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By: Manish Shewaramani

PIM and Shopify Integration: Why Do You Need It

Product Information Management (PIM) is the process designed to manage the complete information needed to market and sell products via distribution channels. An internal organization creates the for supporting a multichannel marketing strategy.

PIM for Shopify Integration is a specialized eCommerce platform designed to give users the tools for building their online store. You can focus on product information management and Shopify integration and make a well-informed decision.

What is Shopify? How Does It Work?

Shopify is a tool designed to let its users build their online store. You can build your online store and sell almost everything on Shopify like rentals, classes, courses, products, services, and subscriptions.

All beginners to Shopify nowadays get confused between Shopify, eBay, and Amazon. They have to know that eBay and Amazon are marketplaces. On the other hand, Shopify is a hosting platform that assists users to sell on these marketplaces using built-in applications and plug-ins.

You can establish an outstanding omnichannel selling capability with Shopify. You can hire an expert in the Shopify product information management shopify  solution and get the desired benefits.

How is product information management shopify Integration Helpful for eCommerce Store?

Shopify is helpful for eCommerce stores in the following ways.

1. Shopify has a tool for everything you require

Shopify provides users with the best tools to set up an online eCommerce platform. Free and paid tools offered by Shopify assist users to do the following,

  • Add customizing choices like printable mugs and t-shirts
  • Automate emails
  • Calculate finances
  • Create referral programs and forms
  • Design banners, brochures, and ads
  • Do SEO audits
  • Get performance metrics
  • Integrate with social networking websites
  • Make brand logos
  • Print order involves, packing slips, receipts, and labels
  • Run social media ads
  • Source product content

2. Shopify offers insights into the performance speed

Experts in the PIM and Shopify Integration are dedicated to providing the cheap and best services as per their clients’ requirements. The back end of Shopify offers a very good performance dashboard that shows the overall metrics, especially the website speed over time, changing a theme or adding a new app that affects the website speed, product page metrics, and the home page.

3. Shopify is a cloud-hosted website

All users of the Shopify platforms are happy with no risk of losing data. They feel comfortable because there are no server problems.

They do not worry about technical support and web hosting issues. Beginners in the online business sector can prefer and use Shopify and fulfill business commencement and development-related desires.

4. Shopify is secure and reliable

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) was formed to curb data breaches. Data breaches caused loss and trust issues for online businesses. Shopify is a Level payment card industry data security standards complaint. Every Shopify store is PCI compliant as it does not store the payment information of any customer.

5. Shopify is for all

Shopify has the best plans for everyone especially from start-ups to the business. It has a 14-day free trial where everyone can get to test the complete features. You may wish to go light on personalization options.

You can prefer and buy the Shopify Lite available at $9 per month. The Basic Shopify plan is available at $29. If you like to develop your business further, then you can buy Shopify for $79. All users of the Advanced Shopify plan available at $299 are happy to develop the business with more than a couple of retail stores.

6. The best customer support

Shopify has tons of knowledge base in its blogs and solves problems almost immediately and easily. Experts in the eCommerce sector write in such blogs and assist every user of Shopify to efficiently use it.

The best courses on e-commerce from the Shopify Compass assist all business people to learn from specialists in the online business. It provides first-class case studies, webinars, full courses, articles, and an exhaustive collection of resources where they can learn at a convenient speed.

Every user of the Shopify community and help center gets an instant response and clarifies their doubts. They feel comfortable and make a good decision to efficiently use Shopify as per their requirements.

What is the Product Information Management (PIM) System?

The Product Information Management (PIM) system is designed to manage the master catalog of products. It takes the product data from all locations and centralizes them into one place.

Everyone in your team can edit and manage the product information once from the interface of the PIM. For example, you can edit and manage the catalogs, item numbers, images, videos, references, SKU data, documentation, localization, and translations.

The PIM has to provide product information to all sorts of stakeholders especially from the internal business operations through to manufacturers, suppliers, customers, and wholesalers. Many businesses consider the PIM and Shopify Integration for successfully managing their thousands of products.

To explore more about PIM, don’t miss reading What Is Product Information Management (PIM): [Purposes + Goals + Advantages].

Key Features of Product Information Management

A product information management system works as a single source for product information regardless of the type of details you need. This feature lets the PIM system shopify maintain the quality and consistency of product information across all the platforms. The main features of PIM are as follows.

1. Product management

As a very important feature of the PIM for Shopify Integration systems, product management encourages business people to prefer and use the effective PIM Integration which lets them manage the complete files, videos, images, graphics, and other entities associated with products at one pace link such as content with the product.

A successful product information management for Shopify Integration system lets regular product data updates and keeps such data secure. You can use  Shopify for PIM solution and get 100% satisfaction. This is because PIM integration for shopify adds to the process when it gives the system access to several categories of product data from eCommerce websites.

2. Creation of product catalogs

A product catalog supports customers to make a well-informed purchase decision. It includes the complete characteristics of a product in the particular description, dimensions, features, benefits, color, weight, price, customer reviews, and availability.

