Pimcore DAM and Shopware – Perfect Combination for Ecommerce

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By: Sagar Sharma

Pimcore DAM and Shopware – Perfect Combination for Ecommerce

Increasing the complexity of the world needs a simple solution. How about you get a simple solution with growing opportunities for your business? You need a solution, which can be your back support in the complex business world.

Shopware is one of the open-source eCommerce software that helps businesses in expanding and reaching many marketplaces. The German eCommerce platform Shopware is now getting so popular in European countries ever since, it has transformed into fully open-source software.

Besides, the e-Commerce platform offers so many attractive features and users can find them so easily while operating. One of the most notable things about Shopware is, the platform was developed by the people who use it. So, it surely meets the modern requirements of the eCommerce business in terms of design and technology.

According to a recent statistical report, the Shopware platform has more than 90k happy customers around the world.

What is ShopWare? Why is it so Famous?

Shopware is an open-source platform that is built by its actual users to enhance the customer experience. Shopware is the best solution to cope up with the changing trends of e-commerce business and at the same time growing your business.

Shopware is so popular amongst its users because of its high performance and ability to meet the requirements. With Shopware you have the freedom to leverage growth and can have personalized looks. Shopware is an extremely flexible product to meet the requirement.

Technology and connectivity are rapidly changing, to sustain, you need to develop in correspondence to the rapid technology. Shopware is so famous because this solution lets you develop with the rapid changes in technology and connectivity.

Benefits of Shopware

Popularity and the capabilities of the unique Shopware have led its users to have great benefits of Shopware. The benefits are;

1. Extended Content Management Possibilities

With Shopware’s feature, you can create flexible content or flexible pages without any additional support from a technical guy. With flexible content, you can have expressive images that you can use as an emotional aspect flexibly for online shopping.

2. Drag-Drop Designs

For customized layouts, you need drag-drop designs. Complex components such as rich media content, product blocks, banners, and products can be easily dragged and dropped with Shopware. The drag-and-drop function is extremely important for creating pages in the shopping world.

3. Shopware is Multi-Store

Shopware is a roof that manages multiple stores. With the feature of multi-store, management of product and catalog is extremely tranquil. You can have a personalized experience with the product streams feature. You can have a product group by differentiating into the brand, reviews, manufacturers, and price.

4. Extensive Marketing Functionality

Besides the product stream, there are many other marketing functions of Shopware. There is a feature of segment customers via customer streamed- where you can have records of customer’s past behavior. The feature of digital publishing lets you create wonderful banners.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, you can have a seamless combination of content with commerce. You can have unlimited flexibility, can have collaborated with retailers, and smooth internationalization features.

Is Shopware 6 the Next Generation e-Commerce Platform?

Shopware 6 is featured for the e-commerce platform. The API first approach of Shopware 6 makes it easily integrate with other custom sales channels. Now every sales channel will have specific catalogs, languages, and payment methods. You need not worry as Shopware 6 has an administrative tool that takes care of specific catalogs and sales channels.

Shopware 6 has an intuitive interface that gives outstanding performance. Administrative tools use API to develop access to all the resources. Third-party applications such as PIM and CRM can easily use and integrate with this API Shopware 6.

Another reason to justice the fact that Shopware 6 is a Next Generation e-commerce platform is its feature of Rule builder. Users can easily pick up the parameter. You can apply various rules to manage shipping and payment methods. You can promote and manage your campaigns with the admin API of Shopware 6.

Shopware 6 can build a page effectively in a few clicks. You can save the pages after choosing perfect text blocks, product widgets, and images. You can save the pages as applicable for your future reference.

Thus, the above reasons are proof that Shopware 6 is a Next-generation E-commerce platform as it has a content page builder feature, a feature of rule builder, an Administrative tool, and Admin API.

Key Features of Shopware 6

1. Updated Admin Panel

It has an updated admin panel that is intuitive, responsive, and easy to use. With an updated admin panel you can stop building your e-store whenever you want as it is plain and simple. This feature of Shopware 6 will let you start or stop building an e-store within a jiffy.

2. Voice Modules

You can introduce your customers to your brand flawlessly with the voice module feature of Shopware 6. The feature of the voice module will have a significant effect on your customers, customers will feel more personalized and the customer experience will be enhanced.

3. Sales Channel

Another feature of Shopware 6 is its ability to boost and expand sales channels. You can generate brand awareness and distribute products more effectively with Shopware 6. For your e-commerce business, you can have several communication channels with potential customers.

4. Graphical Interface

You can create unique and modern designs with a graphical interface of Shopware 6. You do not need to have any expertise while performing graphical interface, you can simply do it by picking necessary options, and parameters from the admin panel.

5. Multilingual Support

Your e-commerce is likely to get noticed by the international market as multilingual support and Search engine optimization of Shopware 6 is beyond imagination. You can introduce your e-commerce business to the global market and set the currencies, legislative restrictions as needed. Shopware 6 lets you assign sales channels for each version and even calculates taxes for you.

