How Augmented Reality App Enriches The Roots Of Education Process?
Augmented Reality
By: Manish Shewaramani

How Augmented Reality Enriches The Roots Of Education Process?

"Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework?
Student: I was really sick and unable to do anything
Teacher: Where are the worksheets of last lecture?
Student: My Dad accidentally put it in his briefcase and took it to work. 
Teacher: Ok tell me what did you learn yesterday?
Student: Hanging the head in shame…."

This conversation highlights a common problem: Students are unconcerned about learning, waste time, fall asleep in class or enjoy taking part in the non-academic aspects of school.

So, why are so many students bored in school? Basically, boredom in classrooms is the perception by many students that school learning is worthless or not associated with their goals and interests of their lives.

Unfortunately, many classrooms still reinforce this perception. The teacher stands in front of the class, teaching and then asks students to prepare worksheets or notes based on the lesson. No doubt, that works well for those students who learn best by hearing information-but not so well who wants concrete approach to learning.

We live in a dynamic world where technology is radically transforming the way we share our knowledge sources, by keeping us constantly connected to infinite volumes of raw data and information. It brings optimism and librates both teacher and students by removing traditional boundaries or restrictions to knowledge.

One of the tremendous contributions of technology to education industry is- Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) makes use of computer-aided graphics to add an additional layer of information in order to have clear understanding and interaction of physical world around you. Simply, AR is represented through rich digital information, displayed through some sort of visual output screen.

Although developed conceptually in the early 1990’s for marketing purposes, the advances in this technology have increased the range of its applications in other areas too, including the one we are discussing – Augmented Reality in Education Industry.

Let’s take a closer look to the top Augmented Reality apps for Education


This magnificent app is authentically designed through augmented reality which educates basic level students through visual imaging. The app includes digital storybooks with 3-D characters that help students to become the part of the story. Besides, the users could append Adobe flash animations, narrations as well as speech balloons to the story.



Aurasma has been specifically designed to be used in multiple methods in the classrooms. The students, with the help of Aurasma, could get the assistance of their teachers while performing their homework. This is possible by just scanning a page of their homework and the page also shows the video of the teacher assisting them to solve the problem. It also allows the interaction of parents and also shows reviews about various books.


There are 9 planets in the solar system but how about to view them in detail! This astounding app is an ultimate guide which describes about the solar system in complete 3-D format. It also consists of various modes through which you could locate the planets with complete flat view of the sky.

Math Alive

Math alive is a classroom curriculum app that helps teachers teach math in a new and engaging way. By developing critical learning skills throughout the school year, this app lets children meet key milestones in math at Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade levels.

Closing thoughts

Education sector has gone through various updates and changes so far. And with the invention of such lucrative techniques like augmented reality, students experience a better approach towards diversified, detailed and acute learning system. So if you observe your students finding hard to understand topics and subjects or need to sharpen their learning skills then you can implement Augmented Reality base Education App for primary, secondary and higher education including medical, engineering and other branches too.  


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