Future of Gaming : Immersive Mobile Games app with Artificial Intelligence

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Mobile Gaming
By: Manish Shewaramani

Future of Gaming : Immersive Mobile Games with Artificial Intelligence

They are the most popular of all app categories.

They are used for entertainment and leisure.

They are also used for learning.

And, they have grown exponentially in the last couple of years.

YES, its mobile games we are talking about.

“Most people spend about 7.8 hours every month playing games on their hand-held devices.”

Many of us even don’t mind shelling out a few bucks on buying these.

According to Global Games Investment Review from Digi-Capital, the global games business could reach $100 billion mark. The growth rate of mobile and online gaming could soon become 23.6% annually.

Every year, we talk and discuss about what’s the future going to be like for mobile games. Companies like Supercell are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to interactive and immersive gaming apps.

Last year, we discussed, about how augmented reality could really transform mobile gaming.

Well, this time, we move a bit deeper and see how future mobile games could deliver us a lifelike experience never seen or witnessed before.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Gaming – A Glimpse into the Future

Critical advancements in the world of Artificial Intelligence have brought sweeping changes for Gaming.

AI-based games leverage the sensors and other facilities in smartphones/tablets to pave way for a smarter, intelligent and superior gaming experience.

Bluetooth in your phone offers tremendous opportunities for developing such games. Multiplayer games can be engineered that identify other players in similar location (as a player you are not even aware that these players are around you).

Imagine yourself walking in a shopping mall with lots of people around. You start your gaming app, it identifies similar players around and the AI element is used for validating other player’s skill level. This means the gaming app will tell you whether the opponent is actually the right match for you or not.

Some classic examples of such games include Fingle and Swordfight

Another area, where there’s a lot to take advantage of is social media. Almost all gaming apps, these days, come integrated with social media. People like sharing their scores on social networks and keeping their friends updated about their progress.

Many players wish they could update their status mentioning scores/progress but might find it burdensome to do it in the middle of the game. AI can come into play here to understand when a player wishes to update score status on social network.

Anki Drive – The Shining Example

A new-generation game, Anki Drive, makes the use of artificial intelligence and robotics to deliver a supreme racing experience.

The cars are designed to think!

Using an iPad, iPhone or Android device, you can control the car and play with your friends or an AI-enabled opponent.

Every Car you get in the kit, has somewhere around 28,000 lines of code running behind it. It has highly intelligent software, an optical encoder and a camera.

Sound cool, ain’t it?

Check it out here to see what it is like driving these cars.

Ending Note

A lot lies in store for mobile gaming in the future.

With games like Anki Drive setting their foot in the market, it’s sure that as gamers we will definitely witness something’s that’s path-breaking, revolutionary and disruptive.

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