Is Pandemic Ideal Time for Your Startup or Mobile App Idea

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By: Sagar Sharma

Is Pandemic Ideal Time for Your Startup or Mobile App Idea?

The world has come through many pandemic situations previously but not as worse as COVID-19 I believe because most of them did not affect the entire population. A tsunami was not a pandemic condition, but no one expected it would take a lump slot of people from the entire world. The COVID-19 does show such signs of taking lakhs of lives and affecting lakhs of people across the world. This pandemic has been giving a really tough time not only to the general public but also to business owners. It is time for entrepreneurs to decide whether beginning a start-up company is ideal or going wisely for mobile app ideas.

Several new start-up companies that came into limelight this year are stuck due to this pandemic lockdown condition. Indeed, existing business owners and even some of these start-up companies are transforming their business into digital by developing a mobile app that could help them serve and retain their customers. Without knowing about the end of lockdown appropriately, it is not viable to start a new business physically. Instead, you can hire mobile app developers who can provide you with a plethora of future mobile app ideas to develop your business online, particularly at this stage. Although the government says that the economy is under downfall but you got to believe “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Here are some of the important factors that help you decide which is best—starting a start-up or developing a mobile app idea for your existing or new start-up. The following section does not answer how to build a mobile app; instead, it talks about why you should build a mobile app.

Why is a mobile app idea better than a start-up idea during a pandemic?

#1: You stay one step ahead of your competitors

Several existing companies may act instantly according to the prevailing pandemic condition. Many of them may have a physical store but not a mobile app to face the current situation, and sometimes, it may lead to losing their market and customers. But being a start-up or if you have an idea of beginning as a start-up company, you can take a wise call by giving a thought of mobile app ideas, which creates a strong pathway for your future business. You should choose a different way against your competitors so that you can swim across the sea and reach your destination quicker than others do. After this pandemic gets over, you will see yourself in a stronger position, having more scope for your business expansion.

#2: Go for an MVP instead of capital ventures

A focussed entrepreneur always knows the best source for generating revenue and realizes that rather than looking or investing in capital ventures, gaining customers is ideal. COVID-19 is not a good condition for businesses or jobs because the disease has closed the thought of investors investing in start-up companies now. So the recession has started in businesses and many job holders have already lost their job due to companies unable to handle such a worsening situation. To become stable in business, as a business owner, you should decide an MVP (minimum viable product) that satisfies your customer demands. Even though MVP is not an engineered solution, still it does not cost much as well as does not consume time to develop.

#3: Choose the best app type that is booming

You must consider developing in any one of these sectors as a mobile app idea, as it has been seeing success even during the pandemic.

  • Entertainment and streaming apps: People are left with no choice by watching movies, series, TV shows, dramas, etc. because all are locked down inside the house with this vulnerable pandemic condition. So the online video streaming apps like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon, etc. are at their peak, and people spend most of their time on these apps. Also, online streaming is something that interests them to watch movies that they have not seen until now. So you can create an app that provides live streaming and download options as well; so you earn income through enormous website traffic. Develop the best mobile app idea with a great MVP that can fill your pocket with enough money.
  • Apps for video conferencing: Since work from home has been followed as a trend and policy by most of the companies during this COVID-19 pandemic, people find comfortable using video conferencing apps to connect with their colleagues all at a time. Currently, we have Zoom, the free video calling app and Facebook is yet to launch the same feature. Investing in these apps is never going to be in vain.
  • Mental health and meditation apps: This may sound crazy to some of you, but people being always at home in a locked-down situation take so much stress to handle kids at home. Moreover, kids cannot go out and play freely and they also have developmental stress and sometimes, go against their parents. Also, employees who are used to work from office may tend to do additional work during this time, with the pressure they get from their superiors. So you can develop a fitness app that not only provides physical exercises but also relaxation modules for their mind.
  • Food delivery app: The food delivery app has already got a good move among customers. If you look at the trend of door-step food delivery even before this pandemic, it was showing a growth of more than 50% when compared to its previous years. Now, with physical stores being banned to operate in this COVID-19, food delivery apps have taken initiative to deliver groceries and other food products along with cooked food delivery. Moreover, protein and meat delivery centers are tying up with food delivery app companies and delivering the everyday needs and essentials for their customers.

#4: Acquire extraordinary talents for less salary

Due to recession taking place in many companies across the world, once everyone gets through this pandemic lockdown condition and life becomes normal, unemployment increases. By the time you will be able to get skilled talent for a lower salary because it will be a time where people look only for jobs and do not consider salary as a constraint.

#5: Act according to demand

Being a start-up, you can mold your business according to the increase or decrease in product demand. For example, if the market is up and things go normal, you can concentrate on revenue generation and do something for promotion and get a return on investment. But in conditions like COVID-19, you cannot be so concerned about just the cost. If your business is over-productive and you want to sell it off, but at the same time, you should look at your customer value, then you can ease certain factors such as the cost of providing additional quantity at the same cost to your customers.

#6: Ample time to plan your start-up business strategies

If you want to become a start-up company or like to develop a mobile app idea, this pandemic provides the ideal time you require. You can plan your business strategies accordingly and predict the future mistakes you might commit and prepare a prevention plan right now. You can also make a widened plan for cost-cutting so that your business can face any kind of situation.


This blog is not to promote or prove that the mobile app idea is the best, but it is to make you understand and act smart during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you require any help with developing mobile app ideas, do contact us on our toll-free number and talk to our customer support executive.

Frequently asked questions

1. How should I develop a mobile app?

Have your own ideas and write them down on paper. Shortlist the best idea you are skilled in, so you need not depend on anyone to run your business. Approach a mobile app development company to bring your ideas into the limelight. Get a framework done for your mobile app and if you are happy with its predicted outcome, move it for development. Developers will finally test your app multiple times, fix bugs if any, and then provide it to you as a complete product before your app launch date.

2. How much money will it take to develop a mobile app?

The cost to develop a mobile app depends on the app complexity i.e. features, software, application, and developer cost. So be ready to spend more if you require the best mobile app.

3. Which one is the best service to provide online during this pandemic?

It was already mentioned previously in this blog with some sectors that are in a boom. Still, you can prefer to develop an app that serves medical needs, food, entertainment, or similar kind.

4. Whether mobile app development can be reliable?

Online selling is at a high peak since its inception. It helps keep your business stable under any conditions. It is anytime the best investment that you can look for returns upon.

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