How to increase your website conversion rate by personalizing your content with Pimcore DXP/CMS?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How to increase your website conversion rate by personalizing your content with Pimcore DXP/CMS?

Personalization of web content according to the interest of the target audience group will surely increase website conversion rate. A hike in website conversion rate will increase earnings opportunities through the website.

As per the recent survey report, nearly 95% of companies have reported that they experienced a significant increase in their conversion rate once they started to personalize content according to the target audience.

Here in this article, we have discussed website conversion rate in-depth along with its benefits and working tactics for improving conversion rate. Also, we have elaborated the ways to increase website conversion rate through content personalization with Pimcore Digital Experience Platform (DXP)/Content Management System (CMS).

Table of Content

  • What is Website Conversion Rate?
  • Benefits of Having High Website Conversion rate
  • How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?
  • Top 10 Tactics To Improve Conversion Rate
  • Increase Website Conversion Rate through Content Marketing
  • How to use the Pimcore personalization engine?
  • How to personalize content for a specific content group?

What is Website Conversion Rate?

Website conversion rate is the ratio of your website visitors who take desired actions like purchasing/subscribing or engaging with your business.

On average, the conversion rate of a normal website would be around 2% which means for every 100 visitors you may get 2 customers. Well, those numbers seem to be pretty good as per the experts’ view.

However, the majority of websites have a conversion rate of 0.1 to 0.2% only. That means they get a customer from every 1000 visitors. According to marketing experts, there are so many ways to improve your site traffic and also the conversion rate.

We are going to discuss those possible ways later in this post before that let’s get a brief idea about the benefits of having a high conversion rate.

Benefits of Having High Website Conversion rate

For every business having a good conversion rate is essential to achieve online business goals. Here, we have listed a few vital benefits that every business owner can avail of by having a high conversion rate on their business website.

1. Better Understanding of Your Customers

If you are an online retailer, understanding your customers from the deep down becomes necessary. By knowing who your customers are, what they need, you can keep the stock ready upon their orders and market to them effectively which plays an important role. In such situations, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can help improve your entire eCommerce business.

CRO allows you to develop your buyer personas for your online store; therefore makes it viable to the right audience. Providing a product or service as per the customer’s preference is more important than just selling it.

2. Get More Customers with High CRO

If you are already implementing strategies to bring down your cost per acquisition, then CRO can help you perform the same in eCommerce. Optimizing your online store consistently can help you understand your customers even better than what you do now. Therefore, you can focus on making your online store engaging and streamlined to grab customers’ attention and convert them into real customers.

3. Improves Your Website Profits

This is one of the greatest benefits of conversion optimization because a simple improvement in your conversion rate can show a drastic change in your profits. In advertising and promotions, you need to wait for results whereas, in CRO, you get immediate results and tangible profits, which will only double your current profits.

4. CRO is your secret weapon

Your competitors may or may not be using CRO for their business. But, once you start, your competitors can easily figure out what you are working out for search engine optimization or social media marketing.

However, CRO is unlike other tools that let you achieve amazing results that neither you nor your competitors can imagine. It is not a simple tool for your competitors to analyze the efforts you put into increasing your conversion rates.

5. Leverages Your website traffic

CRO performs exceptionally well and works with the current website traffic of your online store. Though you have to invest in time and money during the initial period for a page to get optimized, once you see it working, you will really start getting more traffic for your webpage through CRO and also due to SEO and other marketing efforts.

6. Reduces Your Customer Acquisition Cost

If you are disparate in looking for funds to invest in some SMM campaigns or PPC, increasing your conversion rate is a great way to arrange some money for promotions. Since you optimize your site, traffic that comes from other campaigns will definitely improve as well. Therefore, you save good money from CRO and can utilize it for any other promotional activities you have been doing for your website traffic improvement.

When your focus is more on improving conversions, your customer acquisition costs will come down automatically and gradually. Therefore, converting these visitors to customers becomes easy for you and there will be an increase in sales as well.

