Pimcore vs. inriver - Find the Best PIM Platform for Your Company

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By: Sagar Sharma

Pimcore vs. inriver - Find the Best PIM Platform for Your Company

Product information management (PIM) plays a very crucial role for all product-based companies as the customers depend on these product details to make their selection while shopping.

Implementing a platform that will help in the efficient management of the product details and enhancing the quality of the data will help in boosting the business and leading to the growth of the brand and business. Different platforms are available for the management of product information and based on the requirements the organization can opt for the best platform.

A Brief About Pimcore

Pimcore is one of the most commonly used open-source and future-proof digital platforms for the management of product details. Offering a comprehensive range of Pimcore development services, Credencys builds advanced solutions that work as a single-source application for connecting different touch points across the business.

It includes managing the details like digital assets, data related to the customers, and vendors, automating marketing activities, creating complex workflows, content management, etc.

It also provides support for the eCommerce business for its sales and marketing. The Pimcore platform is useful in all the departments of the organization as it serves several purposes. It has different modules and based on the requirements of the organization, they can implement all or individual or any combination of the modules without affecting its unparalleled flexibility.

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Why Should You Consider Using Pimcore PIM?

Several reasons mention that selection of the Pimcore for the Product Information Management is the best option and these include:

Control over the data

Data plays a very crucial role and proper handling of the data acts as a decisive factor. The different types of important data include product data, company data, sales and marketing data, analysis data, etc.

All these details will be essential for all the different teams and the central localization of the data will allow for the elimination of the source of error. It also leads to improved communication within the different teams that enhances performance efficiency. It also leads to avoiding data silos.

Provide faster digital solutions

Pimcore provides a flexible and holistic approach for handling all digital data. It can efficiently handle complex data models. It allows for managing the different events as the product development progresses. It helps in connecting the various platforms essential for the event, delivery, etc.

Preparedness for data privacy

Data privacy is very important for the customers and thus all the data should be protected under the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Pimcore enables storing all customer information in compliance with the data privacy laws.

The other reasons for using the Pimcore include:

  • Modify content layout based on need,
  • Make use of artificial intelligence for future advantage
  • Help in partial digitalization of the services
  • Successful operations and efficient e-mail marketing
  • Automation of important processes across media
  • Allows maintaining the website in multiple languages for reaching out efficiently to potential customers across the globe
  • Enables working efficiently even during the mass rush

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A Brief About inriver

inriver is a strong, fully integrated, multi-tenant SaaS PIM platform. It is used most commonly by the different teams involved in retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, etc. This platform is easy to use and is designed to gather all the product-related information from different sources. It also includes the different features for workflow management for the internal process organization.

inriver helps in providing the customer experience across the marketplace, catalog, and touchpoints for providing the personalized experience to their customers. This application is easy to use, secure and intuitive. Implementation of inriver leads to an increase in sales, streamlining the product data syndication, enhanced customer experience, increased revenue, etc.

Why Should You Consider Using inriver PIM?

inriver only provides the PIM platform and its degree of specialization has led it to emerge as a leader in its business area since 2007. This platform is useful for various companies belonging to different sectors like eCommerce, manufacturing, retail, etc.

The added advantage of the inriver platform is that it offers a resource library specific to industries and their customers for providing training for their sole product. It also provides access to its customers for advanced analytics through its AI-based analytics tools.

This helps in tracking the trends in the product performance across several sites at once by bringing it together on a single platform.

inriver is a powerful PIM platform that has all the standard PIM features. It also includes the additional features for workflow management that allow the organization to optimize its internal processes regarding the product data. This platform is easily organized and allows for better communication among the different teams within the organization

Pimcore vs. inriver – Things You Need to Know

Pimcore and inriver both have strong PIM capabilities. The Pimcore platform leads to having 6 different modules that can help the organization in facing numerous business challenges. These two PIM platforms can be compared based on various features and performance.

