How Much Does it Cost to Develop App Like Cleanly

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Much Does it Cost to Develop App Like Cleanly

We live in a fast-paced world. So, when it comes to taking care of household chores, most of us turn to on-demand apps.

For instance, if you don’t have time to cook dinner at home, you can order food through UberEATS.

If you’ve no time to buy groceries, you can order it through Instacart.

And similarly, if you urgently need someone to look after your kid, you can find a babysitter through an on-demand app.

The point is, our lives revolve around on demand apps. They make our lives easier, which is why the demand for them is so high.

In fact, these on demand apps have left no industry behind, including the laundry and dry cleaning services industry.

On-demand laundry & dry cleaning app startups became popular because they allow us to dedicate our time towards more important or pleasant activities, instead of washing dirty laundry.

As a result, today the on demand laundry apps bring a significant amount of income for laundry business owners and entrepreneurs.

According to Statista, the forecast revenue of laundry and dry cleaning services in the United States is expected to reach 7,660 Million USD by 2022.


If the above statistic is not a good enough reason to start your own on-demand laundry app startup, consider the case of Cleanly.

History of Cleanly App


Cleanly was founded by Tom Harari who turned his dirty laundry nightmare into a startup.

When he arrived in New York, he realized that his building didn’t have a washer. After running out of clean underwear, he started asking his coworkers for an easy way to get laundry done.

He did find a solution but later realized that all the hassle was not worth it. For one thing, most laundry men only accepted cash, which increased Tom’s trip to ATMs.

Eventually, it led him to think “How come I can order a taxi from a mobile app but I can’t get my laundry done the same way”?

And with that thought, Cleanly was born.

More importantly, Cleanly succeeded even when the competition was high.

Today, Cleanly earns over $4 Million per year.

Similarly, your startup could also succeed and become one of Cleanly’s competitors with a robust Laundry & Dry Cleaning App.

But, if you’re an entrepreneur and new to the laundry & dry cleaning industry, it’s critical to first know how do such apps work.

How Does Laundry Apps Work?

Laundry apps have helped people get their laundry done with a few clicks.

Here’s how these laundry apps make it happen.

Step 1 – Order

Consumers download a laundry app, place their laundry order and schedule an appropriate time for pickup.

Step 2 – Pickup

After an order has been placed, a delivery agent picks up the laundry at a scheduled time, puts them in special containers, and takes them back to laundry station.

Step 3 – Laundry

Once the delivery agents submit the laundry, the professional staff washes, dries, and irons the clothes.

Step 4 – Drop-off

When the clothes are ready to be delivered, the delivery agent sends a request for a suitable time for the consumer to deliver back the clothes.

As you can see, the on demand laundry apps make the entire process easier for consumers, generating millions of dollars with it.

So, are you ready to build your own on demand laundry app? – Here’s how much it will cost you to develop an app like Cleanly.

Develop App Like Cleanly – Cost Estimation


App like cleanly
Customer-Side App FeaturesEstimated Man hours
Android App Design HoursAndroid App Development HoursiOS App Design HoursiOS App Development Hours
Registration/Login with Social Media440440
Search Nearby Laundry Man435435
Select Laundry Type & View Prices820820
Select Pickup Date/Time & Delivery Date/Time612612
One-Tap Pickup Request Button4444
In-App Payment840840
View Order Status
(Picked, Washed, Enroute, Delivered)
Track Laundryman450450
View Offers & Discounts810810
Receive Push Notification About Offers and Order Status450450
Refer friends & earn rewards635635
Ratings & Reviews620620
Total Hours8251682516


App like cleanly
Delivery Agent AppEstimated Man hours
Android App Design HoursAndroid App Development HoursiOS App Design HoursiOS App Development Hours
Registration/Login with Social Media440440
Update Order Status630630
Earning History810810
Map Integration645645
Profile Management830830
Total Hours3215532155


App like cleanly
Laundry Store Manager AppEstimated Man hours
Android App Design HoursAndroid App Development HoursiOS App Design HoursiOS App Development Hours
Registration/Login with Social Media640640
Accept/Reject Order Request650650
Manage Laundry Charges825825
View Order History825825
Update Order Status425425
Laundry Category Management825825
Manage Discounts & Offers620620
View Ratings & Reviews635635
Custom Earning History Report820820
Delivery Agent Management840840
Customer Management635635
Profile Management635635
Content Management635635
View Analytics845845
Total Hours9445594455


Mobile App Development
Admin Web PortalEstimated Man hours
Design HoursDevelopment Hours
Admin Dashboard1635
Multiple Laundry Store Management880
Laundry Category Management840
Customer Management840
Delivery Agent Management1640
Payment Management830
Manage Commission Rates845
Cross-Interface Communication8120
Receive Payments820
Manage Discounts & Offers825
View Analytics850
Content Management820
Total Hours112545


Tips on How to Make Your Laundry App Stand Out?

Due to the success of Cleanly and other similar startups, new on demand laundry apps are constantly launched.

So, how will you make sure that consumers will download your laundry app?

We have a few tips which can help you with that.

1 – Allow Users to Set Reminders

People who aren’t a fan of doing laundry will need to use your app once or several times a week. For these people, you should consider adding a feature that allows to set automatic daily or weekly pickups & deliveries.

In other words, a pre-set push notification can automatically remind users about their scheduled pickups where they can either confirm the pickup or reschedule it in case they’re not available.

2 – Joining Bonus & Special Offers

Attracting new customers is hard. But retaining them is even more difficult.

Therefore, it is critical to not only provide some sort of joining bonus but also special offers to turn new users into regular, loyal customers.

For example, When Uber was launched, they sponsored tech events happening in Silicon Valley and offered free rides to the guests and participants. Similarly, you can offer additional discounts for further orders or cashback for referring their friends.

3 – Show That You Really Care

In simple words, pay attention to small things and show your customers that you really care about them.

There are many ways you can do this. For example, you can provide special covers for clothes, free button, wooden hangers, collar stay replacements, and so on.

These are just a few suggestions. But you can use your own imagination to entice your customers.

4 – Integrate Unique Features

Integrating unique features helps you stand-out from competitors and quickly grab the attention of customers.

For example, Cleanly provides an ability to take a picture of a stain on clothing that needs special attention. You can certainly implement the same feature and come up with even brighter ideas to make your laundry app interesting.

If you’d like to know a few more feature ideas, we’ve also published a list of 7 Features to Develop Best Laundry & Dry Cleaning App. You should check that out as well.


In today’s sharing economy where almost every industry is adopting the on-demand model, people are getting more dependent on on-demand apps for their everyday chores. Laundry & Dry Cleaning is one of those industries that could vastly benefit from adopting this business model.

Cleanly, Washio, and many other startups have already proved it. So, if you’re serious about going forward for mobile app development to establish your own laundry app startup, you can verify your idea with us.

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