Master Data Management Strategy: Explained with Example!

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By: Sagar Sharma

Master Data Management Strategy: Explained with Example!

Master Data Management Strategy can help organizations to improve data quality it also standardized various business activities.

Master Data Management (MDM) strategies can be applied to make use of master data across various business applications and are helping to plan and execute business applications by enhancing the trust & integrity of products and customers.

The effectiveness of the MDM strategy should be maintained to make it work according to the changes in the business strategies plans or environment.

Master Data Management is Key to Your Business Operational Excellence

As the modern business world largely depends on data, businesses around the world started to give importance to data management. Nearly about 40% of businesses around the world invested in integrated data management across functional areas.

By doing so, they manage to integrate the data across their front, middle and back offices which enables them to achieve better customer journeys and enhance their brand experience among their potential consumers.

Without a proper master data management, managing a flood of big data would be a tedious task for an organization. Also, the presence of Master Data Management solutions will help businesses to manage the data across several departments which include marketing, sales, services, and back-office operations.

Having enhanced business operational efficiencies will help to gain a competitive edge and to beat competitors in the marketplace.

Moreover, the actionable ability provided by the Master Data Management solution through excellent data management will lead a business to achieve the below-listed aspects.

  • Brings innovation and reduces the time to market.
  • Accelerate the value of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Provides better customer insights and creates more engagement opportunities.
  • Offers better suppliers and spend management.
  • Streamlines product data sharing across multiple channels.
  • Eliminates manual data errors and reduces the cost of rectifying manual data errors.
  • Provides better data governance and improves regulatory compliance.
  • Supports data-driven approach and better decision-making ability.

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What is a Master Data Management Strategy?

Master Data management strategy mainly looks after the needs and requirements of every business opportunity. It also makes use of data governance, it makes use of data management perspective, it also according to the perspective of data management and synchronizes every business operation by controlling the master data access.

Master Data can keep track of critical data assets shared across the processes and showcase the information in terms of processes, products, and customer data. To run the business operations, and coordinate Master Data quality based on MDM principles and customer requirements.

The MDM strategy will certainly help you to have the most trusted view of every business process and activity. You will know what to get from the master data. It will help in getting specified results as per the expectations.

Master Data along with its useful applications can easily integrate the entire system that includes real-time data which also includes streaming information.

Why is The Master Data Management Strategy Necessary?

Master data can share critical data in terms of product data and customer information. It can be utilized as a part of the value chain. The entire process is part of activities related to the conception to consumption of products or services.

Master Data Management can work effectively only if the data is of high quality. Master Data can offer better solutions for every department if the data remains consistent.

MDM strategies are highly useful in aligning the quality of master data across the data systems internally and externally in multiple ways. The entire process also includes a list of vendors along with industry standards.

The cleaned and matched data elements can be well controlled by the master data management plan and it can manage the customers, vendors, along with products with higher integrity. Master Data Management Strategy can coordinate Master Data by following the regulations of the MDM strategy. And you can form a single view of highly trustworthy business operations.

Phases Involved in Master Data Management Strategy

Master Data management techniques are useful to rationalize the data across multiple environments and harmonize using the best practices for data management. Organization stations have to identify the critical business drivers to have effective strategies to manage the fundamental business processes.

Here are the 4 different phases help to plan and implement the Master Data strategy stages are discussed briefly below:

 1. Discovery phase

  • Identify and collect management information on the required situations.
  • Understand the issues, key implementation objectives, and the factors that offer better services.
  • Need to define a vision for data management services.
  • Executive buy-in options should be used.

  2. Value Case

  • Define documents for business cases.
  • Strategies should be planned for enrichment, data cleansing, rationalization, and harmonization.
  • Determine content management strategy.
  • Identify industry requirements

  3. Implementation

  • Enrichment and data cleansing
  • Data conversion and data migration
  • Useful business approach and data warehousing
  • Storage, data archive, and data access
  • Plan an organizational model

 4. Improvisation

  • Planning, executing and monitoring ongoing governance
  • Define and control data management metrics
  • Implementation of communication plan
  • Plan and implement training for the users

While implementing a data management strategy in the organization, is required to many issues as well as to face the challenges.

