Product Descriptions – The Secret Mantra To Grow Your Online Sales
By: Sagar Sharma

Product Descriptions – The Secret Mantra To Grow Your Online Sales

Technology is driving almost every aspect we do in today’s world. People prefer to shop for their needs from an online store, owing to the fact that many eCommerce businesses have blossomed in recent years.

Online store owners need to be more creative and innovative to be successful in today’s marketplace. A product description is an important aspect that every online store owner needs to concentrate on to be successful in their online sales.

This article elaborates on the importance of having good product descriptions and how it is helpful in the growth of online sales.

Product Description – What You Need To Know?

Product descriptions are the formal way of explaining or describing the product details to the buyers/viewers. It should contain all the information about your product and should have the potential of driving consumers to purchase it.

Ecommerce sites follow their style of placing this product description on their product page with unique structure and formats. With good product descriptions included with images and videos of specific products, online shops manage to grab the attention of the buyers.

Benefits of Having Good Product Description

If you analyze the arsenal of an eCommerce store’s success, surely product description might play a key role. A good product description tends to grab viewers’ attention and turn them into a buyer.

Here are the key benefits of having a good product description on your eCommerce Store

1. Educates Consumers

A good product description with accurate details will educate consumers more about the specific product. It doesn’t matter whether readers purchased your products or not, they may learn more about your products. Product description acts as a medium to reach your product to more audiences.

Online, the store which makes viewers or buyers learn a lot will win.

2. Builds Trust

Once the viewer or buyer gets satisfied with your product description after reading, they will gain trust and make a quick and positive purchase decision. To gain trust, make sure you provide a high-quality product description without any grammatical errors. This will convey to viewers as you are well polished and professional in this business.

With a good and creative product description, consumers will know what you are doing and how good you are!

3. Gives You Competitive Edge

In today’s heavy competitive world, you can find so many sellers selling the same products as you do online. To beat them and become successful in your business, you should have better and compelling descriptions of your products. This will make your business stand unique among your competitors.

Good product descriptions along with appealing product images and video will give you a significant competitive edge over your competitors in the marketplace.

4. Reduces Site Bounce Rate

Having a good, creative, and informative product description will force viewers/readers to spend more time on your product page. Once viewers manage to spend more time on your product page, the chances of doing a purchase on your site become high. Moreover, search engines like Google will consider your eCommerce store as important, interesting, and relevant once search engine bots are aware that viewers spend more time on your shop.

Apart from increasing your product purchase chance, having a good product description will improve your online store’s search engine ranking.

5. Will Increase Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Results

As mentioned above, having good product descriptions will keep your readers interested and force them to stay longer on your page. This will increase your earnings through Ads like Pay per Click (PPC), and so on. And also, you can find significant results on your PPC ad campaign for your online store.

To avail of such marvelous benefits, you need to create interesting and compelling descriptions/details about your products.

How To Create Product Descriptions?

Product Descriptions are the keys for modern businesses to gain success in today’s evolving marketplace. Also, having produce descriptions with more creativity will help business leaders to take their business to the next level.

This section covers how to write the best product description that will increase your product sale dramatically.

1. Consider Asking These Questionnaires Before Writing Descriptions To Your Products

Asking these below-given lists of questions will enable you to give proper facts of your product on its description story to your consumers.

Who will be your target audience/consumer? – This will give you a clear picture of identifying the right audience/consumer of your products.

How are you going to approach your target audience/consumer? – This will help you to determine the mode of communicating with your target consumers.

Why do consumers need your product? – This helps you to determine the usage details of your product to consumers.

What are the basic details of your product? – This helps you to provide detailed information like attributes, size, features, cost, color, function, and so, of your product in your story.

How is your product better than other products in the market? – This helps you to provide an appealing product story to your consumers to drive more sales.

By having answers for those questions, you are able to provide an appealing product story according to your audience. Providing product descriptions according to these questionnaires will provide the essential vibes for your online shop.

