An Exclusive Guide on Pediatrics On-demand App Development

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By: Sagar Sharma

An Exclusive Guide on Pediatrics On-demand App Development (Features + Best Apps + Monetization Strategies)

COVID-19 has changed the way we used to live out day to day life. It has forced us to adapt our routine as per the new normal where we least prefer to go outside and try to address all our needs just by sitting at home.

Digital technologies have played a vital part in making this possible.

Especially, it has impacted the health care services the most. It has enabled us with the telehealth apps like pediatrics on-demand app, prescription delivery app, doctor on-demand app, and more.

For the first time, we understood the importance of digital platforms in consuming health care services from remote locations. It has made our life easier like never before by allowing us to consult with the doctors from our home.

Compared to other apps, the concept of a pediatrics on-demand app is relatively new yet booming. So, if you are a startup ad looking for an opportunity where you can earn more by investing less, then this post is for you.

Table of content

  • What is a pediatrics on-demand app?
  • Pediatrics on-demand apps: telemedicine or telehealth
  • Current situation of telehealth and telemedicine markets
  • How to develop a pediatrics on-demand app? (a step-by-step process)
  • Important features of a pediatrics on-demand app
  • 3 best pediatrics on-demand apps
  • Pros and cons of pediatrics on-demand app
  • How to monetize your pediatrics on-demand app? 

Let’s start our journey!

What is a Pediatrics On-demand App?

The pediatric on-demand app enables you with hassle-free, cost-effective, and quick medical services from the skilled pediatricians to get urgent care. It allows you to connect with the pediatricians through video and chat for 365 days a year. You can contact them on weekends and holidays as well to consume their services.

Pediatrics On-demand Apps: Telemedicine or Telehealth

Do you what to know the difference between telemedicine and telehealth?

Let me introduce both the terms to you in the one-liner.

Telemedicine: It precisely refers to remote clinical services. For example, a doctor provides consultation to the patient using uses telecommunication platform.

Telehealth: It specifically refers to remote non-clinical services. For example, a set of telecommunication or electric tools and technologies to prove care and services from remote locations.

Pediatrics on-demand apps belong to both the category as it provides a telecommunication platform that connects doctors and patients to give and take health care consultation.

Current Situation of Telehealth and Telemedicine Markets

Due to the pandemic outage, people have started preferring to utilize the varied on-demand delivery apps to receive the food, grocery, medicines, utility services, and more at their doorsteps.

Let’s understand the current market scenario of telemedicine and telehealth services with the help of a few numbers.

The usage of telehealth has reached new heights since March 2020.

  • According to the latest report by Updox, “42% of Americans have used telehealth since the COVID-19 pandemic began.”
  • Another report from mckinsey has clearly depicted that before the pandemic outage only 11% of the consumers preferred to use telehealth to replace the canceled health care visits. During COVID 19, this number is increased by 76%.

Telehealth has surged under COVID-19Image Credit: McKinsey

  • “Hospitals and health systems plan to ramp up investment in the telehealth technologies as 90% of organizations looking to make future investments in the telehealth services plan to do so in the next 18 months.” – FIERCE Healthcare

Now, let’s have a look into the Telemedicine market

“As of 2019, the telemedicine global market was valued at some 45 billion U.S. dollars. The market is expected to grow significantly by 2026 and is expected to be valued at more than 175 billion U.S. dollars at that time.” – Statista.

Telemedicine Market Statistics

Image Credit: Statista

According to a new report by Grand View Research Inc., “U.S. telehealth market is expected to reach USD 2.8 billion by 2022”.

Do you want to be part of these growing markets? You can consider the most untouched, but highly in demand pediatrics on-demand app.

How to Develop A Pediatrics On-demand App? (Step by Step Process)

Steps to Develop A Pediatrics On-demand App

Step 1: Development of Your App Idea

Once you made a decision about you want to build a pediatrician on-demand app, then you need to start working on different aspects of the app such as

  • Creating a list of features you want to consider
  • Analyzing the competitors
  • Conducting detailed market research

Defining important features is a really critical job. By studying competitors and analyzing the app features of their app, you can get an understanding of their strategy and USP as well as get clarity where you are lacking.

In the market analysis, you can get insights about the leading players of the domains like how the Uber for doctor apps are doing to stay at the top position by beating the tough competition.