  • Lack of player understanding of a business strategy and processes
  • Business process execution legs in implementation across extended Enterprises
  • Lack of following corporate standards of governance
  • External factors can influence the processes and create competitive pressure across
  • Issues related to the supply chain
  • Business plans & strategies

These are useful phrases that help in implementing the MDM strategy in the organization and can help in running the business successfully.

The master data management strategy example should be planned in such a way that it must work along with ERP infrastructure and its requirements by collaborating with trading partners and managing the external requirements.

Business Opportunities You Can Get Through Master Data Management Strategy

Managing business master data will yield more benefits to businesses in terms of business expansion and increasing revenue. This section elaborates on how master data strategy creates better business opportunities, take a look.

Offers Enterprise-wide Strategic Sourcing

Having a proper master data strategy will help businesses to rationalize the available vendors, removes the risk of maverick buying, better understanding of stock details, enables businesses to do price negotiations with vendors, and so.

Better Inventory Management

Master data strategy helps businesses to rationalize inventory parts, gives the ability to handle excess inventory, offers the capability to transfer overstocks between sites, and so.

Analysis Sales

Having a better strategy for managing master data will enable businesses to consolidate their customer data gathered from various channels. This empowers businesses to deliver better customer experience.

Provides Better and Collaborative Engineering Design

A better master data strategy enables businesses to give a common standard to all the newly released materials by providing the capability to create a seamless product catalog. Also, it empowers businesses to eliminate material proliferation and reuse material parts.

Better Management of Product Promotion

In general, product master data allows businesses to gain a clear view of that particular product. Having a better master data strategy enables businesses to get the accurate performance of the product through analytics, the ability to track promotional performance, and so.

Moreover, master data strategy is always considered an integral part of supply chain management, which enables businesses to gain better data governance and meet modern-day market demands.

Developing A Master Data Management Strategy Along with Examples

Master Data Management Strategy is useful in managing and maintaining the business. But there are business organizations that are still asking questions about the use of MDM strategies regarding what it is and how it can be implemented.

To find out more about Master Data Management project planning, implementation planning, and business execution, let us discuss:

1. PC implementation of Master Data Management project

Rachel, the project manager working in an E-Commerce business while sharing her experience says that the advantage MDM systems offer is to have multiple data sets to be maintained for different sales channels easily.

Data sets can be defined as per the category for product catalogs and websites. It certainly helps in managing the work processes differently but effectively while planning and executing business strategies. The data sets are using instances of the same data but for different purposes.

It is also found that the MDM project which was initiated on a limited basis can be deployed for the entire organization and it has effectively helped the business grow by offering multiple benefits.

As per the project managers, MDM project teams can easily identify the issues related to the customers and can easily sort them out. According to Charles Blyth, marketing head, the MDM strategy has a quick-win approach. It can replace costly and ineffective customer data integration systems to have better business operations.

2. How master data is utilized

In organizations managing several business processes is done based on the master data. It is mainly dependent on who makes use of master data, and controls and manages it inside the organization.

The utilization of the master data can affect the working of the organization and manage the internal processes which are part of the MDM project work. It is stated Daniel is an information management consultant in an organization.

Daniel further stated that master data can be managed by a single individual. One individual working in an organization can easily manage and maintain the master data of 100 customers in an organization.

According to Daniel, Master Data Management Strategy in retail banks needs to be managed by the system processes and data quality routines. The banks can have a large number of users and it is required to maintain master customer data. It can help in managing data and maintaining the consistency of the data.

3. Master Data Management project with the business vision

John Radcliffe, a Gartner analyst has a suggestion to give. According to him, the MDM strategies should be designed according to the vision of the organization.

