Pimcore vs. PrestaShop - How to Choose the Right Platform?

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Pimcore vs. PrestaShop - How to Choose the Right Platform?

If you are planning to start an online shop for your business, then the first and foremost decision of yours should be choosing the ideal eCommerce platform. In today’s market, you can find numerous platforms offering eCommerce solutions and many more. However, picking the right one that suits your business requirement is essential to achieving success and future business goals.

Both are categorized as eCommerce platforms, however, to choose the best you need to get results through a Pimcore vs. PrestaShop comparison. Here this article elaborates on choosing the best eCommerce platform between Pimcore and PrestaShop.

A Brief About Pimcore

Pimcore is well-known as the advanced open-source eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of solutions for businesses to achieve success in the digital world. The platform has very strong data management and digital experience management capabilities.

For many eCommerce businesses, Pimcore offers a one-stop solution for its entire needs. The Pimcore platform handles everything including data optimization, omnichannel strategy, and so on.

In simple words, Pimcore is the ideal choice for companies or enterprises looking to optimize their entire business processes. Enterprises can enhance the usage of the Pimcore platform by purchasing the enterprise-only edition of Pimcore to leverage more benefits.

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Why Should You Consider Using Pimcore?

The Pimcore platform has grown as a key technology for enterprises and eCommerce businesses to manage their content and data effectively. Here are the lists of a few reasons that force developers around the world to make use of Pimcore development services for eCommerce development.

  • Easy to import and export in quick time from various multiple sources in different formats.
  • Pimcore comes with a context-sensitive user interface that allows users to enrich content easily through drag & drop features.
  • Pimcore allows you to digitize and optimize product catalogs comprehensively.
  • Data syndications and data distribution become easy across various customer touch points.
  • Pimcore supports real-time data distribution between channel partners and suppliers/agencies.
  • Data onboarding becomes easy with the presence of a self-service interface provided by Pimcore.
  • Enables developers to build supplier and vendor portals in simple and with customizable front ends.
  • Allows users to create personalized print-ready marketing/sales documents.
  • Pimcore supports an automated print process.

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A Brief About PrestaShop

It is an open-source eCommerce platform released in 2007. Just like the Pimcore platform, the PrestaShop also has a large number of active community support. The platform is more user-friendly and completely free, because of that it is considered the best alternative for WordPress and WooCommerce eCommerce platforms.

This free-to-use platform was released to facilitate eCommerce development at an affordable cost.

Why Should You Consider Using PrestaShop?

The open-source free-to-use PrestaShop platform allows developers to build dynamic and robust eCommerce websites at an affordable cost. Here are the lists of other key reasons that trigger developers around the world to utilize the PrestaShop platform in the development of an eCommerce website or store.

  • Customization in the PrestaShop platform is unique and it takes all the requirements of the businesses into account.
  • It is easy to build an eCommerce website meeting all expectations and for all business types using PrestaShop.
  • It offers enough flexibility to customize the admin panel to manage the store features.
  • The eCommerce platform provides numerous free themes to choose from.
  • It is a lightweight eCommerce platform that enables eCommerce developers to build eCommerce websites easily and quickly.
  • The PrestaShop platform allows developers to build websites with an attractive user interface.
  • Ecommerce websites built through PrestaShop can achieve a better user experience.

Pimcore vs. PrestaShop – Things You Need to Know

When it comes to comparing Pimcore and PrestaShop you can’t take it lightly. Pimcore vs. PrestaShop can be differentiated only if we look deeper. Both Pimcore and PrestaShop offer excellent eCommerce platforms for businesses to shine in the virtual world. Though both are pretty similar if we look in general but the features and functions of them make it strongly differ.

Before getting deeper into Pimcore vs. PrestaShop, let’s see what similarities they have.

Here are the lists of similarities both eCommerce platforms have, take a look.

  • Helps eCommerce owners to manage their web content.
  • Performs content optimization as per SEO standards.
  • Supports multiple language translation.
  • Effective product data management.
  • Options to customize storefront.
  • Online payment option.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party apps.
  • Easy to manage customer orders & records.
  • Report creations, Sales & Inventory presentations.
  • Provides control editing rights based on various categories.
  • Offers a seamless approach to Customer Experience (CX) in all available sales channels.

