Top iOS 13 Features & Their Impact on Future of iOS App Development

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Top iOS 13 Features & Their Impact on Future of iOS App Development

On June 5th 2019, Apple announced iOS 13 along with a lot of new stuff during their annual WWDC 2019 event.

As we anticipated, iOS 13 will have a number of notable features, with a bunch of updates to its built-in apps.

However, in this blog we’re going to focus on the iOS 13 features that will impact the future of iOS app development.

So, without any further adu, let’s have a quick look on the new features of iOS 13 and how it will impact iOS app development in the coming years.

Top iOS 13 Features to Consider for Your Next iOS App Development Project

Apple introduced a lot of interesting updates to its built-in apps like advanced Siri, Apple Health, Memoji, and a new Map experience, but we would like to highlight features which will specifically impact iOS application development.

Let’s dive right in!

1 – Core ML 3

The all new Core Machine Learning (ML) 3 will come with lots of improvements.

Unlike the previous version which could only assist for AI-based game development, the latest Core ML 3 is expected to let iOS app developers use the quantization for reducing the trained machine learning size by 75%.

2 – Create ML

In addition to Core ML 3, Apple has also announced Create ML using which the developers can develop machine learning models from scratch without having to write a single line of code.

In Create ML, Apple has provided a number of model training with different datasets that can be utilized like object identification, sound identification, and more.

3 – Power of AI Combined With Siri

Ever since its launch, Apple’s Siri has already received lots of traction. In fact, it has been a blessing for not just users but the developers as well.

In iOS 13, Apple has upgraded the SiriKit which will bring a lot of advantages for developers. To put it simply, developers can now leverage the SiriKit in various forms including hands-free counting, lock screen, payment, and many more.

This new update will ultimately help App owners in increasing their user retention rate through the new features of SiriKit.

4 – Swift 5

Though Swift 5 was actually released about two months ago, but it has proven to be a major evolution of the iOS programming language. And with iOS 13, the Swift 5 will also be compatible with Linux OS.

The latest Swift 5 has brought exclusive support for new data types and dynamically callable types along with access to memory during runtime. However, the best update of Swift 5 is the API (Application Programming Interface) which will allow developers to make modifications more easily.

5 – App Security

Apple has been known for its top-notch security both in its operation systems and smartphone apps. And with the announcement of iOS 13, Apple has said to include App Transport Security compulsory for all apps developed for iOS 13.

What this means for app owners is that they can assure users with best security.

6 – WatchOS 6

Apple Watches are one of the highest selling smart watches available in the market. And due to its popularity, businesses have already started building apps for Apple Watch.

So, the watchOS development trend is only going to rise in coming years. And as far as the features of WatchOS 6 are concerned, Apple has unveiled new Siri shortcuts, background audio app, and customized controls during WWDC 2019.

7 – SwiftUI

Aside from the new Swift 5 programming language, Apple has announced a new UI update to Swift which will ease the workflow for developers.

The all new SwiftUI framework will provide a bunch of new features and make automated moves. In fact, the SwiftUI framework will also be compatible to build Apple Watch applications and will be accessible to all platforms through a common API.

8 – Good News for Enterprises

The iOS 13 is expected to bring a better CRM functionality along with improved data security, stability, and enhanced user experience. As a result, Enterprises will now be able to build highly-secured iOS apps which will ultimately help them to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations.

Bonus: Few General Features of iOS 13

1 – Smart WiFi

Apple announced Smart WiFi with a variety of useful features for their smartphone users. For example, your iPhone will now remember the location of known networks and automatically turn on and off WiFi when you reach and leave those locations.

In addition, Smart WiFi will also turn off automatically when the battery is low. This will help users to optimize the battery life of their iPhones without having to do anything.

2 – Memoji

Apple has upgraded the Emoji search functionality in iOS 13. Previously, if you had entered ‘knife and fork’ in the emoji search bar, the emoji didn’t appear in the results because the correct name for that particular emoji was dinner.

But Apple has worked on this issue and launched a new smart emoji search where you will be able to find same emoji using different search terms.

3 – Maps

Apple Maps is serving millions of people across the world. And since so many people depend on it for navigating throughout the world, Apple has re-built the base-map from scratch.

In the new Apple Maps app, users will receive a whole different Map experience with precise address, broader road coverage, pedestrian data, and detailed landcover.

Though the new Maps app will be available to a selected cities and states in the beginning, but Apple has said that they will make the new Maps app available to entire US and more countries by 2020.


This concludes the top features of iOS 13 that will impact the future of iOS app development. Now, if you already have an existing iOS app for your business, the time has arrived to make it compatible with iOS 13.

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