11 Unique Mobile App Development Startup Ideas for 2023 & Beyond

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By: Sagar Sharma

11 Unique Mobile App Development Startup Ideas for 2023 & Beyond

As we have entered in 2019, the usage of mobile phones has tremendously increased. Emerging technologies with the latest trends and mobile devices that integrate them remarkably are few of the reasons for this increased practice of smartphones. Mobile app development services have made it possible to develop an app that will cater to your business needs.

One of the main reasons that affect most of the users indulged in their mobile devices is the rise of the latest and day-by-day increasing in demand of development of various mobile applications. These applications have made it quite convenient for people to get their things done in their comfort zone. They only need to use their mobile apps to perform a particular action, which will empower them to do things like shopping, commuting, paying bills, and a lot more.

On the other hand, businesses have started showing their online presence to increase their credibility, marketing & sales, and attract more customers to their business. In other words, they have started adopting the means of mobile applications that help them take their trade to new heights of success.

As a business owner, it is crucial to know how many and what ways you can reach your target audience. Moreover, you can analyze your transactions in relevance to your trade and accordingly, you can develop your mobile app. There are lots of mobile app development ideas for startups to take your business online.

Let us dive in to know a few mobile app development startup ideas that are expected to hit the tech market in 2019 and beyond.

Cab-Hailing App

Today, in the era of smartphones and mobile applications, folks prefer to use applications over any other means for commuting. Mobile apps such as Uber, Lyft, Taxify, and others have made a powerful impact in this regard. Moreover, users are fascinated to use these apps for commuting.These apps also provide features like online payment, which enables people to avoid using cash.

Therefore, it is a lucrative mobile app business venture that can help you earn big profits. To differentiate your app from others, you can add more features such as customer safety which will make it more marketable.

Social Networking App

In the age of the internet, you can communicate with anyone around the globe all thanks to social media networking sites. However, today, a lot of applications have been developed in this relevance.

Therefore, creating a social connect mobile app can be an excellent idea for your startup business. This business idea can prove effective for those entrepreneurs who rely heavily on customer engagement. You can associate with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram networks at one go.

Shopping App

Mobile applications have remarkably replaced manual shopping. People are habituated to using shopping apps to do their monthly or weekly shopping. Apps like Amazon and eBay have grabbed the market and benefited customers with convenient shopping methods, deals & offers, and a lot more.

In this relevance, a collective shopping app will allow your users to make bulk purchases. Buying things or goods in bulk can be effectively economical. Some companies also give offers of free delivery. Therefore, such a startup has the potential of being successful in 2019.

Food Delivery App

Most of the people have busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules. Therefore, they may hardly find the time to go to a restaurant and have a meal. However, with the use of mobile applications, they can order their food from any restaurant nearby from the relevant app and have it in their comfort zone.

The food industry will never be out of trend and building a food delivery app as a startup can be highly monetizing. You can also add features that can enable users to take benefits of cheap ordering services in their locations. Moreover, you can give an additional feature that allows your customers to ask for their preferred ingredients in their food dishes.

Cooking Assistant App

People have different hobbies and cooking is one of them. Some are passionate about cooking various food dishes. These folks keep looking for recipes to make different dishes.

By creating an app that offers instructions for cooking enthusiasts on different recipes can be a rewarding venture. However, before creating such an app, you can motivation from apps such as Food.corn and BigOven and make your app a big success in 2019.

Grocery App

Grocery shopping is something we all do either weekly or monthly. With the rise of mobile apps, people started buying their groceries from online stores. On-demand grocery app development can be an excellent way to streamline the shopping experience.

The app allows users to add products to their cart during the month and schedule a date when they only have to step in the market, pick their products and proceed for payment. As there are several grocery apps, you need to come up with the one having unique features.

Travel App

Similar to food, traveling will never go out of trend. Therefore, you can make the most of this field to your benefit and start a new venture with a travel app. You can help your users see famous destinations they can visit. Add features that will also suggest them the best restaurants, hotels as well as exciting things to do in that location.

Moreover, you can also add a feature of an expense tracker that will help them know their costs beforehand. Examples of travel apps are AirHelp, Skyscanner, LoungeBuddy, and Hostelworld.

Virtual Interior Designer App

Designing and decorating a home can be exciting for anyone. Especially, if you buy a new home, then it can be your dream to do so. Today, people hire interior designers to make their house a dream home. What if people get innovative ideas for designing their place on an app? Yes, you read that right.

You can develop a virtual interior designer app wherein users can take an image of their home and decorate it virtually. It can include wall paints, carpets, stickers, curtains, and colors. Moreover, you can add a feature that will suggest the places to buy these items at reasonable prices & high-quality.

Language Learning App

Many people are passionate about learning different languages. Today, you will find folks speaking various languages. You can take this idea to undertake your new venture.

Develop an app that teaches users how to use particular words of the language they are learning. It should also assist them in learning the exact and clear pronunciation of those words. Moreover, you can integrate a feature that can suggest the commonly used words in that language and their meaning. It will make it easy for them to learn their desired language. Some examples of language apps include Busuu and Memrise.

Health Fitness App

Health is an integral part of our lives, and today, people have become more conscious about maintaining it through various means. In such a situation, creating an app that can help users to track their daily routine and maintain their fitness can be an excellent idea for your startup.

You can incorporate additional features that can suggest best practices for users to follow to stay healthy. It may include proper meal intake timing, practices to stay fit, etc.

Finance and Bill Management App

Managing finances can be one of the headaches for many people. With a hectic lifestyle, they may forget to keep a record of their income and expenses. It would be a profitable startup if you come up with such an app that will help them manage their finances.

It will automatically add their finances based on bills, sends payment due date alerts, splits bills among roommates and sends alerts to them.


Today, every kind of business can be taken online and doing it via mobile apps is the best way to create your online presence and reach your target audience. Understand your customers’ requirements and come up with an app that will cater all their needs at one place.

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