Importance of pim for magento 2 Systems and its Integrations 

Do I Need a PIM?

By: Sagar Sharma

Delivered Value! Importance of Magento 2 PIM Systems and its Integrations

For a product-based company, it is essential to provide all the updated product-related details to their end-users across the various channels used for eCommerce. In this competitive world, the customers prefer comparing the product of their choice with the various options in the market based on their product description, technical specifications, costing, etc.

Thus, it is crucial to provide accurate and updated details to the customers. It becomes important for the organization to maintain updated product information.

PIM System – What You Need to Know?

There are numerous product details available from various sources. The organization needs to collect, compile, organize and store all the product-related details. The product information management (PIM) tool helps in performing these activities and centrally stores all the product-related information.

Any product-based organization needs to present the product details in the required format as per the channel requirement. The PIM Magento 2 tool helps the enterprise in organizing the product details based on the various attributes that allow categorizing the product into various groups, families, etc. as per the channel requirement.

PIM tools allow for providing all the essential product details in various formats including images, videos, audio clips, etc. that will help in building the brand confidence in their customers.

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Benefits of using a PIM System

There are various benefits gained by the product-based enterprise by implementing the use of the product information management (PIM) tool for the management of product details. Some of the key benefits of the PIM system include:

1. Data transparency and ownership

It is important to provide the product details on the various channels or platforms for reaching out to various potential end-users. The Magento 2 PIM  tool allows for diversifying the workflow and creating ownership thus increasing the transparency.

The employees from the different departments and stakeholders can access the relevant and comprehensive information thus improving the data transparency.

Providing the true and accurate details to the customers and maintaining the data transparency helps in building the customer’s confidence in the product and the brand. This has a positive impact on the sales of the product.

2. Better catalog structure

PIM systems allow for aggregating the product information from various sources and categorizing it based on various attributes. Every commercial channel has its requirements and PIM allows for organizing the available details based on the requirements.

This allows for sharing the updated details with the marketing and sales team. It provides the best quality product details like images and graphics that can be included in the catalog.

3. Data centralization

PIM allows organizing the product details and storing them at a centralized location. The members of the various teams within the organization can access the data and an authorized person from each team can update the details, keep the details updated and improve the communication between the different teams.

4. Improved customer experience

While making the purchase, the customers prefer checking and comparing the products based on their technical specifications, descriptions, cost, etc.

Implementing a PIM system provides the true and accurate product details, reviews, images, etc. that help the customer to have confidence in the product and make their purchase. This improves the customer experience and reduces product returns.

5. Enhanced time management

The PIM system makes it easy to collect and compile product information thus saving a lot of human time. It also allows the enterprise to update the product information across the different channels at the same time.

It keeps the track of all the product inventory details. These activities help in streamlining the product information flow and thus save time and increased employee productivity.

6. Cost-effective

PIM tool allows efficient integration with the online eCommerce store thus significantly reducing the underlying costs. It reduces the operational and supply chain cost. Adequate management of the product information helps in the elimination of the risk and thus prevents costs incurred by bad data.

7. Easy integration

There are several different tools and applications used by the organization for the various processes and operations. The details generated by these tools or applications related to the products get incorporated into the PIM system for updating the product details.

The Magento 2 PIM tool is easy to manage and allows easy integration with these various other tools and applications. This leads to the easy functioning of different processes and operations leading to increased productivity and enhanced performance.

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Why is Magento 2 PIM Systems Important for Your Business?

Most enterprises implement the use of modern PIM solutions for managing product information and providing high-quality product experiences. It is important to keep the market updated with accurate and real-time product details as it is crucial for eCommerce.

For the expansion of the business, the enterprise can approach various channels, platforms, or devices in the market. Integrating the magento 2 pim tools enables the delivery of consistent product-related information across various channels.

While using the Magento 2 PIM, allows for integration with the various tools and applications like ERP, Management systems, etc. It allows for 2-way synchronization and needs to store the data at more than 2 places.

In the long run, this can lead to strenuous and time-consuming. Integration of PIM Magento 2 allows for creating a data repository for managing the raw data and improving the site management experience.

The different difficulties faced by using the Magento include:

  • Numerous SKU and digital assets
  • Frequent product catalog updates
  • Data comes from multiple sources
  • Multiple marketing channel engagement
  • Wrestles with enterprise silos
  • The PIM-Magento 2 integration is useful as it leads to:

Manage multiple storefronts using the same product catalog

  • Boost the brand reach through stellar product information
  • Enhance multilingual functionality for achieving a global reputation
  • Lighten resource load by unifying data
  • Amplification of customer experience by delivering consistent experience at every touchpoint

Key Features of Magento 2 PIM Systems

There are numerous Magento-PIM solutions available in the market. Thus, while selecting the best suitable tool for use, it is important to understand the key features that are essential in the Magento 2 Product Management Tool.

The different organizations have different requirements based on their business. The different features that an organization must look for while selecting the best Magento 2 product management tool for their business include:

1. Product Content Management Capability

With the business growth, the number of products increases leading to an increased number of documents and files. PIM allows for handling a large number of files and files with larger sizes with efficiency. PIM also keeps the track of changes made in the files for easy traceability. The PIM Magento 2 tool allows for deleting duplicate files.

An adequate Magento 2 product management tool allows the organization to store essential product details like product identification information, technical specifications, marketing content, creative information, taxonomic data, compliance data, pricing data, logistics data, channel-specific information, cross-selling information, etc.

2. Flexibility to View Data by Channel

The selected PIM Magento 2 tool should be capable of providing a bird’s eye view of the channel-specific data. Every channel has specific requirements for the data provided; the PIM organizes the data and provides all the essential details to the channel based on their requirements.

