Pimcore vs. Magento - Which Is the Better Platform for eCommerce?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Pimcore vs. Magento - Which Is the Better Platform for eCommerce?

Pimcore and Magento are open-source software that offers great functionalities and features to the eCommerce platforms. With great content management capabilities, both the software is considered the more preferred choice by many eCommerce business owners and eCommerce developers worldwide.

However, if you are intended to pick the best one among these two platforms then looking deeper over the Pimcore vs. Magento comparison will give you a clear picture. With proper analysis and study of Pimcore Vs Magento, you can easily find out which software offers an upper edge on product management and enhances your sales.

This article elaborates on the differences and similarities between Pimcore and Magento and assists you to pick the right one.

A Brief About Pimcore

Pimcore is one of the leading Open-source digital platforms that come with various aggregated tools and functions for enriching & efficient management of data. It is PHP software that helps business leaders to manage their product data and product digital assets along with business information in perfection. Leverage end-to-end Pimcore development services to build futuristic digital solutions that empower your journey of digital transformation.

Here are the lists of reasons many prefer Pimcore

  • User-friendly Interface & Easy-to-use
  • Easy to setup and install Pimcore software
  • Comes with a built-in checkout process
  • Offers a simple payment processing system

To understand the varied aspects of Pimcore Technology, don’t miss to read What is Pimcore and How It Boosts Business Growth. It contains case studies of popular brands that explains how Pimcore technology helps them run their online business successfully.

A Brief About Magento

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform that enables developers and business leaders to create a pleasant and enriched shopping experience for the customers. The open-source software Magento has been in the market for a long time and it is considered one of the best mature tools for building an efficient eCommerce site.

Here are the lists of reasons many prefer Magento

  • Highly flexible & powerful eCommerce platform
  • Comes with consumers analytics & reporting features
  • Guidance on consumer behavior trends

What Do You Need to Know About eCommerce Platforms & PIM Systems?

Before getting deeper on Pimcore vs. Magento, you need to know more about the eCommerce platform a PIM system.

At first, the eCommerce platform just like Magento software enables you to do commerce activities like buying and selling items/goods through the internet. An eCommerce platform like Magento fully equips you involved in an online commerce business.

On the other hand, a product information management system (PIM) helps business leaders to manage their product data efficiently. Pimcore’s PIM tool offers a centralized platform to store all types of business data and product-related information.

Managing all data from a single source will be helpful for businesses in many ways especially for creating an effective marketing strategy and enhancing sales team performance with accurate information.

The eCommerce solutions offered by both Pimcore and Magento are essential for an eCommerce business to run smoothly and to achieve success by solving all the challenges.

Pimcore vs Megento: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcoreMagento
OverviewPimcore is a multi-functional digital experience platform that combines PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), CMS (Content Management System), and eCommerce capabilities.Magento is a dedicated eCommerce platform renowned for its robust features and flexibility.
Use CasePimcore is suitable for businesses looking to manage product data, digital assets, content, and eCommerce in an integrated platform. It’s ideal for enterprises seeking complex digital experiences.Magento is primarily designed for businesses focused solely on eCommerce, offering extensive features to build online stores.
FlexibilityPimcore offers high flexibility with its modular architecture, enabling customization of various modules based on business requirements.Magento provides high flexibility through themes, extensions, and APIs, allowing businesses to tailor their online stores.
ScalabilityPimcore is suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises, offering scalability through its modular approach.Magento is designed to handle businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises with high transaction volumes.
Content ManagementPimcore offers robust CMS capabilities, allowing users to manage content, digital assets, and product information in a unified platform.Magento focuses primarily on eCommerce but also includes basic CMS features for managing product content and pages.
E-commerce FunctionalityPimcore provides eCommerce capabilities integrated with PIM and DAM functionalities, enabling businesses to create personalized and data-driven shopping experiences.Magento is dedicated to eCommerce and offers a wide range of features for managing products, orders, payments, and more.
CustomizationPimcore’s modular structure facilitates extensive customization, allowing businesses to develop tailored solutions and integrate external systems.Magento offers customization through themes and extensions, enabling businesses to add specific features and integrations.
Developer-FriendlyPimcore offers a developer-friendly environment with an API-first approach, making it suitable for businesses with development teams.Magento is known for its developer-friendly nature, offering extensive documentation, APIs, and developer tools.
Community SupportPimcore has an active open-source community that contributes to the platform’s development and provides support through forums and resources.Magento has a large community of developers, users, and contributors, offering extensive support, documentation, and extensions.
Integration CapabilitiesPimcore provides robust integration capabilities through APIs, enabling seamless connections with external systems and third-party applications.Magento offers extensive integration options through APIs and third-party extensions, allowing businesses to connect with various tools and services.
Multichannel CapabilitiesPimcore enables businesses to deliver consistent experiences across various channels, including web, mobile, social media, and more.Magento supports multi-channel selling, allowing businesses to expand their reach across multiple platforms and devices.
Mobile ResponsivenessPimcore ensures responsive design for digital experiences, ensuring optimal viewing and interactions on various devices.Magento provides responsive design capabilities to create mobile-friendly online stores for a seamless shopping experience.
Pricing ModelPimcore offers a dual licensing model with open-source and enterprise options, with added features and support for the enterprise version.Magento offers both open-source (Community) and paid (Commerce) versions, with additional features and support for the Commerce edition.

