Gas Finder App Development: Key Considerations You Must Know

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By: Sagar Sharma

Gas Finder App Development: Key Considerations You Must Know

Do you agree that our lives have changed after the emergence of different technologies? Indeed, they have made a remarkable impact on our day-to-day life by speeding up things around us. Among everything else, the rise of mobile app development services brought a drastic change in the perception of using smartphones. Earlier, people used their devices for playing online games or visiting certain websites. However, today, they use their mobile phones to accomplish several routine tasks such as paying bills, shopping, and a lot more through respective applications.

Let me talk about my personal experience in this relevance.

One day, I was running out of fuel in my car and was also getting late for office. When I reached the fuel pump, I found that there is a long queue and had to wait for long until finally, it was my turn. Recently, one of my friends told me about the gas finder app. I couldn’t believe that there could be such an app that can help you find the nearest gas station. Moreover, it offers a lot many features and benefits that you may not have imagined.

As I had never heard about such apps, I thought to explore what this gas application all about and how they help users.

Let us dive in together to find out crucial facts about a gas finder app.

What is a Gas Finder App?

If I say in my words, then it is an app that helps you find the nearest gas/fuel station in no time. Moreover, it helps you compare prices of different stations and enables you to select the right one. There are various other features that you will find further in the post.

Significant Features of a Gas Finder App

Find Gas

The main motive of the app is to provide you with information about where you can find gas in your area. It also offers you details about fuel pumps, along with rates.

Trip Cost

Some gas finder apps also offer information about the cost per trip. It helps you plan your outing, along with the quantity & cost of fuel. As a result, you can plan cost-effective journeys in the future.

Price Comparison

A few gas finder apps also help you find the gas stations near you that offer the best competitive fuel rates. As a result, you can save every time you fill the fuel in your car.

Sort by Filters

With a gas finder app, you can filter your search by distance or price. It means that you can either have a gas station nearest you or can go to the one that offers the fuel at the cheapest rate. Similarly, you can also sort by fuel type.


With some gas finder apps, you can save your preferred stations to favorites. It will enable the app to help you compare gas prices at your selected pumps.

Roadside Assistance

Some gas finder apps also offer roadside assistance based on your location details. They also provide information about restaurants, coffee shops, auto repair, and ATMs.

Reviews & Ratings

A good gas finder app will help you view reviews and ratings given by different users. As a result, you will be able to select the right fuel station at the best competitive prices. It will enhance your user experience.

Fuel Efficiency Tips

Some apps also offer you tips for saving money. It may be in the form of helping you in the selection of the right pump, making you aware of some safe driving habits, or any other way for that matter.

Helps With Locations

A gas finder app can help you select the nearest fuel pump and offer directions for reaching your destination.

Top 6 Gas Finder Apps

#1. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is considered the most famous gas finder app. You can earn reward points by completing daily, weekly, and monthly challenges.

Moreover, it helps you find pumps with the best prices and also assists you in saving per each gallon. Additionally, it helps you find the closest locations, friendliest service, cleanest restrooms and more.

#2. Waze

It is the popular Google-owned crowdsourced navigation app that helps you find the cheapest gas station. Also, it allows you to set your preferred gas stations, gas type, and sort by price or brand. It offers alerts before you approach police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams, all shared by other drivers in real-time. Waze map editors constantly improve and update its maps. Therefore, you will see the changes happening in your neighborhood.

Waze helps you find the best route to your preferred gas pump. It is best for road trips, as it offers you information about the distance and time of each gas station. Moreover, it also offers you the fuel price of those stations.

#4. Dash

It is not primarily developed to show you the cheapest gas station, however, it has a feature that can help you do so. This app is more useful to drivers who need to have a better understanding of how their engine works and what driving habits they need to adapt to have economical fuel consumption.

Dash monitors your driving habits to help you save more on gas by helping you understand why your gas may not last for a particular number of days. Moreover, it offers information about other factors that affect your fuel consumption.

#5. Gas Guru

It is similar to Gas Buddy in the relevance of helping you find the cheapest gas pump. Gas Guru is owned by Yellow Pages, and it saves your preferred stations to favorites. As a result, you can directly access them the next time you need to fill your tank.

Additionally, it helps you find restaurants, roadside assistance, coffee, auto repair, and ATMs. You can also see the last updated gas price. It also enables you to compare the fuel price near work, home, and your other favorite locations to get the best deals.

#6. MapQuest

MapQuest comes with an app called Gas Prices by Mapquest. Similar to other apps, it also helps you find the cheapest fuel pump with the best prices. It allows you to choose your fuel grade and set your favorite stations. This app also offers a lot of map and navigation features.

Additionally, it comes with a feature that allows making reservations for restaurants, ordering food, voice-guided GPS, alternative routes in real-time traffic conditions and more.

How Credencys Can Help You Create Your Gas Finder App

Credencys, a leading company in USA, has been offering expertise in the field of mobility from years, by transforming your concept into a market-ready product. Our skilled and experienced mobile app developers help you integrate the most-promising features, thereby helping you reach your target audience effectively. We follow the Agile approach that helps us deliver higher product quality, higher customer satisfaction, increased project control, reduced risks, and faster ROI.

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