Well, let’s see what kind of differences these two eCommerce platforms have in detail.

1. Pimcore vs. PrestaShop: Features Comparison

Pimcore Features

The open-source eCommerce platform Pimcore provides the flexible option for the developers to create a highly individual commerce platform. With such personalization, shop owners can easily achieve good digital experiences among the target audiences. Also, the digital platform pimcore comes with all the essential features and functions that enterprises require to succeed in the virtual market.

Here are the lists of unique features of Pimcore offered to the digital eCommerce businesses, take a look.

  • Offers excellent feed management solutions to all channels.
  • Easy to integrate marketplaces.
  • Easy to connect external systems.
  • Data importing from an external system becomes much easier.
  • Comes with built-in SEO tools, an analytics dashboard, and a photo editor.
  • Removes data silos.
  • Creation of product catalogs becomes easier.
  • Offers personalization.
  • It comes with a behavioral targeting engine.
  • Easy to create & manage complex workflows.

PrestaShop Features

The free-to-use eCommerce platform PrestaShop offers a wide range of features including competitive advantages in eCommerce. When compared with the Pimcore digital commerce platform, PrestaShop does have a few unique features that make the platform outperform Pimcore.

Here are the lists of built-in features of PrestaShop that enforces shop owners to prefer this eCommerce platform.

  • Provides unlimited listing options to the shop owners.
  • It comes with tracking & stock alert features on inventory management.
  • Exporting & Importing data becomes simple with CSV format.
  • Inherits advanced SEO capabilities.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to manage promotions, discounts, and cart abandonment activities.
  • Easy to configure checkout process.
  • Instant mobile optimization.
  • Generates statistical reports on visitors, sales & orders, and so.
  • Supports more than 75+ languages.

So, in terms of feature-wise comparison, Pimcore stands tall with a well-rounded digital experience and a wide arsenal of revenue-generating features.

2. Pimcore vs. PrestaShop: Benefits Comparison

Pimcore Benefits

On the other hand, the Pimcore platform is considered the best-of-breed by businesses around the world to accelerate their online sales. Pimcore eCommerce platform allows business owners & developers to build and deploy eCommerce stores to meet the demands of modern consumers as quickly as possible.

Here are the lists of some highlighting benefits offered by the Pimcore eCommerce platform.

Unified Digital Experience

The enterprise version of Pimcore software comes with an array of features and functionality to boost eCommerce performance. Apart from offering high-end content management, the software ensures maintaining flexibility, consistency, and continuity of quality content.

Unrivaled Interoperability

The digital commerce platform Pimcore offers unmatched interoperability when compared with all other eCommerce solution providers. The platform offers optimal digital engagement between business systems, technological stacks, data sources, and so.

Apart from those, the presence of the headless API-driven framework for commerce-as-a-service along with personalized experience for customers in all available customer touchpoints makes the pimcore platform outperform PrestaShop. Because of this reason, Pimcore digital commerce is the most preferred platform by many leading companies/businesses around the world.

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PrestaShop Benefits

eCommerce platforms have become the most crucial part of all businesses in today’s world. On account of that, you can find a lot of software and tools labeled as offering world-class eCommerce solutions. PrestaShop is among such software platforms that allow developers to build a unique eCommerce website for all kinds of businesses.

Here are the lists of some highlighting benefits offered by PrestaShop.

Easy Installation

Installing PrestaShop is not a dreadful task. All you need is to download the right installation file from the official website; it would be sized just 6MB. And it’s just a few clicks you can create responsive and functioning web shops easily.


Unlike other eCommerce solutions, PrestaShop is free to use. This open-source platform is handy for merchants who are keen on minimizing investments in opening an online shop.

3. Pimcore vs. PrestaShop: Price & Cost Comparison

Pimcore Pricing & Cost

Pimcore commerce platform comes in 2 editions, free and enterprise-level editions. The free version of Pimcore comes with excellent community support along with various notable features and functions.

