PIMCORE Offers Unprecedented Push To Your eCommerce Strategy

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By: Manish Shewaramani

PIMCORE Offers Unprecedented Push To Your eCommerce Strategy In 2023 & Beyond

Planning to adopt a digital commerce platform for your business and confused about picking the right one for creating a perfect eCommerce Strategy? Well, you are in the right place. Here we have illustrated how PIMCORE offers unprecedented push to commerce business in 2023 and beyond.

What is an eCommerce Strategy?

eCommerce Strategy or Marketing often refers to the efforts or actions you take intending to promote your products or services online. In general, it can apply for attracting new consumers to your business and to retaining existing consumers of your business.

Why is the eCommerce Strategy So Important?

Every business involved in eCommerce activity faces two major challenges: competition and conversion. To beat and overcome those two challenges, a perfect eCommerce strategy is essential.

Here the term competition refers to anything or anyone who takes potential consumers from your business. To overcome this you need to be fresh, innovative, and willing to do better business than your competitor.

On the other hand, the term conversion refers to the act of convincing a visitor to make a purchasing decision. If your site conversion rate falls below the par level, then you need to take necessary action to improve your site performance. It may require attention to its navigation, search/sorting options, pricing factors, site loading, bad reviews, and so.

Having a good eCommerce strategy will enable an organization to break through those above-mentioned 2 challenges easily. It simply gives a proper structure to your online business and delivers the best shopping experience to your consumers.

Here are the lists of elements you can find in a good eCommerce strategy

  • Web Design & Functionality
  • Choosing the Right Commerce Platform
  • Security & Compliance
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Site Performance Evaluation

Tips For Developing Successful eCommerce Strategy

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an enterprise or startup company; once it steps into commerce business then the ultimate goal of the eCommerce strategy is to provide a good shopping experience to consumers and to increase customer loyalty instead of just looking close to the sales.

Here are a few successful eCommerce strategy tips that every organization should follow for increasing their brand revenue through building a strong customer experience and buyer’s loyalty.

Setting eCommerce Goals

Well, setting the goal would be the first and foremost decision that every company should take. Once you are pre-determining your goals you are able to put more than 100% effort into the eCommerce campaign. By taking the necessary steps towards your goal, you are able to set priorities and accomplish them on the way.

Developing Buyers Personas

It means knowing your audience. To experience success in today’s eCommerce business, companies should be well aware of this target audience. Because target potential buyers will always reflect on your business goals. So, start developing your buyers’ personas with that data you are able to create a perfect marketing strategy to attract them.

Identifying Your Business Value

Modern-day consumers expect more from their brands. They compare products and services between brands before making a purchase decision. So, it is important for brands to identify their unique value proposition and determine them fairly by keeping consumers’ pain points and how your product is going to resolve them in mind.

Create Appealing Product & Service Description

Your product description plays a major role in convincing a visitor to buy your product. So, the description should highlight the benefits and features of your products crystal clear. Also, instead of writing in bullet points try to add some product story along with high-quality photographs.

Never Hesitate To Retarget & Remarketing Campaigns

Shopping cart abandonment may happen to any online store. If you feel a rise in the rate of cart abandonment by your consumers, never hesitate to run retargeting ads and remarketing campaigns to highlight the benefits and features of your products and services.

Optimize Your Site

Make sure your site is optimized enough to get crawled by search engine bots. Modern consumers are utilizing more than one touchpoint to reach brands, especially mobile gadgets. So, ensure your eCommerce website is well-optimized for mobile devices.

Why You Should Consider Pimcore as Your eCommerce Strategy?

In today’s digital era, organizations have their business ecosystems mainly focused on improving their digital commerce activities. Many organizations face a lot of challenges in executing their well-directed digital commerce initiatives. Among various reasons for causing those challenges, here are the lists of a few important aspects that pull down organizations from achieving their digital commerce initiatives.

  • Underinvestment on Technologies
  • Not performing those required technological upgrades
  • Not giving importance to the priorities across business units
  • Not maintaining a proper business culture

To succeed in today’s emerging digital era, business leaders need to think beyond technology. They need to focus on implementation and designs along by picking the right eCommerce platform. Choosing the right eCommerce platform will give you the desired sustainability and success in the world of digital commerce.

The eCommerce platform provided by PIMCORE does have all such capabilities and functionalities that will assist business leaders to resolve all those challenges of digital commerce. Pimcore offers a ready-made eCommerce platform for enterprises involved in B2C and B2B business entities looking for a perfect open-source alternative.

eCommerce Advantages of Pimcore

Here in this section, the key eCommerce advantages provided by Pimcore are highlighted for your reference, take a look.

1. Support for B2B & B2C

In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in the eCommerce strategy for the companies handling both B2B & B2C business activities. Pimcore provides a perfect eCommerce framework that supports organizations to perform well on both B2B and B2C business activities.

Here are the PIMCORE features that benefit organizations doing B2B and B2C businesses.

Framework Driven Approach

Pimcore is a framework-driven platform offering flexibility for organizations to carry out B2B and B2C businesses in a single platform that makes it different from the traditional eCommerce platform.

