Pimcore vs. Syndigo - Which PIM System Should You Choose?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Pimcore vs. Syndigo- Which PIM System Should You Choose?

To run a business in today’s business world, a Product Information Management (PIM) system becomes necessary. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running; a PIM system offers a wide range of benefits.

There are so many platforms offering PIM solutions, but picking the right one that suits your business needs will be beneficial. In this Pimcore vs. Syndigo post, you are going to explore the advanced capabilities of two leading PIM platforms.

Both platforms offer PIM solutions to all business types. However, when it comes to which is best, you need to compare and review each and every aspect of both platforms.

This is what this article is about. Both the Pimcore and Syndigo platforms are compared based on their features, benefits, cost, usage, and so on.

A Quick Overview of Pimcore

Well, before getting into the core topic, let’s brush up with some basics. Pimcore is an open-source platform that offers a wide range of features and functions that are necessary to run a business in this modern world.

The Pimcore platform consolidates all the business data and stores it in a centralized location. From that centralized repository, the Product Information Management system enriches and manages data effectively.

Distribute data across all the output channels by meeting the specific needs of each channel with robust PIM development. Whatever type and amount of data your company handles, Credencys develop PIM systems by offering end-to-end Pimcore development services capable of managing, consolidating, and integrating data in digital form.

The Pimcore digital platform offers multi-domain and multi-vector capabilities that maximize the business’s growth in a short time. If you are excited to explore more about the Pimcore platform along with an overview of its capabilities and benefits, you must read What is Pimcore and How It Boosts Business Growth.

Why should you consider using Pimcore PIM?

The award-winning data management platform Pimcore is an excellent alternative to expensive digital experience platforms. Pimcore offers a complete solution for an enterprise seeking success in the digital world.

Here are the lists of aspects that business stakeholders while considering Pimcore implementation.

  • Pimcore acts as an integrated platform with the capability of handling all types of digital data. The platform offers seamless integration with other systems.
  • The presence of an API-driven and service-oriented architecture enables easy connection with other 3rd party systems like ERP, CRM, and so on.
  • The centralized data repository acts as a single and “trusted view” of product information. This ensures your business and consumers get high-quality data consistency.
  • With zero license cost, the Pimcore platform offers a highly flexible solution that caters to all the needs of modern businesses.
  • Pimcore’s PIM platform supports multiple languages.

To unveil more benefits of the Pimcore platform for your business, don’t miss reading 16 Reasons Why Enterprises Need a Robust Pimcore Platform. It provides all the major benefits that your business can experience after implementing a Pimcore-based digital solution.

A Quick Overview of Syndigo

The Syndigo platform is considered one of the most powerful business platforms which eases all the struggles and hassles an organization faces in content and commerce activities. The support provided by the Syndigo platform for the PIM system will benefit both consumers and businesses.

The Syndigo platform facilitates the PIM system to deliver robust, comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate information and details of the products. The Syndigo software comes with a variety of beneficial features and functionalities for organizations.

The software comes with a highly user-friendly interface, enabling end-users or business stakeholders to access the PIM system simply and fast. Apart from that, the Syndigo platform uses modern technologies and innovative methods to boost business productivity.

Why Should You Consider Using Syndigo?

Unlike in the past, in today’s business world, businesses need to be innovative and smart to sustain and be successful. Content management and commerce activities have become hand in hand for modern businesses across the world.

This is where the Syndigo platform plays a handy role. Modern consumers seek more information about products in a user-friendly environment before making a purchase.

Syndigo offers a feature-rich and user-friendly PIM platform that makes product information highly accessible, accurate, and relevant. Apart from that, here are a few lists of aspects that will trigger you to consider the Syndigo platform for your business.

  • Syndigo empowers the PIM system to deliver feature-rich content and act as a bridge between content and commerce with precise data.
  • Companies can easily reach the market with their new products and catalogs using the Syndigo business platform.
  • The platform accelerates the supplier data onboarding process.
  • The platform removes all the data complexity and brings more transparency to business operations.
  • The Syndigo platform helps end-users and consumers find needed products quickly by simplifying the search and navigation systems.
  • The platform enhances the business workflow and makes the integration process simpler and faster.

Pimcore vs. Syndigo – Things You Need to Know

Both Pimcore and Syndigo are essential platforms for businesses. In today’s highly competitive business environment, commerce and content have become highly relative, which leads companies to necessarily make use of the PIM (Product Information Management) platform.

Businesses that use a PIM system effectively can easily manage their decision-making sense and take critical actions to improve business processes or operations. However, when it comes to picking Pimcore vs. Syndigo, you need to analyze every aspect in detail.

The upcoming sections will show you how to find differences between Pimcore and Syndigo and how to determine the best between Pimcore and Syndigo.

1. Pimcore vs. Syndigo: Features Comparison


Take a look over the 6 separate systems offered by Pimcore. That makes it a complete solution for an organization.

