How eCommerce Retailers Provide Better Customer Experience with PIM

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By: Sagar Sharma

How eCommerce Retailers Provide Better Customer Experience with PIM (Product Information Management)?

eCommerce services have come to a new level in this pandemic. People are more interested in acquiring things online nowadays. If you acquire a website you need to work on it and maintain high customer service. So that your business marks potential growth.

Good customer experience is necessary to take your business to the next level. In any business customer experience plays a significant role. Good customer experience can reach your business to new heights.

What is an eCommerce customer experience and why is it so important?

As you know, having a well-planned strategy for your business is very crucial. It plays a significant role in our growth and taking your business to a great extent. The right way can make you excel in your business and increase your efficiency.

You can take your business goals to a next level. It is always said that the right knowledge and hard work take you to success. Having a well-built strategy plays a significant role. All factors in eCommerce strategy should be considered well.

If you lack to pay attention to any of the points your sales will come to the flat line. It is the same as in the game of puzzle where you lose a piece. This may cause entire efforts to go into demolition. One such important factor is customer experience

What is customer experience?

Many people are not able to differentiate between customer experience and customer service. Customer experience means an overall interaction of a customer with your website.

Many people confuse customer service with customer experience. Customer service is also important in an overall scenario however customer experience is a bit different. Customer experience is when your customer visits your website.

Customer experience is customer interaction with your website. The ultimate goal of having a good customer experience is to create a wonderful shopping experience with your services. You should provide an efficient service along with fulfilling all the needs of a customer.

  • Is the customer able to find the product they are looking for?
  • Did the customer get the right product?
  • Can they check out the products simply and easily?
  • Are they delivered with the right product of their preference?

The ultimate goal is to create a fabulous shopping experience for your customer. Customers are considered to be one of the most important factors for a business to excel. The experience should make them realize that your company cares about their demands and whatever they demand will be fulfilled on time.

Why is customer experience important?

A good customer experience builds brand loyalty. If you deliver them a better experience they will always keep your business in mind whenever they want to order something. Referral business works based on mouth publicity if you provide good work they will most probably refer to their companion.

For building brand loyalty you need to deliver excellent customer service. Brand loyalty is a very important factor in the long run.

Benefits of a good customer experience

Customer experience is an eCommerce strategy; if it’s missing it can take your sales to a flat line. Customer experience plays an important role if it is missing it will make your entire system collapse. Many business owners have understood the importance of customer experience by their previous experiences.

1. It helps you build brand loyalty

Good customer experience can help you build brand loyalty. If a customer gets good services from you, they will have your business in mind whenever they have to order something. Your business will create brand loyalty in the hearts of your customers. Brand loyalty is very important.

Well, brand loyalty is your second impression. It depicts your ethics and morals.

2. It increases referral business

Experts strongly believe business works more based on reference patterns. If you provide good services to your customers they will refer your business to someone else. It is just like the mouth publicity of your business. It serves to be a plus point for you and it is said that it will be a bonus for you.

3. It creates a wow factor

If you provide good work to your customers they will return to you. Customers are considered to be one of the most important factors for a business to succeed. Many business owners don’t consider this to be an important point and make a mistake.

They don’t provide a better customer experience and this is where they lose the entire game. If you provide a good customer experience it will create a wow factor.

4. Higher profits

To get higher profits based on this. Happy customers always lead to good business returns and higher profits. It will mark an exponential growth of your business and grow it to the next level. Many business owners are aware of providing a better customer experience and this is the chance where you can win the entire game.

5. It will satisfy your customers

Your customers will be highly satisfied by providing a better customer experience. If your customers return happily your investors will invest in your business. You can win the trust of your customers and build excellent brand loyalty. People will start trusting you blindly which will mark an exponential growth in your business.

How to improve eCommerce customer experience by leveraging PIM?

This pandemic eCommerce booster to a great extent and is expected to grow more. Many people begin window-shopping due to this problem. It is believed that satisfying a customer is not so easy you need to work on your cons and deliver an excellent customer experience.

According to research, it is indicated that 15% of customers are satisfied with online shopping.

In this industry, the key to long-term growth is to create a better customer acquaintance. To build better brand loyalty you need to work hard on your customer experience and provide the best quality products.