1. Pimcore vs. inriver: Features Comparison

Common Features

The common capabilities observed in Pimcore and inriver include

  • Import of data
  • Enrichment of the data
  • Delivery of multi-channel experience
  • Scheduling of the updates
  • Digital asset management
  • Web-to-print
  • Internal messaging
  • Ease of access through the dashboard
  • Workflow management

Pimcore Features

The features observed specifically with the Pimcore platform include:

  • Creation of printable PDF product carts
  • Hosting product e-catalog
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Scheduling of product publishing
  • Content management module
  • Video support
  • Graphical workflow
  • Product experience portal for searching and sharing products across various departments
  • Product data syndication
  • Product feed management across different channels
  • Tracking of orders on a centralized dashboard
  • Print process automation

Pimcore has an upper edge as it helps in providing an all-in-one solution for the management of data and experience for improved eCommerce. inriver platform allows for seamless integration of PIM applications with limited capabilities of digital asset management.

inriver Features

The features that are specific to the inriver platform include:

  • Validation and automated updates for the product information
  • Customization, personalization, and bundling offerings for providing a relevant and contextual customer experience
  • Mapping product relationship
  • Recognition of image for automatic product attribute generation
  • Campaign planning using in-built GNAT chart functionality

The inriver platform trumps the Pimcore as it has improved visual appearance, usability, visual presentation, and placement of all the data and activities with high-priority aspects.

2. Pimcore vs. inriver: Benefits Comparison

While comparing the benefits gained by implementing the Pimcore vs inriver, both have their advantages that attract different organizations.

Pimcore Benefits

Pimcore platform is very user-friendly. It is easy to handle and less complicated. The organization implementing the Pimcore platform in their enterprise does not need to plan any specialized training sessions for their employees to get acquainted with the work.

Pimcore platform can handle the complex data structure with ease with lease efforts. It also allows for effortless transition while using countless features. Pimcore has a larger user base while the inriver users have a smaller user base thus it lacks overall support.

The enterprise community using and handling the Pimcore platform is growing continuously as compared to the community using the inriver platform. The Pimcore platform provides support to its customers or users through various features like forums, articles, consultation calls, whitepapers, etc.

Pimcore platform is more suitable for an organization that has to handle and table complex projects having larger data. The organizations that are handling more than one project or product at a time can implement the use of Pimcore as it allows for easy handling or increased data without affecting its efficiency.

Pimcore is helpful when the organization has to provide product information for several products at the same time across different channels. While in comparison, an organization having a single product with less complex data can implement the use of the inriver platform for data management.

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inriver benefits

In the case of inriver , it includes a steep learning curve and the organization implementing this platform needs to arrange for the specialized training for their employees before handling this application. It requires several training sessions to easily manage this platform.

3. Pimcore vs. inriver: Price & Cost Comparison

Pimcore Pricing & Cost

When comparing the Pimcore vs. inriver based on their costing, the Pimcore has different editions and the cost varies for each of these. The Pimcore has a community edition that is free of cost and has a limited range of features available. These features are limited but include a wide range of capabilities.

This community version can successfully help the organization with all the basic capabilities that are essential for managing the corporate environment. It includes all the 6 major Pimcore components.

The paid enterprise edition of Pimcore costs 19200 Euros per year. This enterprise edition includes access to advanced features like full access to the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Long term Support (LTS), and consulting.

inriver pricing & cost

The cost of the inriver platform is not available. The organization that wants to implement these features needs to directly contact the sales department of inriver to check for the pricing for the basic features and the additional cost that might be associated with the implementation of the platform at the site.

The organization can select the platform that is most feasible for their type of data and their budget requirements.

4. Pimcore vs. inriver: Why & When to Use?

With the advancement in technology, the demands of the customers are ever-increasing and require a completely future-proof solution for the management of information. While selecting the platform, the organization should look for the platform that should be able to integrate easily with the different software that is essential in the organization for its smooth functioning.

This will help in the proper functioning of all the existing systems within the organization. Pimcore solution is easy to work with without much training but the use of inriver requires steep learning before its handling.


Pimcore platform is recommended for use when the organization has to handle a complex system. Pimcore implementation also offers workflow management, web-to-print features along with digital asset management. This helps in staying ahead with the product data.