He has suggested that if the vision of the organization is based on customer services, then it will be difficult to manage several customers without having a single view to manage the business.

If there is an operation on efficiency added to be overall business process by adding vision to the master data Management process then organizations will be highly benefited.

As per John, the project manager of the organization should develop a master data management strategy example that is based on the business strategies of the organization. When the business vision remains customer-centric and the use of master data will help in managing equality along with operational efficiency.

4. Master Data Management enhances business opportunities

MDM tools can be used to manage various MDM vendor messages which are a part of the business operation but cannot be managed effectively. The use of MDM tools will help in evaluating vendor messages and offering useful solutions.

According to Stibo systems of the UK, the request for proposals (RFP) manages to define specific needs. The company wanted the best of products with higher technical capability that can support the present requirements by giving operation all support.

But it requires having an initial implementation of the master data management strategy example along with ongoing improvements. The company also wanted to have vendors that can have a similar vision and to many every process required to carry to manage the MDM market.

5. Businesses can suffer without a Master Data Management strategy

John Radcliffe has demonstrated how the business remains failed without having the support of MDM services. It affects the business operations and it also recognizes the prospective customers who can help in making the business successful. It can also make the business face many other difficulties and challenges.

The major loss to the business houses is to have reduced revenue and reduced profits. It also fails to meet the regulatory compliance needs and requirements of the organization.

6. Define the Master Data Management utopia model

According to most of the organizations that make use of master data in business operations, it is highly essential to plan the business strategies first before implementing the MDM utopia model for the organization.

According to business experts and project managers, it is highly essential to make use of a utopian model of the CPP group. It can help in real-time enterprises through MDM integration. It mainly works on service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Johnson the managing executive discusses various aspects of the organization that can help while running a business while understanding.

Every area of the business, the number of product sales required to be done and other business compromises can be easily managed with the help of MDM pitch which can conduct a gap analysis between MDM vision and existing data capabilities.

It certainly helps to develop more effective master data management strategy examples for the business according to the market needs and customer requirements.

How Blackstone Successfully Implemented Master Data Management Strategy?

To develop a master data management strategy example, you have to follow the given steps, just like the Blackstone organization did:

1. Understand the requirement of Master Data Management strategies for your business.

  • Why do you need to implement it?
  • What if the plan fails?
  • Which technology should be effective?
  • Who will be the project manager and team members?
  • How to test the success or failure?

2. Make a plan for MDM implementation

Blackstone organization has decided to implement MDM strategies for their business operations. It is a global investment organization having hundreds of customers and doing business for $600 billion.

To implement the MDM strategy, the organization has to:

  • Eliminate duplicate portfolios from the data records.
  • Stop using the manual data mastering process.
  • Stop using third-party reference datasets that can create difficulty in scaling.

3. Enrich data quality

The organization started using cloud-native data mastering solutions which can be used with human-guided machine learning. It helps the organization eliminate unwanted data and information. It helps in improving the data quality by converting it into accurate and consistent data.

4. Manage business activities with ease

Cloud-native deployment helps Blackstone to have higher flexibility and scalability while managing business operations. Accurate data remains available for managing activities and while taking critical decisions.

The implementation of the Master Data Management Strategy along with the business processes has helped Blackstone in several ways such as:

  • To speed up time while managing the business at all different levels and reducing human efforts.
  • To develop effective and efficient works law that can make use of external data services for better business achievements.
  • To make use of a single source of data in terms of master data and to use it while dealing
  • With internal and external activities, windows suppliers, and customers.

The global investment firm Blackstone will run businesses with higher revenue and high-quality integrated data and become a perfect master data management strategy example.


Today the Master Data Management Strategy has become beneficial for all types of businesses. The main requirement is to understand the business requirements along with organizational capabilities. The MDM strategy project plans can be designed easily with no particular order but with a clear understanding of the business vision and business mission of the organization.

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