The above section would make you aware of those benefits of having a high website conversion rate. Now, take a look over the working tactics to increase your website conversion rate.

How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?

People who are in the online marketing sector would be aware that conversion rate is the lifeblood to achieve marketing goals. A higher conversion rate will help you earn more bucks from your website.

Here we have provided those 10 best and working tactics for boosting your website conversion rate instantly.

Top 10 Tactics To Improve Conversion Rate

1. Add a pop-up on your site

In a survey conducted by Sumo, it was termed that the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%. If you do it in the right way, it may increase up to the top 10% of pop-ups at which the average conversion rate comes to 9.28%.

Anyhow to get a high conversion rate, here are some of the tips you can make use of:

  • Try different offers such as PDFs, premium content, and other different products until you find the right one for your kind of flow. But make sure that you do not keep a 30-second delay timer on the pop-up, since it may annoy your visitors.
  • Keep the pop-up in such a way that it can easily be closed by visitors.
  • Set a cookie to the pop-up, so it appears only once to users. Moreover, you will have pop-up tools that allow you to do this.

By doing so, you can experience a higher conversion. Therefore, the rest of the methods may not be considered as well.

2. Delete unnecessary form fields

If you have ever had the intention of filling a form online, would you do it if it is too lengthy?

Of course not. Right?

Therefore, if you are planning to get details from your visitors, remove unnecessary fields from the form and get only what you need and helpful to you as well. It also increased the number of signups and shows an improvement in your conversion rate.

3. Add testimonials, reviews, and logos

No customer likes to be the first person for your product/service; therefore, to ease their mind, provide some testimonials or reviews/feedback of your previous customers. In case you are serving B2B, then add some logos of clients to instantly build trust with new clients/customers.

In case you have quality social proof that buffers notable uncertainty, then you can expect an extreme conversion impact even up to 400% sometimes.

4. Keep your website distraction-free for visitors

Your website should be clean and clear and it must be free from distractions. Make your landing page clear, easy to navigate and concise, and do not include any additional information if not required at all. Provide accurate information only according to your visitor’s interests and not anything else.

Make sure that your landing page has only the following so that it is simple to understand:

  • Headline and subheadings
  • Benefits and features
  • Info-graphics or images with text that shows what you are offering
  • Testimonial or customer reviews

At the same time, you should be able to clearly gather what is distracting your visitors on your website and remove it, which results in a higher conversion rate.

5. Ensure the initial step is very easy

If your website includes registration, make it very simple since it is the first step of your conversion process. Therefore, begin the process by entering an email address, and from there keep collecting more information.

As long as the initial step is easier, the chances of your visitors taking action become higher and keep them going on until the end of the registration process.

6. Link your website to a third-party signup service

Rather than creating a new account, visitors find easy and even quicker registration with alternate options such as linking through a Google account, Facebook, or any other social media account. This will create an impact on your conversion rate since dozens of websites have tried this third-party method.

7. Make your CTA copy stronger

Not just sign-ups and starting a trial may not give you the best conversion rates, instead of improving your call to action can give you a good conversion rate and take you to a win-win strategy. Start your CTA with the word Yes (“Yes I want my offer/discount!”) which creates a positive vibe in your visitor and sometimes, can turn out as luck.

This idea works a lot better than your CTA and can show an increase in your conversion rates.

8. Add live chat to your website

Many visitors to your website may want to buy your service but may have some hesitation due to certain reasons. They might have some finicky questions in mind which they would like to clarify but get stuck in one place. If you have a live chat option either the moment they enter your website or depending on the heatmap places they are navigating the live chat option can greatly help.

Moreover, it helps customers who do not like to have a wait time on calling your customer support.

9. Try implementing another offer

Your landing page design, copy, and other related factors may need to be focussed, but that does not mean that you overlook the importance of selecting the right offer. If your offer is very appealing to the market, the conversion rate automatically increases.

In case the conversion rate does not increase, then you should provide an offer until it is appealing to the market. If one does not click, you can try as long as you find a winner.