While implementing the inriver platform, it allows for collaborating or partnering with the inriver community. This leads to improving the platform. It is a closed-source platform and thus only one central team has the charge of maintaining and updating the data as compared to Pimcore which can provide access to different teams for updating their respective data that is stored centrally.

For implementing the inriver platform, a specific person should be allotted for handling the data that is incorporated into the platform.

5. Pimcore vs. inriver: Who Wins?

When comparing Pimcore vs inriver with respect to all the factors like its features, benefits, costing, training, and other parameters, Pimcore has the winning edge.

Pimcore is a powerful platform used for information management. It does not involve vendor lock-in and allows full support to the organization for handling the larger and ever-growing product information.

It allows the organization even during scaling or expansion when the organization launches more products or expands its reach by incorporating more channels to reach its potential customers.

Pimcore is an open-source platform that helps in continuous development and innovation. Thus, it allows for incorporating newer features that will make its handling easier. Its community version is free of cost and thus preferred by most organizations, thus not affecting their budget during the development stage.

It has a larger community and this involves a larger team that can help in problem-solving, troubleshooting, and other challenges faced while implementing and using the platform. It also allows for easy integration with several other applications within the organization thus making it easier for the enterprise to improve its performance, leading to the growth of its business.

Pimcore vs inriver: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcoreinriver
OverviewPimcore is an all-in-one digital platform, integrating PIM, DAM, CMS, and eCommerce, offering a seamless end-to-end solution for managing digital experiences.inriver specializes in PIM, focusing on centralizing and optimizing product information for better marketing and sales.
FlexibilityPimcore is a versatile canvas, allowing customization across multiple dimensions – digital experience, content, and commerce.inriver excels in product data management, providing a solid foundation for businesses focused on enhancing their product offerings.
Comprehensive SolutionPimcore offers PIM, DAM, CMS, and eCommerce in a single platform, reducing integration complexities and ensuring consistent customer experiences.inriver’s core focus on PIM caters to businesses specifically looking to optimize product data management and distribution.
E-Commerce IntegrationPimcore incorporates e-commerce natively, from product management to checkout. It’s suitable for businesses aiming to establish an online storefront.inriver’s PIM strengths complement e-commerce systems but lack the full-fledged e-commerce capabilities found in Pimcore.
Customization CapabilityPimcore’s modular architecture allows for extensive customization, making it a go-to choice for businesses needing tailored solutions.inriver offers robust PIM features but might lack the flexibility for businesses with unique or complex requirements.
ScalabilityPimcore’s scalable architecture ensures that businesses can grow without technological constraints, ideal for enterprises to SMEs looking to expand.inriver’s scalability suits businesses focused on improving product data management, especially those in retail and manufacturing.
Digital Asset ManagementPimcore’s DAM capabilities shine, enabling centralized management of images, videos, and documents across the entire digital ecosystem.inriver’s PIM features are more centered around product information, while DAM might not be as comprehensive as Pimcore’s offering.
User-Friendly InterfacePimcore balances functionality with user-friendliness, providing a comfortable learning curve for both seasoned users and newcomers.inriver’s interface is user-friendly, though it may lack some advanced features present in Pimcore.
Community & SupportPimcore’s community drives innovation, with active forums and resources for developers and users alike.inriver’s community supports PIM-focused users but might not be as diverse as Pimcore’s ecosystem.
Data Quality ManagementPimcore offers tools for managing data quality across different facets of the digital platform, enhancing overall customer experiences.inriver places heavy emphasis on maintaining high-quality product data for marketing and sales purposes.
Pricing ModelPimcore provides both open-source and enterprise editions, catering to diverse business needs with flexible pricing structures.inriver’s pricing can be customized based on business size and requirements, ensuring you pay for what you need.


Pimcore as well as inriver are the PIM platforms that help the organization in providing the optimum solution for the management of product information. For the growth of the business, the organization needs to provide the quality data provided to the end-users.

The PIM development also allows for keeping all the teams within and outside the organization in communication thus increasing working efficiency. This will help in improving the supply chain management and eCommerce for the product. Both the platforms have their pros and cons and the organization can select the best platform for their business based on their needs.


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