5 Reasons To Choose Flutter for On-Demand Grocery App Development
By: Sagar Sharma

5 Reasons To Choose Flutter for On-Demand Grocery App Development

As the entire world is stubbing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the globe are forced to be in a lockdown situation. Because of the lockdown, people currently spend more time on their smartphones. For many, the smartphone became their entertaining platform and also acted as a tool for connecting their loved ones. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has a severe impact on all industries, mobile app development is facing the mixed result of this coronavirus attack. Yes! You heard it right; the on demand grocery app development has been its peak during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The main reason could be the shyness of people to contact another person in public due to the spread of COVID-19 disease.

Why On-demand Grocery App Development?

We all know how much impact created by the existing grocery app in the US market particularly Instacart, Bigbasket, Grofers, and so on. On analyzing those data experts have already predicted that the future of on demand grocery app development will continue to bloom. However, this COVID-19 pandemic has made that prediction come true. Now people around the globe are seeking the aid of online demand grocery apps for purchasing their groceries right from their home.

Believe it or not! In the entire United States, eCommerce sales the online grocery app manages to grab a 2.8% sale that makes the on-demand grocery app as one of the fastest-growing technologies. Meanwhile, the eMarket has released its research data which illuminate the total number of online grocery shoppers in 2018 as 18 million and estimated online grocery shoppers in 2020 could reach around 30 million. Now, this COVID-19 disease will surely make that prediction true well before the target period.

Why Do People Prefer On-Demand Grocery App?

Here are the lists of reasons which trigger people to go for the on-demand grocery app for their family needs.

  • Minimizing Shopping Time: The online grocery app eliminates the time spent reaching a traditional store and standing in line for billing purchased groceries. Now with the arrival of online grocery people can shop their grocery right from sitting on couches.
  • Easy Tracking: Apart from removing all those annoying things involved in a traditional way of grocery shopping, the online grocery app provides the convenience of easy tracking by which buyers can easily track their ordered items.
  • Easy to Analyze Customer Behavior: For every business customer behavior model is essential to deliver what customer exactly wants. This online grocery app helps business owners a lot to deliver the essential services which are needed by the customer after analyzing their behavior from their previous orders.
  • Easy Categorization of Products: Online grocery apps enable customers to view the products listed in perfect categorization which allows them to navigate easily across the thousands of grocery products.

Developing On-demand Grocery App

If you are planning to step into the business of mobile application development, then it’s the right time to make things done. Online grocery app could be the right category to pick to attract more target audiences around the world. However, you should be aware of certain factors before getting started into the development of on demand grocery app.

To avail of success in the mobile app development industry, the first thing you should concentrate on is the concept of the mobile app. The next thing should be the platform in which you decided to develop your mobile app. When it comes to developing on demand grocery apps, picking the cross-platform app development would be the right choice.

In the cross-platform mobile app development, Google’s portable software development kit Flutter is the most preferred one and also a game-changer.

Features To Include on Grocery App

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Easy & Secured Multiple Payment Options
  • Live AI Chats
  • Easy Add-To-Cart Facility
  • Easy Order History Review
  • Easy & Beautiful User Interface

Why Choose Flutter SDK For Developing Grocery App?

Flutter is the product of Google introduced in 2017 and uses Dart language for developing an app. The dart language is almost similar to Java, so the learning curve of this dart language won’t be a tough call for the developers.

The coding processes of the dart language consist of both iOS and Android toolchain to develop apps in a specific mobile platform. The flutter app development does make developers feel more comfortable and convenient but also it delivers better-performing apps. In addition to that, here are the few more reasons that make flutter SDK the most preferred one for start-up companies.

  • Simple and Fast User Interface Design that can be customized easily.
  • Dart Programming Language is an open-source, because of that developers can develop apps in cross-platform.
    It offers a wide range of widgets that can be easily inherited.
  • The entire architecture of Google’s SDK is almost similar to the existing popular React Native SDK.
  • Using Flutter SDK developers can develop the same app on multiple platforms at a time, this eventually makes the app development process much faster than others.
  • Flutter allows developers to make use of the automated tests; owing to that building an app with flutter makes testing and maintaining operations at a cheap cost.

Wondering about how to make an app with flutter? Well here are the few things you need to be aware of developing an effective mobile application is cross-platform using Flutter SDK.

  • First, you need to pick the right Idea for developing a mobile application
  • Next, pick the right type of application to develop
  • Choose the essential features to be integrated with your app
  • Finally, do automated testing that leads to cheap testing cost

Moreover, as per the experts’ prediction, the approximate cost for developing an ideal on-demand grocery app using Flutter SDK might be around half of the price of hiring an app developer. In general, the cost of hiring a mobile app developer starts from $20k to $50K.

List of 5 Reasons That Makes Flutter As The Ideal Choice For On-Demand Grocery App Development

1. Open-source And Single Codebase:

Just like JAVA, Google’s Flutter is also an open-source language that makes it more User Friendly and can be accessed easily. Besides, Flutter SDK has a single codebase because of that writers can write coding once and are able to run it on multiple platforms. In simple words, developers can develop all using flutter and run it on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Amazing Fabrications of Widgets

With the aid of the IntelliJ plugin, developers are able to integrate numerous beautiful and functional widgets to their applications. By using those wide ranges of widgets in a flutter, app developers create amazing UI/UX designed mobile applications.

3. Allows To Easy Editing

The presence of SCM services along with the Android Studio and Visual Studio Code, Flutter allows developers to edit their application coding in real-time at ease by using the Hot-reload feature and also it allows developers to do smarter and quicker completions.

4. Better Performance

Mobile applications that are developed by Google’s SDK Flutter deliver better performance than many SDK’s. This is mainly because of Flutter’s tendency of enabling mobile applications to provide native performance at 60FPS which is faster than several existing SDKs in the market.

5. Easy To Learn

Though Google introduced its Flutter SDK in 2017 which is the latest trend in the market, the programming language used in flutter Dart language is almost similar to open-source language JAVA. Because of that, developers won’t feel any difficulty learning. Moreover, developers are able to create native-like mobile applications without using any native languages for development.

Bottom Line:

Though flutter SDK is pretty young in the market, yet several developers across the world started to use it for developing better performing applications. To match the current trend prevailing in the market, several top companies like NineHertz, Google Ads, Hookle, Tallium Inc., Alibaba, and so had already switched to Google’s SDK Flutter for their apps. On considering those, we can easily conclude as flutter has a bright future in the coming days. Also, Google’s immense marketing tactics are going to be a massive factor for the upcoming success of Flutter SDK.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. Why Choose Online Grocery App Instead of Grocery Store?

Since, buyers can enjoy the convenience in using an online grocery app along with few other factors like timing and money-saving, easy shopping, a wide range of product categorization, and so prefers it over the traditional grocery store.

2. How Many Types Are There in Grocery Apps?

Here are the lists of most common online grocery mobile app

  • Aggregators
  • Marketplaces
  • Single Stores
  • Grocery Chains
  • Personalized Grocery Apps

3. How Long It Will Take To Develop an Ideal Online Grocery App?

Choosing Flutter SDK for on-demand grocery app development would cost less time. Well-versed developers can complete the development process in 1 or 2 months.

4. How App Owners Make Money Using Grocery App?

Depending upon the grocery app business model, owners can earn money by placing sponsored ads, adding delivery/convenience fee, paid listing, and so apart from the general grocery products revenue.

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