  • PIM (Product Information Management).
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management).
  • MDM (Master Data Management).
  • CDP (Customer Data Platform).
  • CMS (Content Management System).
  • Digital Commerce Platform

Each of these six systems has its own set of features that enable an organization to take immediate action in a typical situation. Also, it helps organizations improve their workflow efficiency and leverage the advantages of the workflow engine.

The Pimcore platform offers a platform where businesses can build their custom solutions according to their requirements.

On the other hand, the robust business platform Syndigo assists businesses in making better business decisions. Here are some attractive features offered by Syndigo to businesses.

  • Digital data can be effectively differentiated.
  • Optimization and streamlining of new products
  • Publishing catalogs, web content, data sheets, and so through desktop integration.
  • Effective supplier and item master maintenance.
  • It offers a robust data quality and approval engine.
  • Synchronization of product information across multiple enterprise systems.
  • Dynamic governance for product updates.
  • Workflow updates whenever a new product is introduced or a product update happens.

2. Pimcore vs. Syndigo: Benefits Comparison


Well, everybody knows Pimcore is an open-source consolidated platform that empowers enterprises and all kinds of businesses through the effective management of data. The platform simply aggregates data from all the inherited systems, enriches them, and allows enterprises to manage them with perfection.

The Pimcore platform provides up-to-date information or details of the products consistently. Moreover, it provides a centralized solution to businesses involved in digital commerce activities. These are the few additional benefits offered by Pimcore to enterprises.

  • The centralized data repository helps enterprises to share high-quality content across all available channels in a consistent manner.
  • Pimcore helps enterprises take control of their master data by eliminating all possible headaches.
  • The presence of a centralized data library helps enterprises to create more engaging brand stories for end-users or target audiences.
  • Effective management of data helps enterprises create more attractive prospects to cover more target audiences.
  • Data enrichment helps enterprises achieve a personalized digital experience.
  • The Pimcore platform assists eCommerce stores to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to their shoppers.

On the other hand, Syndigo accelerates the workflow and business operation of the businesses. In addition, it helps consumers find out the product information that they seek in a quick time.

Apart from that, here is a list of some key benefits offered by the Syndigo platform to businesses. Take a look.

  • Syndigo helps consumers engage with the right product information quickly and easily.
  • Syndigo is a user-friendly and feature-rich platform that allows businesses to manage their product information easily.
  • The Syndigo platform acts as a bridge between eCommerce and content by delivering highly accurate, complete, and enriched data.
  • Syndigo’s PIM tool enables businesses to bring new products to market much more quickly, as well as catalogs.
  • Syndigo eliminates all the complexity of data and helps businesses improve their transparency.
  • Integrations between systems become simpler and faster with the Syndigo PIM.
  • Syndigo reduces the significant amount of time taken by the end-user to search for relevant product information.

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3. Pimcore vs. Syndigo: Price & Cost Comparison

Though both platforms offer significant features and benefits to businesses, when it comes to Pimcore vs. Syndigo, pricing plays a key role in determining the buyer’s interest.


Pimcore pricing is organized into 3 different editions.

Pimcore Free Edition

It is an open-source edition, which means it costs nothing to license. Buyers can avail themselves of excellent support from the Pimcore community.

However, buyers need to pay fees for the implementation process carried out by the developers.

Pimcore’s Enterprise Edition

Unlike the free edition, this enterprise edition of Pimcore costs 19,200 euros per year. This edition gives you access to all enterprise-only features.

This edition comes with various tools, including SLA (Service Level Agreement), and LTS (Long Term Support), along with direct support from the Pimcore team.

Pimcore’s Unlimited Edition

Well, this is a special edition provided by the Pimcore team based on the requirements of businesses. In simple words, it can be briefed as a custom-tailored edition of the Pimcore platform with an unlimited number of installations.

The cost of this edition will be determined at the time of purchase by the Pimcore team based on the buyer’s needs.

On the other hand, the Syndigo platform doesn’t have any free versions. The paid version of the Syndigo platform starts at 100,000 USD per year.

Apart from that, the makers of the Syndigo platform offer customized solutions based on the buyer’s needs. However, to know the exact cost of such a custom edition, you are supposed to get in touch with the officials of the Syndigo business platform.

4. Pimcore vs. Syndigo: Why & When to Use?


Pimcore offers a complete solution to all the needs of modern businesses. When compared with small-scale or medium-scale businesses, Pimcore provides excellent support to large-scale companies.

Especially, companies handling large amounts of data require effective data management systems. In addition, the Pimcore digital platform supports businesses by handling millions of SKUs and customer data entries with its wide range of features.

Handling complex projects becomes easier with the presence of the Pimcore platform.

On the other hand, the business platform Syndigo is better suited for developing web-based and desktop applications. In most cases, the Syndigo platform is deployed with cloud-based support with monthly and yearly payments.

