How iOS 12 Features Impact iPhone Application Development

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By: Sagar Sharma

How iOS 12 Features Impact iPhone Application Development

Just a couple of weeks after 12.1.1, Apple has introduced iOS 12.1.12 with a lot of surprising features that left iOS developers excited and apprehensive at the same time. This release includes a key fix for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max – and solved a few bugs and problems.

With this release, there is a high likelihood that new devices will launch apps 40% faster, display the keyboard 50% faster, and launch camera apps 70% faster. In addition to, this release comes with an ability to set app limits, and is available with a visual “do not disturb” feature and a new USDZ file type.

Another big fix by Apple is for it’s cellular connectivity in Turkey that happened in its three new iPhones. This release is very frequent, and thus, it signifies how critical bugs are.

In fact, many popular sites, including AppleInsider, are addressing complaints from Qualcomm that have led to a ban on iPhones in China. However, Apple also promised to its users for a software update that would allow Apple to legally continue iPhone sales in the country.    

In this latest release, several bugs were resolved, in addition, many other features have been released in iOS 12 that impact iPhone application development.

Apple’s website published that the new iOS 12 SDK delivers huge advancements in Core ML, Siri, ARKit, interactive Controls in Notifications, and so on. Apple is also focusing on making the device look better and applications function properly.

Let’s take a look at what features Apple will provide in this release and how it will impact iOS app development.


Siri is more mature after this update, as it can predict the shortcuts and provides suggestions related to those shortcuts to its users. With this update, iPhone app developers get a chance to develop code that determines actions and specify those relevant actions to Siri, so users can use shortcuts created by Siri.

With this release, iPhone application development service providers are also able to accelerate user interaction and build automated workflows by applying certain conditions and when those conditions are met in terms of user requirements, Siri suggested actions to them.  iPhone users are also able to access this feature of the app from Spotlight search, Siri watch face and Lock Screen.

Network Framework

iPhone app developers can easily develop network connections, using transport and security protocols, with Network Framework to send-receive data. Network framework also helps developers to access protocols like TCP, TLS, and UDP for custom app protocols.

ARKit 2

ARKit 2 is renowned for its multiuser and persistent AR capabilities, allowing iPhone app developers to utilize the world-mapping data to deliver shared AR experiences to its users. With the Multipeer Connectivity framework, iOS developers develop a multiuser AR experience for users by transmitting ARKit world-mapping data between nearby devices. With ARKit, developers can make more objects as a part of AR apps to engage users.

Interactive Controls in Notifications

iPhone app developers can add interactive controls in notifications like buttons, table view, switches, etc. to enhance the look and feel of the content. Even, iOS app development companies can personalize the appearance of the iOS app’s notification alert with a notification content app extension.

The custom user interface also displays content through the notification content app extension that has a view controller, which helps developers to add a custom image, style the interface elements, customize the placement of items like titles and subtitles and display app-specific data.  

Closing thoughts 

Undoubtedly, Apple always gives something exclusive to its users that makes their devices more productive or efficient. With the new iOS 12 release, the right iPhone application development services can deliver extraordinary features and tools to the developers, so they can develop customer-centric apps.

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Only 3 days after its third beta release, Apple is releasing its fourth iOS 12.1.3 developer beta with many bug fixes and numerous update like Dual SIM support, Group FaceTime, and other prominent changes.
Due to a continuing legal battle with Qualcomm, Apple also changed the multitasking animation for iPhones in China. Checkout the below videos to see the changes included in iOS 12.1.1.

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