Also, the platform offers a unique combination when it comes to data management and experience management that makes it superiors to other platforms. In addition, it offers a wide range of benefits to the organization in the form of availing open-source components and microservices for better scalability & agility.

Responsive Front-end for Digital Store

Pimcore enables organizations to deliver an omnichannel experience to their customers. The foremost priority of the Pimcore platform is to deliver unified commerce experiences to its end-users.

The frameworks provided by the Pimcore eCommerce platform deliver a fully-responsive store front-end. This enables organizations to overcome all those challenges faced due to multichannel or omnichannel experience.

In addition, it accelerates business by providing exceptional functionalities that integrate multiple customer touchpoints. By using which business leaders can approach more potential consumers.

Easy Product Search & Filtering Options

Pimcore eCommerce platform enables business leaders to manage their product data easily and accurately with uniform data structures. Pimcore platform comes with the inclusion of both PIM and MDM capabilities; also the unique product structure of the platform helps you to manage products having different attributes, relational values, and so on.

The customization and integration of products become so easy with the availability of different adapters like MySQL, Facefinder, Elastic Search, and so on.

Customized Pricing Solution

Pimcore platform enables digital stores to handle the product’s complex pricing model along with product structures easily. The presence of the elastic price engines gets rid of all those pricing hassles of store management by handling all those complex pricing calculations.

The pricing engine helps store managers to manage product pricing sources, customer-specific pricing, pricing rules, pricing matrices, and so at ease. Moreover, the prolific pricing engine of the platform allows you to build a customized pricing solution for your consumers by overcoming all those currency challenges.

Well-improved Shopping Cart Functionalities

The open-source eCommerce solution provided by the Pimcore platform allows you to integrate various functionalities into your shopping cart. By using those, store leaders can easily offer and manage multiple or tenant-specific carting solutions to their potential consumers.

Product Promotion Engine

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, the Pimcore platform comes with more capabilities that enable you to promote your products in more effective ways.

Store leaders can manage product promotions carried in real-time, scheduled, time-based, system or customer-based promotions easily either manually or with the eCommerce promotion engine which can be integrated with the platform through API.

Easy-to-use Checkout Process

The Pimcore eCommerce platform comes with a feature that allows business leaders or store managers to build or configure a customer-friendly checkout process.

Building a customer-centric or checkout process that suits well for the specific business model will help an organization to gain a positive customer experience. With such positivity, they can easily attract more potential consumers and enhance their business operation.

2. Framework For Commerce-as-a-Service

The Pimcore platform uses the Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) features and delivers headless content across multiple customer touchpoints. The API-driven approach of the Pimcore platform makes the delivery of headless content to multiple touchpoints like social media, IoT devices, mobile applications, online marketplaces, and web applications so easy.

With such effective delivery of headless content to various touchpoints, businesses are able to engage with more new consumers and create a more unified customer experience without increasing any operational or infrastructure costs.

3. Inbuilt PIM Solution For eCommerce

When it comes to digital commerce solutions, it is essential to have PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) systems. Because of that, many organizations spend a lot on finding the perfect systems for their growth. However, the solution provided by the Pimcore eCommerce platform has the built-in capabilities of both PIM and DAM systems allowing organizations to manage their product data and product’s digital assets unified.

The built-in PIM & DAM capabilities of the Pimcore platform enable business leaders to manage and organize the complex product data having more attributes so easily. Also, the Pimcore platform allows organizations to link and organize their product’s digital assets with its metadata. This helps to create a better product experience through the effective optimization of product data.

4. Powered by Nextgen Omnichannel Technology

Pimcore platform comes with highly beneficial omnichannel technologies like POS integration, web-to-print, digital signage, and so on, allowing businesses to deliver optimized product data to multiple customer touchpoints which leads to the success path in the digital commerce world.

Also, delivering optimized product data to multiple customer touchpoints like mobile/web applications, social media platforms, marketplaces, and so on can help to build a strong customer experience.

5. Simplifies Content & Commerce Management Operations

In today’s heavy competitive market, delivering accurate and timely content is essential for a business to beat the competition. Also, it helps to create a memorable product experience for the buyers throughout their purchase.

To deliver such right content, as a business leader you need to gather real-time contextual data of a customer and should use integrated digital marketing capabilities to create an engaging experience for the buyers. By doing so, it will increase your store’s conversion rate dramatically. This Pimcore eCommerce platform exactly does and builds an amazing customer experience.

6. Delivers Personalized Experience To All Customer Touchpoints

In the commerce world, the term personalization refers to the delivery of product data and content according to the needs of the targeted consumers. Pimcore eCommerce platform comes with a behavioral target engine that engages consumers by offering products according to their wish lists and interest based on their purchase behavior.

7. Low Cost

Unlike other top commerce platforms, the Pimcore commerce platforms work on open source ideology which allows users to use it free forever. However, Pimcore offers a licensed edition for an organization that loves to own unique software for managing their business operation which comes with a nominal license cost.

Bottom Line

The Pimcore ecosystem has more than 120 business partners, more than a thousand developers along with 250+ code contributors making the platform more flexible than ever. The Pimcore community experiences growth day by day, with no restriction at the backend level on the community edition, you can be more innovative with the digital commerce platform of Pimcore. So, what you are waiting for just for Picmore!

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