Pimcore vs. Magento – Things You Need to Know

Both the software systems Pimcore and Magento empower the eCommerce platform to offer a better customer experience. When we are about to choose either Pimcore or Magento, it’s really hard to pick the difference if you tend to outlook Pimcore vs. Magento generously.

The Pimcore platform & Magento platform have their own set of pros and cons while providing eCommerce solutions. On a basic level, the Magento platform helps developers to build a powerful online store. However, the Pimcore platform offers more than that; it combines agile eCommerce services and offers a complete eCommerce solution.

Let’s see the expert’s point of view on Pimcore vs. Magento.

Pimcore vs. Magento: Features Comparison

When it comes to eCommerce, both platforms Pimcore and Magento offer a similar set of features. Both offer well-rounded performance when it comes to assisting developers in building a strong eCommerce store.

Pimcore Features

On the other hand, the Pimcore platform does provide some extra capabilities that enable developers to do more on product creation and get them listed online. The value-added features of Pimcore help B2B and B2C businesses to achieve integrated digital experience and top-quality content experience.

Here are the lists of features of Pimcore that overcomes Magento’s features

  • Achieves better customer experience in all touchpoints through personalization
  • Excels in providing out-of-the-box storefront
  • Assist developers to configure complex products to store easily
  • Excellent order management
  • Designed to deliver behavioral target engine
  • Comes with complex pricing along with integrated product structures

Both platforms have very good and several common eCommerce features like a shopping cart, interrelating products, an open-source platform, SEO management, drag and drop functions, and so.

However, Pimcore gains slight advantages and outperforms Magento in many aspects because of its excellence in providing security, personalized content, and managing data & content.

To explore more features of the Pimcore platform, must-visit PIMCORE Offers Unprecedented Push To Your eCommerce Strategy.

Magento Features

Magento is well-known for providing flexible eCommerce solutions and perfect eCommerce technology. Also, it enables developers to modify the core code and reap all the value-added features and functionality of the platform.

Here are the lists of features offered by the Magento platform

  • Provides supreme cyber security
  • Provides block for content transferring
  • Supports content personalization
  • Data reporting features through cloud technology
  • Easy page builder with drag-and-drop
  • Supports marketplace integrations
  • Comes with touch-friendly features of gadgets

Pimcore vs. Magento: Benefits Comparison

Pimcore Benefits

On the other hand, the open-source Pimcore platform delivers a comprehensive eCommerce solution. It simply consolidates eCommerce products and digital assets for delivering eCommerce solutions that outstand all other solution providers.

Here are the lists of a few highlighting benefits offered by Pimcore to the eCommerce store

  • Delivers Unified Digital Experience

Pimcore assists developers and store owners to deliver a unified digital experience through excellent flexibility, data consistency along with high-quality data continuity. It helps commerce stores scale their operation in all available channels.

  • Seamless Integration

The presence of service-oriented APIs of the Pimcore platform helps eCommerce store owners to integrate with 3rd party software easily and quickly. With seamless integration, handling complex product data becomes much easier for eCommerce store owners.

  • Reduces Product’s Time-to-Market

The consolidated Pimcore platform provides a complete eCommerce solution through various tools like PIM, DAM, CDS, and MDM. The open-source Pimcore platform helps eCommerce stores to tackle all the modern challenges that may occur due to digital transformation. The presence of PIM and MDM tools helps eCommerce to launch a new product to the market much quicker.

This clearly shows selecting Pimcore as the digital commerce platform will help eCommerce businesses to achieve success in their complicated journey.

Are you excited to discover the benefits of Pimcore for an eCommerce platform? Don’t forget to read Why Pimcore Is Essential For Modern eCommerce Business.

Magento Benefits

Magento is one of the popular eCommerce platforms in today’s market. This open-source eCommerce platform offers maximum customization options to the developers and as well as eCommerce business owners. It comes with an extensive array of tools and extensions that will help business leaders to manage their eCommerce stores.

Here are the benefits an eCommerce store can get through Magento

  • SEO Friendly

Magento supports product page optimization along with the product descriptions. In addition, it enables developers to optimize the URLs by keeping SEO in mind. Owing to this, it delivers a better customer experience.

