On-demand Grocery Delivery App: How Does it Influence Traditional Shopping?

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By: Sagar Sharma

On-demand Grocery Delivery App: How Does it Influence Traditional Shopping?

The field of Information Technology has brought evolution in almost every aspect of our lives, be it personal, professional, social or anything for that matter. Further, the emergence and increasing usage of smartphones have taken things to another level entirely. As a result, you can get anything at your doorstep, sitting on your couch with just one click. Technology apps such as on-demand grocery delivery app, shopping apps, etc. are on the rise to bring an impact on the business world altogether.

Now, as we know that technologies have changed almost everything around us, the business sector has also undergone a remarkable transformation. Lots of them have transformed into digital form. The same holds true for retail business firms. Yes, you read that right.

Business owners have started adopting new and trending technologies to attract more customers and develop & take their business to new heights. One such trend these people adopt is the use of applications in their trade. In the era of smartphones, mobile applications have replaced the traditional way of doing the retail business. One such trending business that has transformed digital is grocery shopping.

As we said earlier, people are diverting more towards using their smartphones instead of stepping out of their places, retail business owners have come up with their on-demand grocery apps to facilitate folks to do their monthly or weekly grocery shopping without disturbing their priorities. It means that you can shop your groceries being anywhere while doing anything. The shopped items will be at your doorstep according to your convenient time.
Let us get an understanding of how the on-demand grocery delivery app will influence the traditional way of shopping and how businesses will benefit from the app.

As a business owner of retail grocery, it is critical for you to take your retail business online via a mobile app to earn more profits and increase your consumers. So, you need to understand the features of your prospective on-demand grocery delivery app.


Trustworthy Shopping Experience

With advancing technologies, people are advancing their way of shopping. Unlike the traditional way of shopping, people now prefer to have online shopping to save time and energy. Similarly, online grocery shopping has also become an integral part of today’s lifestyle.

Therefore, it is critical for you to offer your consumers, an authentic shopping experience. It means that:

  • They should be able to add and remove products to & from their cart
  • Provide 3D images of real products
  • Customers should be able to browse by categories
  • Simplify the toggling between digital & physical shopping

Personalized Experience

We all have preferences and therefore, we normally, stick to specific brands and products.

Therefore, you need to make a survey in this relevance and ensure your customers about their choices. To accomplish this, you can offer them the option of saving their favorites and allow them to repeat their purchases in the future. Moreover, you can also save their purchase history to help them reorder the same things.

Digital Coupons

We all love to grab offers and deals while shopping, and when you get them while shopping your grocery online, then it feels like heaven. As a business owner, you can attract more customers to your app by incorporating digital coupons.

However, you can keep these offers to a minimum, but the main motive is to assure your users that they are not missing out on special deals.

Push Notifications

It is vital that you keep your consumers informed about the new products or the inventory. Doing so will keep them loyal to your app, and they will continue shopping their groceries from your application. To accomplish this purpose, you can embed push notifications in your app, which will notify them time and again about their requirements or the newly arrived stock or any offer for that matter.

Along with these notifications, you can also encourage them with cashback offers and rewards. It will add to their customer experience and increase their loyalty towards your app.

Rating & Feedback

In this competitive world, it is imperative to keep one’s self updated with the latest information. When you own a business, it is essential to keep updated about what people seek and what their requirements are in relevance to your services.

By embedding rating and feedback feature in your on-demand grocery delivery app, you can know what your customers think about your services. Accordingly, you can improve them for the betterment of your clients and your business as a whole. Moreover, it will also guide you to come up with new products, offers, services, etc. for attracting & retaining customers and increasing your revenue.

After looking at the unique, yet common features of an on-demand grocery delivery app, let us take a look at the top 5 apps in the United States.




It hit the market before 4 years and created a remarkable impact with its excellent service. You can have all your favorite food items and daily essentials at your doorstep for a monthly fee of $14 or $99 annually.

It offers features such as meal planning options and get-well kits. Also, it offers the cart total feature that allows people to make purchases on their budget.

Google Express


Google Express delivers all kinds of essentials from cooking and baking items to snack foods, pantry essentials, etc. at your doorstep. It has no membership or delivery fee, which increases its demand among people.

It helps users earn reward points when he/she shops from the app. When you shop from Google Express, you can have access to a vast range of stores, along with comparing the prices of products.



It is also known as an online farmer’s app, which allows you to purchase meats, dairy products, snack foods, etc. The motive of this app is to help customers get fresh produce and farmers get the best rates compared to the supermarket.

The app offers a community section where users can get all information about the community.



It comes with the unique characteristic of delivering the products in less than an hour. You can have goods delivered above $35 free of cost with a monthly or yearly membership.



It offers you the facility to create a perfect grocery list that allows you to make your desired grocery purchases. It offers a feature called “Order Genius” which tracks your frequent purchases and then suggests the items which you should add in your cart accordingly.

Benefits of On-Demand Grocery Delivery App for Increasing Revenue

As a business owner, your goal is to increase your revenue, and your on-demand grocery app helps you do so.

In-App Ads

Embedding In-App Ads into your mobile app is one of the best ways to generate app monetization. Most users experience these ads while using the application. As we know, most of the mobile users spend their maximum time on apps, it serves as the best solution for generating effective monetization.

In-App Purchases

It is similar to In-App Advertising, however, it involves buying and selling using the mobile apps. Implementing this strategy will turn your app into another sales machine and directly generates revenue. Moreover, it enhances larger profit margins with lesser risk and virtually purchasing products will lead to higher levels of increasing monetization.


It is one of the best ways to retain your loyal customers. Also, it will give them the feeling of being a permanent member of your app. For better service, you can keep a sign up for the member for monthly or yearly. It serves as an excellent way of generating regular revenue. Moreover, if your app offers articles and video content, then using the subscription strategy will make sure that they get the premium content while using the app.


Sponsorships have recently caught the market and taken the business development to a new level. By integrating it into your app, you agree to become a partner with the advertising company in terms of profit sharing or rewards.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop the App?

If you plan to develop your on-demand grocery delivery app, then you need to consider factors like the complexity, platform on which, you wish to develop it, the number of dedicated platforms required by the app, and more.

Moreover, you may also consider your users as to what kind of users you need to attract to your app according to their requirements. Generally, the cost of development per hour starts from $35. Again, it depends on various factors affecting the same.


As a businessman, you should be updating your business by all means in accordance with the latest technologies. Mobile apps have changed the whole game of doing business. Therefore, make your trade online and allow your customers to get the benefits of making purchases sitting on their couch or anywhere for that matter.

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