certain coding predictions of future of web development languages for 2022, which have already been implemented in few web development services.

This blog provides you the contour of such coding predictions of 2022 crisply and clearly. Before getting into detail, it is a must that you understand the importance of web application development.

What is the future of web development?

Web development is a social phenomenon, and it is not an easy task unless you have enough programming and excellent user interface and user experience design expertise and relevancy. Creativity is something that plays an important role in developing web applications. It completely becomes the responsibility of software developers to crack the appropriate code and provide a fine-tuned and functioning application.

Businesses depend on mobile apps because of the growing trend of online purchase behavior of consumers. Hence, the future of web development not only depends on what your customers think but also expects web developers to stay in tune with the latest web development trends.

What are the possible predictions of web development and coding in 2022?

The future of web development and coding relies on the following platforms that you can expect to operate successfully in reality. These technologies are not new but radically users should understand the difference it brings on usage.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Programming languages
  • Frameworks
  • Interactivity
  • Voice commands
  • Adaptability
  • Chatbots
  • One-page websites
  • Practical content

#1: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is similar to people having a high IQ. You will code and it functions as per your coding by delivering wonderful performance reducing the burden of manual intervention in your business in the form of automated applications. This is truly called the future of web development, as it holds the entire functionality of various development areas.

It divides technology into two wings and caters automation in multiple platforms such as autonomous systems, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, pattern recognition, natural language processing, and chatbots; real-time emotion analytics which again correlates with virtual companions, real-time universal translation and thought-controlled gaming; neuromorphic computing and cognitive cybersecurity, robotic personal assistants, autonomous surgical robotics and next-gen cloud robotics.

Few other crystal clear examples of AI are smart home, home cleaning robots, autopilot, voice search, etc. AI supports in improving user experience multiple times than you expect, and it is the core of all future of web development.

#2: Programming Languages

This particular point is for web developers who wish to set a benchmark in the development of web applications and show the best programming language for the future of web /development. JavaScript, Python, and PHP are the best programming language options for developers to choose, depending on what customers expect out of web apps or mobile apps.

Moreover, these are the most popularly used apps as per the recent survey on the future of web development languages. Developers should understand the framework of an app and then select the suitable and reliable programming language on which the app can function efficiently. For example, most of the mobile-based applications are developed using JavaScript because it provides the best user experience and interface design for many apps developed and in existence.

#3: Frameworks

A framework is a primary and important aspect that decides how the app appears to users and how the future of web development will be. As a web app developer, you should be able to create the app framework and put your customer ideas as a pre-design to make your customers understand that this is how the app looks like if they do not have much exposure technically.

Now as a user, before you approach a developer for your mobile or web app development, you can bring in your ideas into the limelight by creating a framework by using certain free online websites. Individual developers if they wish to market their app to business users, a framework is something very important before providing your customers with the finished product.

#4: Interactivity

Interactivity enrolls user’s interaction with the application without the need of scrolling down the text and chooses their preference with an understandable, attractive and simple click to button or purchase in one single click. Based on your app design and future, you can set any kind of technology to attract users, in the app design or coding.
For example, if you take any classified website, apart from having your preferred listing, you can just click on the image or icon that takes you to the last section before purchase. This definitely saves your time by avoiding scroll up and down the number of pages that the web or mobile app has.

#5: Voice commands

This is not a recent technology but the most popularly used one throughout the world. If your business requires voice technology that could make the search options simple to all your app users, then choose the right developer who well experienced in that technology. If you have noticed, Siri in the iPhone was the first integration of voice search service that provided automatic functioning of your phone through voice commands.

#6: Adaptability

Adaptability decides not only the future of web development but also its success. In previous days, websites or web apps were only limited to be viewed in computers, but nowadays, with responsive functionality, they can be viewed on smartphones and tablets as well, comfortably. This is where the adaptability of platforms comes into place. If you are developing a mobile app, along with native platforms, it should cover compatibility for both Android and iOS platforms.

#7: Chatbots

Implementation of chatbots in every web or mobile app is a mandatory service, as it helps to enhance the customer satisfaction rate of using your product or service. The chatbot is another effective establishment of AI through incorporating neural networks on your web app development.

#8: One-page websites

One-page websites are popular and preferred by many business users and recommended by app developers, which provide modernity and great ambiance to your web app users. If you are an entrepreneur, a one-page website lets your users explore all your products or services, about your company and its values all in a single page at the narrowed view. It takes them to the relevant page if they click on the dedicated link.

#9: Practical content

The future of web development includes design, coding, and content you provide on the site. Ensure that your website content is unique and not duplicated from anywhere or anyone so that it maintains ranking in search engines even if you perform a basic search engine optimization. Make sure that your website content is real and speaks only the truth that you offer in terms of product or service.


The future of web development is not restricted or limited to the aforementioned factors. As a developer, you can implement creativity and set a new trend of your designs and application development among your direct and indirect app users. All you have to do is implement every single present feature in your app and also introduce new features to compete with your opponent.

Frequently Asked Questions Web Development Predictions in 2022

1. What are the current web technologies as a developer should I be aware of?

There are several criteria and technologies that you should consider before developing an app and ensuring your mobile or web app compatibility.

  • Browsers compatibility
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Effective programming language or platform
  • Framework
  • Libraries
  • Databases
  • Client-side
  • Server
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Protocols
  • API
  • Data formats

2. How much does it cost to develop a website or mobile app?

First, you need to understand the difference between developing a website and a mobile app. Both are not going to be the same as customization plays a major role in developing a mobile app and the future of web development is all on mobile apps now. Hence, if you develop a website, make sure it is mobile-friendly, and if you want to market your product or service online, then mobile application development comes into the picture.

3. How much investment should I have to develop a mobile app?

A mobile app involves several features that keep changing according to the increasing trend. Few are mandatory and a few are to be kept for attracting users. Hence, the cost of developing a mobile app depends on every single new feature you wish to add, frontend and backend platforms you choose, etc.

4. Which is the best programming language to develop a mobile application?

It again depends on the complexity of bringing in your ideas into the app. But the most popularly used programming language is JavaScript and the best platform to use is HTML, CSS or Drupal.

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