So, competitor analysis and market analysis help you a lot in expanding your app idea.

Step 2: Consult An App Development Company

After you get clarity on what you exactly what in your pediatrics on-demand apps, you need to select the right mobile app development company for the effective execution of your project.

You need to check out the iOS and Android app development cost charged by the company.

To develop an app within your budgetary constraints, make sure the solution partner offers different engagement models such as fixed cost or time and material or offshore development center.

The experienced technology partner like Credencys offers you a free consultation for your project. You can share your project requirements with our experts who will guide you with the missing elements in your project planning.

Once your requirements are frizzed, we will provide you the final cost estimation based on your selected engagement model.

Step 3: Define the Project Scope

Once you have agreed with defined project requirements as well as decided budget, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to ensure your app idea and all your intellectual properties are safe with us.

The part of the process is to create scopes for your project that consists of technologies, features, and timeline.

The project scopes enable our mobile app developers with the path of pediatrics on-demand app development.

Video Call with Pediatrics

Step 4: Start with Pediatrics On-demand App Development

The most vital part of the entire app development process. It consists of design, development, and testing of the app.


The development phase actually starts with the app designer where we create mock-ups and prototypes of your pediatrics on-demand app.


Once you approve the user experience and user interface designed by our designers, we take the app further for writing the code and developing the app.


QA team applied manual and automated testing to identify and fix the issues and bugs. This process is repeated until all the features and functionality are developed and tested.

We make sure the final product runs flawlessly and smoothly across the different devices.

As we have proven experience in developing on-demand mobile apps for different domains, we ensure you for the successful development of your pediatrics on-demand app.

Step 5: Lunch Your App

Don’t worry, we won’t launch your app unless you check the final product, approve it, and allows us to launch it.

As per your requirements, we release the app on marketplaces like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. Out developers can also help you in launching your app on your own server as well.

Now, your app is live and you can ask your customers to use it.

After the successful launch of the respective marketplaces, we provide all the confidential information about your app to you such as wireframes, mock-ups, prototypes, designs, access credentials, databases, etc.

Pediatrics On-demand Apps: Most Important Features to Consider

While defining the app features, you need to my quite clear about your target audience. They are the parents who might be looking for on-demand primary services for their kids.

First of all, make sure your app is specifically designed and developed to connect pediatricians with the customers just in a few clicks.

Let’s deep delve into the feature part of the pediatrics on-demand app. It also helps you get better insights on how telemedicine or telehealth or on-demand doctor apps work.

There are three users who are going to use this app.

1. Patient’s App
2. Doctor’s App
3. Web Portal


UsersApp Features
  • Search (for Doctors)
  • Schedule Appointment (with the Doctor)
  • Reminder (for Appointment)
  • Video Call (for Remote Consultation)
  • In-app Chat
  • Prescription Delivery
  • Accept/Reject Appointment
  • Video Call
  • In-app Chat
  • Manage Doctors
  • Manage Patient Information
  • Check Availability


Every user needs access to a certain set of features to perform their respective tasks.

1. Patient’s App

In the patient’s app, users can schedule their appointments, connect with the doctor, and ask to deliver the prescription drug at the doorstep.

1) Search (for Doctors)

Allow patients to find the doctors in the pediatrics on-demand app using the search feature.

It is quite simple. Users need to enter the doctor’s name or the type of specialists they are looking for such as child therapists, ENT, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, etc. in the search bar.

The app will display all the relevant information to the users.

2) Schedule Appointment (with the Doctor)

This is one of the core features of the pediatrics on-demand app that allows patients to check the availability of their preferred doctor and book the appointment.

Make sure the appointment details are stored in both the patient’s app and doctor’s app.

3) Reminder (for Appointment)

Integrating reminder feature you let the patient sets the reminder for their upcoming appointment with the doctor.

In most cases, parents will book appointments with doctors for their kids. If the parents are working, then there are chances they forget about the appointment due to the tight schedule.

The feature reminds them of their appointment in advance so they can adjust their day accordingly as well as reach the clinic on time.

4) Video Call (for Remote Consultation)

It is the most relevant feature during the COVID-19 outage where we need to maintain social distancing.

Instead of taking the kids to a pediatric urgent care center or emergency room. Video call is the best and effective way to take advance of virtual consultation.