Managing the details for different channels in different formats can be tedious and time-consuming. Implementing the PIM system makes this task easy and provides the channel-specific details based on the parameters defined on the specific attributes. This makes the process of data management faster and easier.

3. Bulk-Data Import & Editing Ability

The variety of product details like product description, technical specification, graphics, images, files, audio clips, etc. The PIM tool ensures the collecting and organizing of the data from various sources with ease.

It reduces the complexities caused by importing and editing the bulk data. Implementation of the PIM solution provides the bulk loading and importing flexibility thus enhancing the performance in the long run.

PIM stored the data centrally thus making any change in the files reflected at the various channels thus making the bulk editing easier as compared to editing manually at the different channels.

4. Global Scalability

For the growth of the business, the enterprise can involve several channels to reach potential users across the globe. The different channels or platforms in different geological locations require the details in their local languages and local currency.

Implementing PIM systems makes it easy as it can easily provide the details in the required language and format. Integration of Magento-PIM provides localization options for presenting the product data in multiple languages for the local audiences.

5. Multi-Channel Readiness

The requirements of the channels change as per the location and the purpose. It becomes difficult if the different channels are handled manually. The PIM allows for providing the essential details as per the channel requirement.

It organizes the details based on different attributes which makes it easier for providing the specific details as per channel requirements.

6. Digital Assets Management (DAM) Efficiency

The product details contain contents, texts as well as images, audio data, spreadsheets, etc. The robust PIM should be able to access the different types of files with ease. It should have a built-in Digital Asset Management tool for accessing and improving asset quality.

Thus, the selection of the PIM system should be able to enrich and distribute all the digital assets across various channels

7. Marketplace Integration

PIM acts as a single source for the true and accurate product details that provide all the information across the different marketplaces. Leverage marketplace integration services to integrate with the different marketplace.

How do PIM And Magento 2 Connection work?

The product information management (PIM) system allows the organization to manage all the product-related details at a centralized location. It helps in sharing accurate product details with the different end-users. Integrating the PIM system with the Magento 2 online store is stress-free and can be done by using the PIM Magento 2 connector.

Using this PIM-Magento2 system enables automatically syncing the products and assets information across the various channels with ease. This sync can take place manually or automatically based on the sync option selected. For the auto-sync, the user can set the option to periodic functioning based on the requirement, and for the manual syncing, one can sync whenever required.

 PIM Systems Enhance eCommerce Experience

The Magento platform provides enhanced operational efficiency for delivering an improved digital experience. The functioning of this platform is enhanced when it is combined or integrated with the product information management tool. This leads to improved features of personalization and optimized product management functionality.

The Magento-PIM integration leads to easy scalability and improved performance. This integration provides a seamless shopping experience to the customers leading to increased trust in the product as well as brand leading to an increase in sales and business.

Most Recommended PIM For Magento 2 Tools Integration

There is numerous PIM software available in the market. Every software has its pros and cons. The organization can select the best suitable PIM tool based on their requirement. The top PIM software that an organization can integrate with their online eCommerce store includes:

1. Pimcore

This is an open-source PIM software having an inbuilt data management capability. Implementing PIM for Magento 2 the product information and enables multi-channel publishing.

Along with editing and managing the web content for the various channels, it also allows for publishing the information and creating catalogs, price sheets, etc. It has an additional feature for web-to-print for ease.

This software is used by various brands like Burger King, Ikea, etc. With the help of Pimcore development services, brands can build flexible platform stores all the information centrally and includes details for products, locations, services, and jobs. It includes the easy drag and drops feature for a faster marketing experience.

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2. Akeneo

This is a PIM system that allows for the optimization of various processes. It is a centralized system for collection, sharing, and enriching product information. It allows for easy integration with the other systems and tools used in the organization.

Akeneo is a customizable system that allows the organization to meet its business needs. It supports the creation of various types of catalogs ranging from simple to complex.

Integration of Akeneo with the online e-commerce stores leads to reduced returns, enhanced customer experience, faster process of product information management, higher conversion rates, etc.

It had in-built features for importing and exporting data, organizing and classifying the products, editing details, an extension of the ecosystem, product asset management, etc.

3. inRiver

inRiver PIM system provides the optimized service and allows the connection of the sales channel with the data source. IT enables cutting down unnecessary expenses while having firm control of the supply chain and inventory management.

It helps in providing accurate and true product information to its users by making use of plugins, APIs, connectors, etc.

It ensures that the accurate details reach the end-users. The different features of inRiver include templates for product creation, catalog management, and production, content planning, updating product information, Backend integration, etc.

4. BlueStone

BlueStone PIM has a collection of vast capabilities and features. It has centralized storage of information that is convenient for the business in managing the product information across the various channels, ERP systems, media, print catalogs, trading partners, collaborators, etc.

This is one of the best PIM for Magento 2 for the business following an omnichannel strategy for marketing and distribution. It provides complete control to the owners for controlling the product documents, images, videos, spreadsheets, etc. The features of BlueStone include bulk editing, dashboard, and analytics, APIs, webhooks, market support, etc.

5. Oracle

Oracle allows the store owners in managing vital information and sharing product information across the enterprise. It compiles data from different systems such as legacy applications, 3rd Party applications, vendor and supplier item data, etc.

It stores the data at a centralized location and provides improved controls to the different members of the enterprise for improving and enriching the product information. It enables sharing of the content across the different teams within the enterprise, trading partners, collaborators, etc.


The competition in the market is increasing and thus to stay ahead in the business it is important to gain the confidence of the customers. The customers check and compare the products available in the market based on their product description, specifications, images, costing, etc. and make their choice.

Implementing the use of the PIM for Magento 2 enables efficient handling of the product information and provides accurate and true product details to the end-users leading to building customers’ confidence in the product and brand.

PIM Cost Calculator

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