However, the paid version of the enterprise-ready community edition of Pimcore would cost around 19,200 euros per year. This paid version allows business owners to enjoy numerous enterprise-only features. Which includes data syndication, a separate portal for products and assets, feed management, and so.

PrestaShop Pricing & Cost

On the other hand, the PrestaShop is fully free to use. Buyers do not need to pay any for the license, or subscriptions, and there is no commission for installing and accessing the PrestaShop platform. So, all you need is a reliable and reputable development partner for creating a seamless webshop for your business using the PrestaShop eCommerce platform.

However, eCommerce business people would not forget the development factor. The development of an eCommerce store using PrestaShop is not free; you need to pay for the developers. In addition, store owners need to pay a lot for getting add-ons for online stores to build in PrestaShop. The cost of add-ons in PrestaShop is a bit higher when compared with Pimcore.

So, in final PrestaShop may be handy for a small-scale eCommerce store that looks to minimize the investment. However, eCommerce businesses having a strong future vision preferring Pimcore would be an ideal choice when compared with PrestaShop.

4. Pimcore vs. PrestaShop: Why & When to Use?


However, if you are representing a mid-range enterprise-level ECommerce Company opting for Pimcore would be the best choice. If your eCommerce business requires data maintenance, data enrichment, and data distribution, your ultimate choice must be Pimcore.

The Pimcore platform comes with 6 components when used to its full potential, they would be enough to cover all the aspects of an eCommerce business need.


As discussed in the above section, PrestaShop is the most preferred choice for small-scale commerce businesses with no future development. PrestaShop is simple software that doesn’t provide any assistance in handling or managing data.

Also, the software is highly focused on satisfying basic eCommerce features. Though you can enhance the capabilities of the PrestaShop platform through add-ons, it will affect your site performance and the cost of having subscription-based add-ons would be expensive.

5. Pimcore vs. PrestaShop: Who Wins?

Having taken all the similarities, differences, features, functions, benefits, and price & cost factors into account the results of Pimcore vs. PrestaShop would be the Pimcore. When compared with the PrestaShop platform, the Pimcore is more powerful and offers much more to the eCommerce stores. Pimcore offers a wide range of features and benefits on both editions free and enterprise, also the capabilities of both editions of Pimcore are unparalleled.

Implementing Pimcore ensures your eCommerce business gets the most out of your data and achieves a competitive edge in the virtual market. It brings your idea into reality with its 6 components. However, if you are looking for an eCommerce solution with simplicity, easiness, and low cost with no future growth, then preferring PrestaShop would be the right choice.