The key to providing a better customer experience is product information management (PIM). PIM includes master data management (MDM). It is used to manage, categorize, organize, and synchronize the entire data. PIM and MDM both altogether can both deliver an efficient customer experience.

When a retailer leverages PIM along with MDM, it not only makes them good on eCommerce websites but entire selling platforms.

MDM helps you to improve your three important factors

  • Consolidate online and in-person values to provide an excellent customer experience and shopping experience consistently whether the business is online or offline
  • Associate your customers with the best products depending upon their locality that purchase history as well as their choices.
  • Constrain customers to buy the product immediately by showing them similar products according to their interests.

If you work on PIM and MDM you can provide them with the best experience overall it creates excellent brand loyalty and trusts your customers will always keep your business in mind because of this excellent service.

If you work on this, your eCommerce website will be the best in the range of eCommerce websites and every selling platform. By leveraging PIMs retailers can provide highly personalized and amazing products.

It helps you build brand loyalty, which plays a vital role in taking your business to the next level.

Tips to improve your eCommerce customer experience

1. Make sure your employees are happy

Employees play an important role in the growth of our business. Make sure that your employees are happy with the virtue of ensuring that you take weekly feedback and quick action on it. It is noticed that happy employees drive more customers and amplify the productivity of your business if it is necessary to make your employees happy.

2. Create a user-friendly website

A user-friendly website plays a crucial role because every customer wants easy to navigate products and pages on the website. Make sure that you are distributed well in different categories.

The search button should be available easily and on the top, it shouldn’t be complicated at all. Go to cart and add to cart should be on the top and you should easily get them.

3. Provide different checkout options

You should always provide different checkout options because it ensures that your customer doesn’t go back to the homepage. To look after different payment options. Try to show the icon of a cart at every place so that you don’t have to go back just to check out your product in the cart.

You should try to furnish different payment options, for instance, PayPal, cash on delivery, UPI, or wallet. This increases the efficiency and makes sure that your customer purchases the commodity.

4. Have a look at your customer’s experiences

All you need to do is to have a look at the customer experiences, past purchased history, and persona of your customer. It is necessary to provide them with the best choice and a good match according to the convenience.

5. Customer support is essential

It is essential to have customer support because many customers buy products online and sometimes get stuffed into the problem if it is necessary to provide customer support, for instance, live chat, forums, and support pages.

6. Provide high quality and good images of the products

Providing good quality and suitable image of the product is necessary; it becomes easy for the customer to analyze the product and its size. Images provide proper navigation and describe the product well.

7. It should be optimized for the mobile

Many websites are designed as per desktop view. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. It is believed that 80% of people order the products from the mobile phone as it is handy.

8. Use constrained content

Compelling and educational content is important because it will retain your audience for a long time. The product should be categorized well and you should provide some categories into them so that it makes their task easier.

9. Return policy

Offer them a proper return and refund policy if they cancel the products. If you provide a good return policy it makes them confident that their money wouldn’t be stuck somewhere in between.

10. Follow up

Provide a follow-up after every purchase for a customer that everything went smoothly or not. Try to ask questions for feedback whether there is something for improvement or not.

11. Add customer feedback

Try to ask for customer feedback because there are certain areas of improvement for you. Customer feedback about the products, delivery, and customer service should be always kept in mind. You should take immediate action on the feedback.

12. See whether your customer is satisfied or not?

Customer satisfaction is the biggest key to the long-term success of your business. Try to measure your customer satisfaction and happiness after the delivery of your product.

If your customer is not satisfied try to ask the areas for improvement and work on them. Make sure that the customer doesn’t suffer from the same problem again.

13. Keep an eye on new trends

It is said that change is the only rule of this world: keep an eye on new trends and try to provide good services.

14. Depict social reviews

Depict social reviews and social proof of your previous customers. It builds trust for your new customers about your services.

15. Reduce the loading time of your website

Make sure that your website loads in within a few seconds and doesn’t show any error. If it loads too long your customers won’t address you because of the poor services.

Wrapping with

As you know that every customer looks for reliable yet affordable services try to provide an excellent service with efficient products.

Customer service plays an important role in building brand loyalty. If you work on PIM along with MDM then it will enhance the productivity of your customer services. If you are interested in amplifying the services of your business then the above points will boost your entire mechanism and will prove useful for you.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!