PIM for Shopify Integration help retailers by successfully automating the process of making product catalogs and displaying product catalogs in an organized method.

3. Product data analytics

The most outstanding PIM system shopify have the ability for aggregating and analyzing the product data from the sales channels. The data can be associated with the performance of data on various channels and strategies work towards the same. Shopify and PIM integration supports retailers who like to analyze the product data from the Shopify stores.

4. Manage the data on several sales channels

PIM system shopify have to include an in-built feature for integrating with several eCommerce platforms to work with the product information of online stores built on the shopping carts. The  PIM integration lets PIM system shopify work with product data of all Shopify stores.

Visit Must Have Features of Product Information Management System to explore essential PIM features that help streamline and automate varied product data business operations.

How Does PIM and Shopify Integration Help Your Business?

A product information management tool adds to the experience of the Shopify store. You must know and remember that products are the foundation for any eCommerce business. The customer experience can be one of the most important differentiating factors with so many businesses selling products in the same genre.

PIM solutions support business people to manage product information. You can research the fundamentals of the Shopify PIM in detail and decide on how to use the PIM and Shopify integration for business development.

You can obtain important product information from several sources and enrich them with the help of a PIM. You can categorize and map product data into respective Shopify fields. A good PIM tool integrates with several systems and is designed to provide consistent quality data and make the customers happy while shopping.

Why Should You Consider PIM and Shopify Integration?

Shopify has several applications for integration. These applications vary from third-party applications to applications made by Shopify. You can choose and use the cheapest and best application for improving your eCommerce.

If you integrate the PIM system, then you can get enough assistance and reach your business goals. You can use  Shopify for PIM integration and fulfill your desires about eCommerce business development.

1. PIM ensures products ready for success

Shopify is a good method to start off selling products or services online. It eliminates the requirement for procuring technical know-how. There are hundreds of domain options, themes, and prompt customer support in Shopify to support beginners.

As a beginner at Shopify, you have to know the basics. Shopify is like a website host specially made for e-commerce.

The main purpose of this system’s ease is to allow sellers to concentrate on the content. The complete backend decisions are done for users. However, users must ensure their products are top-notch and 100% ready for sale online.

2. Increase speed to Shopify with the fast product setup

Business people in the competitive business-to-business enterprises are happy and confident to get the Shopify PIM  experts. They use every option for leveraging new technology advancements.

They excel in product marketing by completing and convincing products represented by several digital assets. The best elements of the PIM and Shopify Integration stores with precise products. This system helps users to,

  • Prepare new products for Shopify Quickly
  • Automate workflow for team collaboration
  • Secure self-service in DAM’s brand portal
  • Master completeness scoring for the overall business-to-business products before entering the Shopify

3. A hassle-free method to upload product images

Product photography is one of the most important things behind the success rate of the eCommerce business. This is because images can make or break the success of an online business. Shopify lets the maximum room for the overall design and flexibility.

You can use this facility and concentrate on the following things to get the best product images.

  • Quality of photography
  • Image sizes and variations
  • Visual descriptiveness
  • Uploading images
  • The loading speed of images

4. Keep business-to-business products up-to-date at every time in Shopify with PIM

Expanding products in the Shopify store is an easy thing. Editing the products is one of the most complex and time-consuming processes associated with product information management. There is an endless stream of dimensions, SKUs, pricing information, relevant specifications, materials, and variants. You can organize your products by taxonomical categories.

As compared to using the outdated method to edit products in bulk, you can prefer and use Shopify and get the desired benefits. Users of the Shopify  feel comfortable in their way to engage in bulk editing. They are happy to get a solution for the insufficient bulk-editing problem. Proper use of the pim system  gets rid of the build-up of files.

5. Sell on several third-party marketplaces

Multichannel selling is an important advantage for everyone who has chosen Shopify and uses it along with the PIM. If you wish to use the third-party marketplace like the social networking websites, marketing apps, and other categories of large-scale marketplaces, then you can use reliable resources such as Shopify. The main benefits of multichannel selling are as follows.

The main third-party marketplace options of Shopify are Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, eBay, BuzzFeed, and Google Shopping. The pim system can syndicate the same information to several channels.

It eliminates the need for tailoring product pages of each channel individually. Pairing PIM with Shopify is used to streamline selling on Shopify and other popular third-party marketplaces.

6. Set up product variants and Shopify bundles on the PIM

Bundling is when customers of the online store are offered a method of grouping up several products at a lower price than the cost of each item bought separately. Product variants are other versions of the product with distinctive identifiers and the same product description.

You can invest in the professional Shopify and PIM solution and get the desired improvement in your online business. You can follow the creative ideas for product bundles and get remarkable benefits.

Bottom Line

Every user of the Shopify and PIM solution gets 100% satisfaction and achieves their goal about the eCommerce business development without compromising the budget. Regular improvements in the design and development of the PIM system and PIM integration services give remarkable benefits to business people in the competitive eCommerce sector.

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