How Product Information Management (PIM) Leverages the Automotive Industry?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Product Information Management (PIM) Leverages the Automotive Industry?

Data plays an important role in managing any business and taking it to the new level of product information management in the automotive industry magnifies its performance. Several things have changed in the last few years. The new automotive industry has witnessed a pandemic to be a golden opportunity to excel.

Product information management not only helps you organize your data but also synchronize and localize the entire information related to it. It is necessary to have access to product information management to excel in any industry.

The automotive industry has experienced a lot of things between supply and business partner internal departments and customers. As the name suggests, product information management helps you to organize your sales and data based on previous sales and the history of the industry.

The increasing significance of data and its management in the automotive industry cannot be underestimated in the field of production but also in sales. To enhance your business you have to undergo various challenges and difficulties but with the help of product information management, many business owners could easily navigate these challenges.

You have to handle several different types of data like marketing pricing as well as attributes.

Effects of incorporating PIM in the automotive industry

1. One platform will handle the entire data

Various data types are included when you are handling the automotive industry. It becomes quite difficult to address every type of data and make a complete note of statistics based on this data. Earlier it was a bit difficult for people to address this and it used to result in inefficiencies.

Based on this, the application of product information management in the automotive industry has become quite easy to handle all those types of data. People could easily navigate the entire statistics of selling, marketing, and production. It made their task easier and a single platform was created to handle the entire data type.

2. It could differentiate itself between organized and unorganized data

When data is present on a large scale it is differentiated into two types: organized and unorganized data. Organized data is known to be well categorized and is well maintained however organized data is something that is not well categorized as a mixture of different types of data.

Earlier people had to put a lot of manual effort to categorize aspects of data and work on them. But a system was built through which data will be easily organized and you can predict conclusions directly without putting in much manual effort. It is also useful because you don’t have to work on every aspect and it will be obtained from multiple scattered sources.

3. It could easily generate ACES/PIES compliant information:

They could easily generate ACES/PIES compliant information. So companies were able to generate them across various channels and suppliers. It will enrich your production and amplify your growth.

Surprising impacts of PIM on the automotive industry

1. You can establish one source of truth regarding commodity information

This is the biggest advantage of product information management. You can establish one source of truth for product information. Earlier we had to search at different places to get complete information about a certain product.

But now it is easy. We don’t have to face a set of challenges to get information about this. With the help of product information management in the automotive industry, you can establish one source of truth regarding entire commodity information.

2. Deliver a clear product experience

To boost your business and sales and provide a clear product experience as well as a good customer experience you need to acquire product information management. Product information management plays a vital role in furnishing a wonderful customer experience by contributing a greater product experience.

There are various aspects to provide a better customer experience but one of the significant aspects is to furnish a good product experience. Product information management has made it easier for business owners to navigate through this.

It provides you with reliable yet efficient information.

3. It can improve the quality of products and data across every channel

Consistency plays an important role in delivering a better product. To build your loyalty and a better customer experience you need to improve the quality of product data across every channel product information management makes sure that you improve the quality along with consistency.

You can easily enrich data based on different attributes and can obtain in-depth knowledge of it. If you implement product information management in the automotive industry it will cut off all your operational costs to a great extent and make sure that a business marks exponential growth.

4. It streamlines the on-boarding process

You can streamline the entire onboarding process for the data providers and suppliers so that it makes our task easy and we can achieve our aims and goals.

5. You can reduce management costs and risks related to it

With the help of product information management, you can reduce management costs and the risk related to them. It will cut off the entire cost related to manual efforts in management. It will be highly beneficial for you if you switch to product information management.

6. You can work effectively

It will reduce the stress of management and you can work effectively. We have to deal with a huge range of uncomplicated data. But product information management makes sure that you can work effectively. It will save your time to a great extent.

Top Strategies for Automotive Business to Follow For Boosting Sales

Today, the automotive business faces a plethora of unique marketing challenges. People from the automotive industry know the daunting process of implementing strategies for boosting sales. Making the right strategies for the automotive business is the key to boosting sales.

In the modern digital world, potential buyers begin their journey online from the comfort of their homes or offices. Buyers find and compare dealerships’ websites, reviews, prices, vehicle listings, etc. In such a competitive industry, online advertising is crucial. It brings new customers to the automotive business and thus boosts sales.