The pediatrics on-demand app allows doctors to examine the patient’s well bending, analyze the symptoms of diseases, and discuss the treatment plan over the video call.

5) In-app Chat

Chat with Your Pediatrician through the app

This is a text-based medium for the patients or parents to connect with the doctors.

They can simply have a chat with doctors where they can share if they need to understand their dose, feel any discomfort after taking the prescribed medicine, or reschedule their appointments.

6) Prescription Delivery

In the situation of the pandemic outage, it is not safe to go out of our homes. This feature allows the patients to avoid visiting a drug store by delivering the prescribed medicines right at their doorstep.

It helps in maintaining the social distancing by reducing the human contact that definitely helps in contracting the impact COVID-19.

2. Doctor’s App

The app facilitates the doctor to stay connected with their patients, manage their calendars according to the appointments.

1) Accept/Reject Appointment

The pediatrics on-demand app allows the doctors to accept or reject appointment requests as per their availability. It lets them create a complete schedule for the day.

Due to any emergency, if the doctors have to reschedule their walk-in or virtual appointments, the app should allow them to do so.

2) Video Call

Unlike the patient’s app, the doctor’s app should allow doctors for video calling to communicate with their patients and gather information about the symptoms in order to help them with the right cure at the right time.

3) In-app Chat

The in-app chat feature of the pediatrics on-demand app allows doctors to interact with the patients and resolve their queries regarding treatment plans, prescribed medicines, reviewed tests, and more.

It enables patients with complete guidelines without visiting the doctor at the clinic or hospital.

3. Web Portal

The web portal is managed by the admin user where you can manage patients, doctors, appointments, and other activities.

1) Manage Doctors

The admin user adds, manages, and removes the doctors per the need. It consists of all the information about the doctor such as his profile, his specialty, number of appointments and more information are stored in the web portal.

2) Manage Patient Information

When the patient registered with the app, they fill the basic information about themselves. They take appointments and connect with a doctor through chat or video, etc.

All the basic information about the patients and their interaction with doctors are stored in the admin panel.

With the centralized database, it becomes easy to track patient information, appointments, and medical history.

3) Check Availability

Admin can book an appointment for the patients by checking the availability of the doctors.

In case of appointment rescheduling or cancellation, the admin checks the doctor’s availability for another time and books the appointments accordingly.

3 Best Pediatrics On-demand Apps


AppsKey FeaturesApp Store LinkPlay Store Link
Numerous CareConnect
  • No appointment needed
  • Private & secure, HIPPA compliant connection
  • Board-certified pediatricians
  • Review the profile of the doctors and chose any one of them
  • Consult with the doctor through a video call
  • See a doctor for your child
Anytime Pediatrics
  • Describe the symptoms
  • Consent to treat
  • Visit cancellation


1. Numerous CareConnect

Numrous CareConnect

Cost: Free

The app enables the patients with pediatric care by providing the facility of on-demand doctor visit via live video chat using your mobile or desktop system.

Prime Features:

  • No appointment needed
  • Private & secure, HIPPA compliant connection
  • Board-certified pediatricians
  • Available 24/7/365

2. KidzDocNow


Cost: Free

KidzDocNow brings health care home for you so that your child so they can recover faster. It provides services from the board verified pediatricians and ensures you get the best treatments for any of the decease.

Prime Features:

  • Review the profile of the doctors and chose any one of them
  • Consult with the doctor through a video call
  • See a doctor for your child

3. Anytime Pediatrics

Anytime Pediatrics

Cost: Free

Anytime Pediatrics allows you to connect with a reliable pediatrician through telemedicine when your child is injured or ill. It is simple and easy to use the app.

The app provides you expert care as well as notes or prescriptions when appropriate. Founded by a pediatrician, the app focuses on children related deceases only.

Prime Features:

  • Describe the symptoms
  • Consent to treat
  • Visit cancellation

What Are The Pros and Cons of Pediatrics On-demand App?

SafetyInadequate Assessment
Patient CareTechnical Limitations
ConvenienceTechnical Challenges



In the situation of COVID-19, people do nor prefer to visit hospitals and clinics. There are chances that we could be infected by the virus from the medical staff or other patients. Leveraging the virtual consultation you can stay home and stay safe from the impact of Coronavirus.