10. Issue a money-back guarantee

No customer will like to get at risk; therefore they always look for the loophole where either they get a new product or money-back. A money-back guarantee assists get away from fears and move from previous objections.

Do not worry and overthink that you may lose your returns because of implementing a money-back guarantee. Money-back guarantees your conversion rates get increased extensively. Nevertheless, other tips mentioned are indirect to improve trust in your brand, and even if something goes wrong, your customers will have the assurance that they will get their money back.

If your service or product is viable to add a money-back guarantee and you have not done it yet, implement it immediately. You will be astonished to see your conversion rates. But before you establish it, make sure you maintain certain limitations.

Increase Website Conversion Rate through Content Marketing

1. Keep your content updated

Your website may look eye-catching and you may get visitors as well, with great designs and a lot of blog content, but at the same time, your website can incur bounce rates if the content is not up-to-date. Therefore, keep your blog content updated and stay in line with the trend which will drive huge traffic to your website.

Once it drives traffic, later you have to plan how to convert these visitors to potential leads.

2. Show relevant content & make it highly visible

Websites that have more engaging and relevant content added with video representations have higher conversion rates and traffic compared to those websites that do not have so. This has been showcased in a study conducted by L2 in 2014 where the conversion rates were 20% higher for websites that had videos and relevant content with images.

3. Confirm your content copy is optimized

Content that is engaging, relevant, creative, and visible decides the half-success of your website. But if you do not optimize your content, it will not reach the target audience and at a certain point, you will find yourself left alone in the battle. Therefore, invest in SEO and ascertain that your content is regularly optimized with effective checking and time-to-time update.

This will increase the organic search of your website when new visitors enter your site when listed on the first page of Google and other browsers. However, it results in a high Google ranking which again brings traffic to your website.

4. Testing content and conversion rate optimization

When it comes to digital marketing and website designing, the conversion rate option (CRO) is a valuable concept. Ask us how. It is a process of increasing visitors to your website which definitely ends up in a sale. Though there are many ways to achieve this, many would like to begin it with A/B testing some content in order to see the results and then take necessary action.

Whichever content leads to high conversions, the same content you use for wider use for conversions to continue.

5. Tailoring your content

A great boon that digital marketing has offered to us is data. With Google analytic reports, you can see how customers do on your websites, their demography, how they come to know about your site, and how long they stay in your website, everything is captured. These data when analyzed and split down in deep, help you in creating tailored content.

You can understand your customers’ interests and disinterests and give them what exactly they are in search of. This will, in turn, show impact by increasing your website traffic and conversions, along with fetching you a top rank in Google.

6. Receiving feedback from verified users

The feedback you receive from your verified users can give you accurate information about the pros and cons of your website with respect to content or design; therefore rectifying it can move your place in Google to one or two steps ahead and still you will compete.

Moreover, it can help you generate different content to engage your target audiences since you show content according to their preference.

Other Vital Points to Note Down

  • To increase your conversion rates and keep your website effective to your visitors, it is ideal that you take efforts to minimize the conflict of interest between content creators and CRO experts if any. Scheduling changes in content and CRO campaigns combined is highly useful to drive traffic to your website but it can be a difficult task. However, with digital signage in place, you can now easily beat that condition as well.
  • Remember that your website should always run content as per your visitor’s desires. Otherwise, it may not drive traffic and you may tend to experience a huge loss to your brand, thereby resulting in poor conversion rates.
  • Sometimes, writing two different types of content with unique images and videos may work if the content you publish is eye-catching and interesting. Otherwise, it may not work as your visitors would have been habituated to using your original website and may consider the second one as your competitor or useless.
  • When you receive CRO test results, you might be required to change the layout of your website and can sometimes be lopsided by social sharing. Therefore, you should design a page with content that is not created for conversion purposes but for the purpose of only being shared. This will result in creating awareness for your brand and further enhancements when made.