Pimcore vs PrestaShop: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcorePrestaShop
OverviewPimcore is an integrated platform offering PIM, DAM, CMS, and eCommerce capabilities, ideal for managing digital experiences and commerce.PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution, focused solely on enabling businesses to set up online stores.
Use CasePimcore is ideal for enterprises that require complex digital experiences with integrated product data, assets, content, and e-commerce functionality. It’s suitable for businesses looking to centralize data and deliver consistent experiences across channels.Drupal is primarily used for building websites and web applications. It’s widely adopted for content-driven sites, community portals, and blogs.
Comprehensive SolutionPimcore combines multiple functionalities like PIM, DAM, CMS, and eCommerce in a single platform, offering a seamless and unified approach to digital experiences.PrestaShop specializes in e-commerce, providing tools to create and manage online stores without the extensive range of other functionalities.
Customization CapabilityPimcore’s modular architecture allows extensive customization, making it suitable for businesses with unique requirements and diverse digital strategies.PrestaShop also allows customization but might not match Pimcore’s level of versatility and flexibility.
ScalabilityPimcore’s scalable architecture accommodates growth, making it suitable for enterprises and SMEs aiming to expand their digital footprint.PrestaShop is scalable, but certain complexities might arise when managing larger and more diverse digital operations.
Digital Asset ManagementPimcore offers robust DAM features, allowing centralized management of digital assets like images, videos, and documents across different channels.PrestaShop’s primary focus is on e-commerce, so its DAM capabilities might not be as comprehensive as Pimcore’s.
Content ManagementPimcore’s CMS capabilities enable businesses to manage content alongside product and commerce data, ensuring consistent experiences.PrestaShop’s CMS capabilities are geared more towards content related to e-commerce, without the breadth of Pimcore’s CMS functionalities.
E-Commerce FeaturesPimcore integrates e-commerce functionalities natively, from product management to checkout, making it a holistic solution for online businesses.PrestaShop is dedicated to e-commerce, offering a range of features for setting up and managing online stores.
User-Friendly InterfacePimcore’s user interface balances functionality with ease of use, catering to both advanced users and those new to the platform.PrestaShop’s interface is user-friendly but may not offer the same level of flexibility and user experience as Pimcore.
Community & SupportPimcore has an active community that contributes to innovation, providing a rich resource for users and developers alike.PrestaShop boasts a strong community, with resources and extensions available to enhance your e-commerce store.
Data Quality ManagementPimcore offers tools to maintain data quality across different aspects of the platform, enhancing customer experiences and business outcomes.PrestaShop’s primary focus is e-commerce, so its data quality tools might not be as comprehensive as Pimcore’s offering.
Pricing ModelPimcore offers both open-source and enterprise editions, with flexible pricing options tailored to different business sizes and requirements.PrestaShop is open-source and free to use, but additional costs might arise from hosting, themes, and extensions.
Integration CapabilitiesPimcore’s API-first approach enables seamless integration with third-party systems, CRM, ERP, and more, facilitating data flow across your digital ecosystem.PrestaShop also offers integrations, but its focus is primarily on e-commerce, which might limit the extent of integration possibilities compared to Pimcore.
Multichannel CommercePimcore’s multichannel capabilities allow businesses to deliver consistent experiences across various touchpoints, including websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices.PrestaShop excels in providing an online store experience, but its multichannel capabilities might not be as extensive as Pimcore’s.
Data Analytics & InsightsPimcore’s data analytics tools empower businesses to gather insights from customer interactions, enhancing personalization and decision-making.PrestaShop provides analytics related to e-commerce transactions, while Pimcore’s broader analytics offerings might be more comprehensive.
SEO & Marketing ToolsPimcore’s integrated platform includes SEO and marketing tools to optimize content, improve search rankings, and drive traffic to your digital properties.PrestaShop’s SEO and marketing tools are geared towards e-commerce, potentially lacking the broader scope of Pimcore’s offerings.
Multilingual & LocalizationPimcore enables multilingual and localization features, crucial for businesses targeting global audiences and managing different languages and regions.PrestaShop supports multilingual capabilities, but Pimcore’s wider scope might better address complex localization needs.
Digital ExperiencePimcore provides tools to create immersive digital experiences, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) features, enhancing engagement.PrestaShop’s primary focus is on e-commerce experiences, so its offerings might not extend to advanced AR and VR features.
Performance & ScalabilityPimcore’s architecture is designed for high performance and scalability, catering to businesses with extensive data management and growth requirements.PrestaShop is scalable but might face certain limitations when managing larger and more complex digital operations.
Customer Support & TrainingPimcore provides comprehensive customer support and training resources, catering to both developers and business users for successful implementation.PrestaShop offers support and training, but Pimcore’s resources might be more extensive, given its multifaceted capabilities.
Innovation & FlexibilityPimcore’s modular and extensible nature allows businesses to innovate and adapt to changing digital landscapes, ensuring future-proof solutions.PrestaShop is innovative within the e-commerce domain, but its scope might not be as flexible as Pimcore’s for diverse digital strategies.

Bottom Line

Both Pimcore and PrestaShop excel in providing an eCommerce platform for a business to boost its online sales. However, the result on Pimcore vs. PrestaShop shows Pimcore offers much more than PrestaShop.

So, if you are planning to start a complex eCommerce business or eCommerce business with strong future growth then opting for Pimcore would be the best and ideal choice. Else, you can simply go straight with the PrestaShop which offers the basic eCommerce solution for businesses that don’t have any future goals.


Pimcore vs. Competitors

Do you want to understand how Pimcore stands out from its competitors?

Here are some detailed comparisons of Pimcore with other technology platforms that help you pick the right platform that contributes to your consistent business growth and success.

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