Patient Care

Most of the telemedicine apps are designed with a patient-centered approach. Where pediatrics reviews the cases as and when patients need medical attention. Eventually, the quality of patient care increases.


Appointment booking becomes quite easier with telemedicine apps. Patients do not need to wait for their turn as the date and time for the consultation are predefined.


Patients do not need to visit the clinic that saves that money of the fuel as they can have a video call or chat with the pediatrics to get the online consultation. In severe cases, you can ask the doctor to visit your home.


Inadequate Assessment

With the pediatrics on-demand app, doctors can provide online consultation to the patients easily. But, when pediatricians need to check blood pressure and breathing or pulse rate, the app might not be much useful.

Technical Limitations

It is not necessary that all the doctors and patients are tech-savvy. When the users are not up to date with the latest technology, they might not be able to take maximum benefits of the though they have the app installed on their smartphone.

Technical Challenges

Sometimes, due to server overload or poor internet connectivity, the apps face issues of glitches. This can cause delayed or no mechanical services for your kid.

Consult Your Pediatrician Via A Mobile App

How to Monetize the Pediatrics On-demand Mobile Apps?

This is the main concern of any startup is how to generate money out of any mobile app. Let me share the different ways to gain monetary benefits from the pediatrics on-demand app.


You can show display or video advertisements related to the health care domain to earn out of your app.

There are four types of display ads that you can consider such as interstitial ads, banner display ads, medium rectangle ads, and native display ads.

If we talk about video ads, then you can offer four options to the customers that include interstitial video ads, rewarded video ads, outstream video ads, and instream pay-roll video ads.

You can allow the customers to select any one or multiple ad formats to promote their products or services in your mobile app.

In-app Purchase

This is another very common, yet effective app monetization model. It allows you to sell different sorts of virtual items such as premium content within the app, virtual goods, extra bonus, game currency, and more.

To monetize your pediatrics on-demand app, you can consider three categories of in-app purchase.

  • Consumable
  • Non-consumable
  • Subscription

Freemium Model

In the freemium model, you can allow users to download and use the app for free with limited features.

To access the advanced features of the app, they need to purchase the premium model of your app.

Referral Marketing

It’s about promoting a third party product or services. There are three referral marketing models that you can implement in your mobile app.

  • Cost Per View (CPV)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Subscription Model

You can offer different subscription models to the customers where you can allow them to access your app content and all features for free for a short time period.

Once that free period is over, all the features and content will be available to the users by paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

You can implement other proven app monetization strategies like sponsorship, selling of physical products, selling of merchandise, and selling of user data to generate money out of your pediatric on-demand app.

You can choose one of multiple of them as per your specific business needs.

Final Thoughts…

We hope this post has provided you all the essential information for developing the pediatrics on-demand app.

But, we understand this might not be enough for you to address your curiosity. You might have queries regarding the app development process, timeline, budget, etc.

Do not hesitate to connect our experts. We would be glad to help you.

Having a decade long industry establishment, Credencys has successfully developed and delivered different health care projects. We help our clients to deliver better services and excellent experience to the customers.

Leverage our proven expertise of mobile app development to bring you pediatrics on-demand app idea to life.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pediatrics On-demand Apps

What are the advantages of using a pediatrics on-demand app?

The use of pediatrics on-demand app enables users with advantages like safety, excellent care of the patient at home, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and more.

What the disadvantages of using a pediatrics on-demand app?

The disadvantages of pediatrics on-demand apps are for startups and not for users. Any startup might face issues like inadequate assessment, technical constraints, technical challenges, and more.

How much does it cost to build a pediatrics on-demand app?

The app development cost depends on the features and functionality you want to integrate into the app. So, it is nearly impossible to provide you the exact cost estimation for the pediatrics on-demand app.

The app with basic features can be developed in a small budget. But, if you want to integrate advanced features, then you need to invest a considerable amount for app development.

By considering this, you can expect the cost of pediatrics on-demand app development starts from around $12000.

What are the other on-demand doctor apps are available in the market?

There are many on-demand doctors apps are available in the market for all age groups and for all types of medical issues. See the list below.

  • Doctor On-demand
  • LiveHealth
  • Maple
  • Lemonaid Health
  • Babylon, and more.

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