Google Glass: Easily and effectively Fix for All Logistic Problem

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Google Glass
By: Sandeep Agrawal

Google Glass: An Easy Fix for All Logistic Problems!

Well, in 2014, Google glasses stands where desktop computer was in 1978. Instead, its miraculous effect has created a lot of buzz around the world. Organizations are adopting the cutting-edge wearable tech to boost their productivity and outperform.

Research says, in the next 12 months, 1 in every 5 U.S. adults plans to purchase wearable device.

In almost every industry, Logistics constitutes an important part that includes right from picking orders to the final delivery. In logistics, it is estimated that around 40 to 60 percent of time is wasted not in dynamic traffic or at distribution centre while in the last-meter navigation, Last-mile secured delivery and at assembly line.

This final step in the supply chain is quite expensive. Although promising technology, Google glass app for logistics would help in driving down the cost and increasing the profit.

Before taking a look at how this over-hyped tech solve the problems, let’s take an inside view of Google glass

Smart glass is a futuristic pair of sunglasses that will work through a Smartphone via Bluetooth or Wifi. Hands-free technology let the users to connect in real time and provide digital information like- image, video, audio or animation relevant to the object. The wearable accept touch, gesture or voice command would be the next big thing in Logistics industry.

Take a glance at how smart glass optimize and enriched the logistics services

Recognizing the recipient without asking anything

After handling, loading, and driving in a better way, the next challenge stands before the driver is to deliver the parcel in right hand. After finding a specific building, it is extremely important to deliver at the correct door in secured way.

But, how driver can identify the recipient whom did he has to deliver the parcel?

Glass showcases the consignee details and if he is not there then displays alternate consignee details. Using facial recognition technology, glass helps the driver to identify the person without seeing any ID. It takes the picture of recipient and matches with secured database. Instantly, recipient would receive the delivery notification.

Well, this process requires the prior permission of the person for using face-recognition technique. Although it is not much practiced yet, but received a great level of appreciation from the people, speed up the delivery process and also provides a high level of security.

Quality assurance in Assembly & Repair

Groundbreaking technology helps the logistics to add a value to their processes by letting them to offer assembly and repair services to their customers.

For instance, DHL Express, a division of the German logistics company collects the material from the component providers of Audi and assembles them into door panels. These door panels are then later delivered to the Audi production plant in Germany.

Glass provides the staff, a step-by-step instruction before their eyes that reduces significant training costs and saves time as well. Using wearable devices in logistics assembly process, every work step is monitored through image recognition and errors can be detected easily.

Identification and fixing of errors would become simple for repairing staff. The interactive visual guide helps in real-time and thereby improving the efficiency of work system in logistics at warehouse.


Wearable solution for logistics industry seems to be revolutionary tool that eases the every step of supply chain. It assists right from enterprise to workers to the customers. Glass solution that connects one at lightning speed in real time has already generated a huge profit to the early adopters.

Wearable technology for logistics and transportation which keeps people hands-free will continue to grow. So, get ready for the exciting journey and look at reality in new way with integration of smart glass for logistics.

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