Given the fact that automotive shoppers are gathering information from the internet, automotive marketers have to make and use strategies online, too. Digital marketing offers many opportunities to showcase your services and products. This helps to convert the leads into your customers. It means better sales that may have never previously reached.

Here are top digital automotive marketing strategies to help promote your business and make sales:

1. Establish and Optimize Web Presence

At a minimum, your automotive business must have an optimized website, an informative blog, an email marketing list, and active social media business pages. Optimization is done with keywords that customers usually use to search for products and your business. In addition, it is important to make a user-friendly website as it powerfully improves the success of online shopping or creating a lead.

2. Create Educational Online Content

Customers search for product and service information online before visiting any automotive business. So, it becomes necessary to take time and create intriguing and informative content that will guide a customer to make a decision. Also, the content must focus on post-sales topics. With readily available content on your website, your businesses solidify a trusting relationship with the customer.

3. Customer reviews for trust-building

Customers read reviews about the products and businesses before going forward with the purchase. Customer reviews are great for building trust with new customers. It is the most effective marketing strategy. So, as a part of an automotive business strategy, you need to ensure there are good customer reviews on your website, social media, Google, etc.

4. Invest in Video Marketing

With the help of video marketing, your business can educate customers on solving simple problems or cut down on extra time explaining a varied number of topics. This improves productivity and profits. Also, you can create success stories videos with your most valued customers. You can use such videos for marketing in various places, like social media ads, your website, or your newsletter. In the automotive industry, ‘test drive’ videos have also been getting popular for the past few years.

5. Use Paid Ads

Generally, this strategy doesn’t take time and many efforts to pay off. The paid ads generate quick results. With paid ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms, it guarantees to reach potential customers. Along with this, manage negative keyword lists or this will result in a waste of time and resources.

6. Get ready for mobile optimization

Most people now use mobile phones for their searches. Hence, if your business page is not mobile-friendly, then the customers leave the page and visit a competitor’s page that offers a better and optimized mobile experience. In our multi-device and multi-channel world, it is crucial to develop a mobile-friendly digital marketing strategy. This helps to engage customers from any device.

7. Offer Better Amenities

It is vital to offer unbeatable experiences, products, and services to your customer in the automotive industry. Hence, as a part of the strategy, you need to make sure you offer superior amenities to the customers. Invest in a top-notch coffee maker; create a lounge area with free Wi-Fi, books, etc. Offer complimentary snacks or shuttle service while their automobile is being worked on. All these help in turning a first-time or potential customer into a lifetime customer.

8. Offer exciting deals

A vital part of automotive marketing strategy is to compel the shoppers to visit your dealership store. By offering exciting deals, you convince the potential buyer to choose your business over any other. You can offer attractive incentives to prospects. Such incentives are great for creating a sense of urgency to buy the product or service before they miss out on a limited-time offer.

9. Shorten the Process

Buying an automobile should be a stress–free and quick process for the customer. The short buying process makes customers happy and satisfied. If it’s in your power to shorten the sale’s process while offering an exceptional level of value, then do it. To shorten the process, your business can use digital signature technology, allowing customers to online book and schedule their test drives, leveraging online forms, etc.

10. Know About Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a tactic that focuses primarily on attracting customers to the business website or store. Through this marketing tactic, automotive businesses offer informative content to the customer at every stage of the purchase cycle. It targets those customers who are looking for a product or service but are not aware of your business or brand.

Thus, the key goal of this tactic is to turn a searcher into a visitor and then into a customer buying your product or services. Eventually, the customer then promotes your automotive business or brands themselves.

11. Online automotive marketing matters

Potential automotive buyers are now using the internet to make the correct purchasing decisions. Hence, it becomes crucial to focus on online automotive marketing so that your business is found by the shoppers and is chosen by them. Around 92% of the buyers are influenced by the information they get online.

With the advancement in technology, people have started to begin their automotive purchases online. So, it becomes important to spend extra time thinking about marketing strategies to gain leads and convert them into customers in no time.

Like any industry, automotive industry trends are fast-paced and automotive businesses have to keep up with the latest demand for their customers. But by implementing the above unique strategies, your automotive business is going to flourish.


To enhance business and to mark exponential growth, you have to work hard and categorize various types of data and information related to it. In the field of the automotive industry, we have to deal with various types of data. It is a tedious task to work effectively into it.

Product information management is the key to success because it will help you navigate all your challenges very well. You can work efficiently and deliver excellent services all over.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!