But be sure while changing or removing content since it can create some confusion and induce a loss in traction if you lose track of what to change and when to change.

Many of you may or may not know the customization benefits of Pimcore and how to use its personalization engine. Therefore we would like to showcase some strong points of its usage and make you understand the incredibility of Pimcore personalization and how it helps improve your website conversion rate.

How to use the Pimcore personalization engine?

Pimcore provides a powerful engine that helps to increase the website conversion rate significantly. Features like behavioral targeting and personalization capabilities of Pimcore play a key role in improving conversion rate along with customer experience. Let’s understand how to increase website conversion rate by personalizing content with Pimcore.

Step 1: Determine your target groups

Defining your target group at the beginning can help you distribute different content according to the preference of the members of that group. To set your target groups, open the dashboard of Pimcore and click on Marketing. Now click on Personalization/Targeting and then on Target Groups.

Determine your target groups

You can see your existing target groups if any and can also create a new one on the same page. If you are not aware of using the Pimcore personalization engine to the core, then first take some small examples or test groups to try it once and then implement it in real.

Creating a new target group

While creating a new target group, you will have to provide a name, description, and threshold for it, to function according to your strategy. At the same time, Pimcore provides you with the facility to activate/deactivate target groups as per the need.

Creating a new target group

The threshold field plays a crucial role here where you can define a quantitative limit for a target group.

Step 2: Assigning a visitor to a target group

There are two ways to assign a visitor to a target group- one by assigning to a document and the next by using global targeting rules.

Using Global Targeting Rules

With global targeting rules, you can define a situation for a visitor to get assigned to a target group. To create a new rule, navigate to the left sidebar and click on Marketing. Now click on Personalization/Targeting and then click on Global Targeting Rules. Here, you can define settings, conditions, and actions for your targeting rule to work effectively.

Using Global Targeting Rules

Under settings, you have to define the name, description, and action scope. Since action scope can be a new topic to many, the following will help you understand how to set the action scope.

Pimcore provides four different action scopes, and each of them is unique in the following manner.

  • Hit – Denotes the actions run upon every request.
  • Session – Represents the actions implemented per session.
  • A session with variables – It means actions run per session with constantly changing visitor information.
  • Visitor – The visitor field represents actions implemented only once per visitor.

Now we know what action scopes can do, let us deal with defining conditions/situations to choose from.

There are different conditions to choose and creating a huge number of combinations of conditions can make your personalization even more effective.

You can choose multiple conditions, some of those conditions are displayed in the image below for your reference.

Using Global Targeting Rules_1

For example; if you choose the URL condition and provide the URL link and specify the time on-site to your required period, and now you are good to go. Once you set the condition, you have to choose the right actions for it. There are six different action types available in which Assign Target Group is also one among.

Assigning a target group to a document

This part explains you more of personalizing your website for every specific target group and determining customer automation rules than that just assigning a target group to a document.

To assign a target group to a document, first, you should have the specific document opened. Once you open the document, click on SEO & settings which you can see in the top toolbar. Under the Assign Target Groups option, you can see different target group names available, from which you can select one or multiple target groups.

Therefore, whichever group you assign for the first time until you add a new group, every time you are assigned to the same target group.

How to personalize content for a specific content group?

Now you know how to assign a visitor or target group to a document, it is time to customize content and allocate it to your target groups.

Open a document and click on the yellow light-bulb you can see on the upper left corner of the document. It will display you with the editable parts.

How to personalize content for a specific content group

Now you can personalize content accordingly and show anything you want.

How to personalize content for a specific content group_1

Once you customize your content and images on the right and left side of the positions available on the page, it is all set to go.

How to personalize content for a specific content group_2


Conversion rate plays an important role in developing your eCommerce/non-e-commerce websites. Pimcore platform makes it easier than any other solution. It is easy to learn and get adapted as well, showing a huge improvement in your website conversion rate. Follow the procedure discussed above for personalizing content with Pimcore and experience an instant hike in your website conversion rate.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!