  • Loads Store Much Faster

Magento speeds the loading time of an eCommerce store; it is one of the biggest advantages in the commerce industry. Because of that online stores can reduce the customer bounce rate significantly.

  • Flexible Content Management

The latest version of Magento combines with PIM to deliver better management of content & data. Magento PIM enables store owners to customize their store into a user-friendly interface.

Pimcore vs. Magento: Price & Cost Comparison

Pimcore Pricing and Cost

On the other hand, just like the Magento eCommerce platform, the Pimcore platform also comes in two versions, free to use open-source version and an enterprise edition.

Just as the name, the Pimcore free version is absolutely free to use and it comes with a large list of features. Even companies can utilize the free version for efficient and enhanced business operations.

Pimcore’s paid enterprise edition comes with a license fee of 19,200 euros per year. This enterprise edition includes all those features and functions of the free version along with a large quantity of enterprise-only features.

The paid version of Pimcore comes with full access rights to Service Level Agreement (SLA), Long Term Support (LTS), and professional consulting directly with Pimcore’s core team.

Magento Pricing and Cost

The Magento platform comes in two different versions, free and paid edition. The open-source free-to-use Magento comes with various functions and features like instant purchase, integrated checkout, an excellent payment processing system, managing catalogs, performing site searching, and so.

However, implementing the Magento platform for a basic eCommerce website may cost around $30,000.

At the same time, when it comes to implementing Magento’s eCommerce Edition, the license fee will differ based on the enterprise or the organization’s requirements starting from 1 million USD to 100 million USD.

In addition to that license fee, the eCommerce store should pay additional charges for themes, extensions, plug-ins, development, installation, maintenance, and more.

Pimcore vs. Magento: Why & When to Use?

Well, the above-listed points under Pimcore vs. Magento clearly pictured Pimcore as the better platform than Magento. However, there are few instances in which Magento’s latest version Magento 2 can outperform Pimcore.


The new Magento version Magento 2 is a solid eCommerce platform that comes with a single dashboard. Also, the migration process of your old Magento to the new Magento 2 version will be much easier than migrating to Pimcore. Visit Delivered Value! Importance of Magento 2 PIM Systems and its Integrations to understand how Magento 2 empowers Pimcore’s PIM system and its integrations.


If your eCommerce business deals with an extensive range of products and a series of complex products and functions in its daily activities then preferring the Pimcore platform would be the best and wise option. The Pimcore platform enables eCommerce business to run smoothly even if it is connected with multiple projects simultaneously.

Pimcore platform comes with desired stuff that will satisfy all the modern needs of an eCommerce store. Apart from managing and organizing the product content, Pimcore introduces automation in the customer interaction process. This will lead to achieving better customer satisfaction through the customer journey.

Those who are looking for a perfect platform or solution to establish their products and services in multiple customer touchpoints can blindly choose Pimcore instead of Magento. The several built-in features and functions of Pimcore make it more than a simple eCommerce platform.

Pimcore vs. Magento: Who Wins?


One can easily predict Pimcore over Magento eCommerce after reading all those above-mentioned Pimcore vs Magento comparison points. Unlike Magento and Magento 2, Pimcore’s free version brings more attractive features and functions. Because of that reason, Pimcore is mostly preferred by the majority of companies and enterprises for building and managing their eCommerce.


However, if you are solely looking for a strong eCommerce platform for your business, you can prefer Magento 2. But for complex projects and you are seeking more than just an eCommerce platform for your eCommerce business, then preferring the Pimcore platform would be the best option.

Is it possible to use Pimcore & Magento Together?

Have you established your eCommerce store with Magento and wondered how to utilize the power of Pimcore in your business? Well, you can run both for your business with the help of a plug-in. PIM for Magento helps you to achieve a better customer experience and enhance real-time collaboration with workers.

By combining Pimcore Magento 2, you can achieve greater capabilities for your online store. Especially in handling files associated with different products and related to products. Also, consolidation of product data along with file organizing will be easier with Pimcore Magento 2 integration.

Also, PIM for Magento supports the Omnichannel system and gives more opportunities to sell products in many channels with accurate and up-to-date product data. This will increase your sales and boost your business growth in a quick time.

Final Verdict

Both platforms Pimcore and Magento offer an excellent solution to an eCommerce business. However, the data management capabilities of Pimcore make it great when compared with Magento. In addition, the presence of various built-in tools and functionalities helps developers to build numerous B2B eCommerce applications.

At the same time, if you are thinking of utilizing the benefits of both Pimcore Magento 2 to your eCommerce store means, you simply integrate both these platforms and increase the management capabilities of your eCommerce platform.


Pimcore vs. Competitors

Do you want to understand how Pimcore stands out from its competitors?

Here are some detailed comparisons of Pimcore with other technology platforms that help you pick the right platform that contributes to your consistent business growth and success.

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