Based on effective handling, the Syndigo platform can be utilized in start-ups, mid-range businesses, and also enterprise-level businesses. It is a powerful business platform often required by modern businesses that try to handle commerce and content effectively.

Pimcore vs. Syndigo: Who Wins?

In the battle of Pimcore vs. Syndigo, the winner ultimately depends on the unique needs and preferences of the business. Pimcore shines as a flexible, open-source platform with robust customization capabilities and excellent scalability.

On the other hand, Syndigo offers a more straightforward, out-of-the-box approach with reliable customer support. If you prioritize extensive customization and openness, Pimcore might be the ideal choice.

However, if you seek a more streamlined experience and dedicated support, Syndigo could be the winner in your book. Before making a decision, it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate your business requirements and consider how each platform aligns with your long-term goals and growth trajectory.

Pimcore vs Syndigo: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcoreSyndigo

E-commerce Capabilities

Pimcore offers built-in e-commerce functionality, allowing businesses to create and manage online stores, product catalogs, and shopping experiences.

Syndigo primarily focuses on managing and syndicating product content to retailers, with less emphasis on native e-commerce capabilities.

Content Personalization

Pimcore’s content personalization capabilities enable businesses to deliver tailored experiences based on user behavior, preferences, and historical data.

Syndigo’s primary focus is on maintaining accurate and consistent product content, with less emphasis on individualized content delivery.

Multilingual Support

Pimcore provides comprehensive multilingual support, allowing businesses to manage product content in various languages and cater to diverse global audiences.

Syndigo’s primary focus is on ensuring accurate product content syndication, with multilingual support being secondary in their offerings.

Third-Party Integrations

Pimcore’s extensive ecosystem includes integrations with various third-party tools, extending its functionality for marketing, analytics, and other business needs.

Syndigo focuses more on integrations with retailers’ systems, ensuring seamless delivery of product content to different online platforms.

Collaboration & Workflow

Pimcore offers collaborative tools and workflow management, enabling teams to efficiently create, review, and approve digital assets and product content.

Syndigo focuses on streamlining collaboration among retailers and suppliers but with a primary focus on content syndication processes.

Mobile App Integration

Pimcore supports mobile app integration, allowing businesses to create mobile applications that seamlessly access and display product information from the catalog.

Syndigo’s main focus is on ensuring that accurate product content is available across online channels rather than native mobile app integration.

E-commerce Analytics

Pimcore provides advanced e-commerce analytics tools, enabling businesses to track user behavior, conversion rates, and other key performance metrics.

Syndigo’s main focus is on ensuring that accurate product content is syndicated to retailers’ systems, with less emphasis on advanced e-commerce analytics.

Regulatory Compliance

Pimcore offers tools to help businesses ensure regulatory compliance for product data, such as providing accurate and standardized product information to meet industry standards.

Syndigo’s main focus is on delivering accurate and compliant product content to retailers, with less emphasis on broader regulatory compliance features.

Pricing & Product Configurator

Pimcore can integrate with pricing and product configurator tools, enabling businesses to offer customizable product options and accurate pricing information.

Syndigo’s main focus is on syndicating standardized product content to retailers, with less emphasis on direct integration with pricing and configurator tools.

Workflow Automation

Pimcore offers workflow automation capabilities, allowing businesses to streamline content approval, publishing, and other processes across the digital experience.

Syndigo’s main focus is on automating the syndication of product content to retailers’ systems, with less emphasis on broader workflow automation.

Customer Experience

Pimcore prioritizes delivering seamless and engaging customer experiences through a unified digital platform that combines content, commerce, and data management.

Syndigo’s primary focus is on ensuring that accurate product content reaches consumers through various retailers and online channels.

PIM as a Core Offering

Pimcore positions PIM as a core offering within its comprehensive platform, providing businesses with a wide range of capabilities beyond PIM.

Syndigo specializes in product content management and syndication, with a primary focus on delivering accurate product data to retailers and e-commerce platforms.

Scalability & Enterprise Fit

Pimcore is designed to cater to enterprises of all sizes, offering scalability and flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs and growth.

Syndigo specializes in meeting the specific content syndication requirements of retailers and suppliers, with a narrower enterprise focus.


In conclusion, the comparison between Pimcore and Syndigo has revealed two robust contenders in the realm of product information management and digital asset management. Both platforms offer distinct advantages, and the ultimate winner depends on the specific needs and priorities of your business.

To make the right decision for your business, carefully evaluate your requirements and long-term objectives. Consider factors like data complexity, integration needs, budget, and support preferences.

Whichever platform you choose, both Pimcore and Syndigo offer valuable tools to enhance your product management processes and drive business growth. In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital commerce, having an efficient and effective product management system is crucial.

By investing time in understanding the unique offerings of Pimcore and Syndigo, you can equip your organization with the right tools to excel in the competitive market and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Remember, whether you opt for Pimcore’s flexibility or Syndigo’s simplicity, the key is to select a solution that aligns with your business vision and empowers you to achieve new heights of success.

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