How to Update Shopware?

Use Migration Assistant: To update the Shopware, you can use Migration Assistant. You can migrate your data from an older version to Shopware’s latest version with help of a migration assistant. Make sure to go through plugins and also update them during the migration process.

Before updating Shopware you can save your precious time by comparing the latest version with your existing version. Many Shopware versions are the same yet all are unique. You need to check the benefits of the updated version and if the benefits fall under your favor then only update Shopware.

What is Pimcore Digital Asset Management and its Benefits?

Pimcore Digital Asset Management centralizes media assets. Media assets include images, videos, media content, and graphics. The software integrates, manages, and consolidates any to all kinds of digital assets. The ultimate goal of this software is to provide you with digital experience management.

Benefits of Pimcore Digital Asset Management

1. Escape Scattered Assets

Scattered assets are the data of lower quality that prevent you from digital transformation. You cannot achieve maximum potential and successful digital transformation with scattered assets or data silos. Pimcore DAM manages and eliminates scattered data so that you can have your desired results of digital assets.

2. Brand Consistency

It is quite obvious that if you don’t have scattered or irrelevant data that hinders your digital transformation; you are naturally going to have better brand consistency. You can have high-quality data only with Pimcore Dam that will streamline the work process without interruptions of inaccuracies or inconsistency.

3. Enhance Customer Experience

For any business, the ultimate goal is a happy and satisfied customer. If you have brand consistency with accurate and relevant high-quality data; your customers will have higher satisfaction with your brand. The chances of product return due to lack of product information or due to absence of high-quality product images will be nearly zero.

4. Data Management

Another great benefit of Pimcore DAM is the management of digital assets. You may have thousands of products or hundreds of sales channels; when it comes to the management of a bundle of data, the process becomes irritating and head-scratching. Thanks to Pimcore DAM, the burden of management of digital assets falls on Pimcore DAM.

Why integrate Pimcore Digital Asset Management with Shopware 6?

The integration of Pimcore DAM and Shopware 6 will give you many benefits. You can manage the aspect ratio for different layouts for different devices and with different resolutions. Other than these, you will have the below advantages for your e-commerce business.

1. Creation of MDM image object

To have the management of images, you must need an MDM image object. MDM objects automatically are created and are being assigned to Pimcore during the process of uploading new assets. With the integration of Pimcore DAM and Shopware 6, you can manage information of image type, metadata, and license information.

The management of aspect ratios and different resolutions is possible due to the MDM image object. The image object is possible because of the presence of Pimcore DAM and Shopware 6.

2. Management of Image Queue

When you publish the MDM image, you will end up having multiple derivatives automatically. The derivatives are automatically calculated per queue. When the flow of derivatives is in automation, you need software like Pimcore DAM to manage the image queue.
You can see the queue in the Pimcore report on Pimcore Dashboard. The management is only feasible due to the integration of Pimcore DAM and Shopware 6.

3. Image Rendering

Pimcore DAM and Shopware has an optimized rendering method. Pimcore DAM and Shopware can render more than 20 images and works as fast as possible. The collaboration of Pimcore and Shopware 6 has made the process of image rendering two-and-a-half times faster than it was otherwise.

4. Feature of Media Library

The integration of Pimcore DAM with Shopware 6 will give you the media library displays in a hierarchical format. You can search for any kind of information you want from the full-text search feature. You can find information like metadata and image information.

You can filter the images by applying a specific aspect ratio of the image and can even get a warning for poor image resolution. Pimcore DAM image queue is also visible in the display of Shopware admin. Deep links to image objects are possible because of the integration of Pimcore DAM and Shopware.

Thus, the integration has many great benefits and all benefits lead you to have a better customer experience and varieties of growth opportunities.

Pimcore Digital Asset Management and Shopware – Perfect Combination for eCommerce

The complex problem needs a simple solution. Pimcore DAM and Shopware are the perfect combinations for e-commerce, together they provide;

1. User Management

E-commerce businesses have many tasks already in their hands. Each employee would already have a lot on their plate; amongst that to look after the status of other activities that do not include him/her is not viable for that employer.

The perfect combination works together in a way that each user has resources and information with themselves that they are ever going to need. This creates a process of individual approach so that employees are occupied with their tasks only.

2. Workflow

With the perfect combination of Pimcore DAM and Shopware, you can have a seamless workflow that is not hindered due to a lack of consistent data or lack of product information. The seamless workflow is supported by high-quality data. Pimcore ensures that you have nothing but high-quality data.

3. Global Market

You can reach the global market with Pimcore DAM and Shopware. You can exchange data to global customers easily because you have a central bank of data-Pimcore, where every data is stored and managed safely. The multilingual feature of Shopware 6 will allow you to set different currencies and different product-related information globally.

Wrapping Up

Thus, to have global scalability and to cope up with the trending technology of the market, you need Shopware and Pimcore both. One takes care of the management of data- Pimcore, whilst the other takes care of business opportunities- Shopware. The integration of both software can do wonders for your e-commerce business.

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