2. Describing Products According to Your Audience Mindset

Knowing your audience is pretty important for writing a good product description, writing a product description without understanding buyers’ mindset is utter waste. So, before writing a product description, you need to understand your buyer persona. By doing so, you are able to realize what your buyers are looking for and what points should include for gaining desired attraction from the target audience.

For example, for selling high-end professional headphones your product descriptions should be like gaining the attraction of a gamer or trendy or designer headphone. It should be written in a way to gain the attention of professionals or business people.

3. Describe Your Product in Best Format

Before crafting the description for your product, choose the right format to tell your story.

Most online shop owners prefer providing their product description in bullet points to cover most of the important aspects of their product. However, telling a product story in bullet points isn’t the right way and surely it’s not the best way to convince your target audience to make a purchase decision.

To avoid this mistake, you should write a product description, writing the product story in 3 to 4 line paragraphs. This will create more engagement with the online shopper and make them realize this product could be the right one.

4. Highlight Product Benefits & Features

A good product description should be written with more creativity by highlighting all the benefits and features of the product. While writing product features it should be crystal clear and for writing the benefit, it should be more creative & appealing for gaining the attention of the target audience.

For writing both benefits and features of your product, make sure you include positive adjectives in a way of highlighting your products. Modern customers are highly knowledgeable, so an extended product description is required at the bottom of the page this will ensure buyers get all the relevant texts regarding the product. Also, this mode of writing product descriptions with extensions will be so helpful in terms of SEO purposes.

5. Make it Short & Sweet

Storytelling always gives you the advantage of more engagement with the audience, however, it does provide you some disadvantages too. Some potential buyers never feel interested in reading a long review or long description, instead, they prefer to have a quick overview and find any bullet point highlighting product features and benefits.

So, don’t blindly go behind the conversational type long-paragraph product description. Make it short along with the inclusion of quick bullet points that suit almost every ideal customer. As an online shop owner, you need to understand the mindset of the online shoppers and provide the product description according to the product specs.

6. Never Hesitate To Boost Your Product

If you think your product is so good and well-crafted than the others. Then start conducting proper testing and provide all those social proof to the buyers by including all those product description formulas along with test results on your product description.

On your product story, don’t hesitate to include tidbits of details having proof of your product better than the others. This will give drivers enough attention in the market towards your product. The more attention it drives the more sales you can make.

7. Be Unique

Most manufacturers simply follow their competitor technique to grab a marketplace for their products. However, it is not recommended if you want to be at the top of the track. Present your product content in an enriched visual way together with all the necessary information embedded with it. When it comes to the online market, better presentation along with visualization does the majority of the job on the product’s success.

Not all your consumers are scanners, so provide only the needed information in the product description and include some product digital assets like image, video, tutorial, and so on your description catalog/page content.

8. Do SEO-Optimization

Product description/content is one of the primary modern weapons for manufacturers to win the sales war in the marketplace. Having a good product description will attract more potential buyers to make a purchase decision. But that doesn’t mean that your product content will appear on top of the search engine’s search result page and drive more potential consumers towards your online shop.

Think about SEO optimization, once you finalize your product review/content make sure it matches all the requirements of SEO rules and optimize it as search-engine-friendly content for availing all SEO benefits. By doing so, search engine bots will crawl your online store content quickly and effectively.

Do’s and Don’ts While Creating Product Descriptions

Creating descriptions for all your products is never going to be easy; it is a tedious task to do. Consider these lists of Do’s & Don’ts while writing product description content on your eCommerce store.

1. List of Do’s for product description

Be Specific

Apart from those attractive images and videos of your products, product description is the only thing that will make a visitor into a shopper. Also, it will make viewers learn more about your product. So, while writing a product description, always be specific & provide high-quality content on what you are trying to portray to viewers without filling descriptions with meaningless phrases.

Make It Interesting

Almost every buyer is going to read your product description, so it is worthy enough to put some extra effort and provide pumping content with more jazz tone and pizzazz on your content. So that every reader will enjoy reading your product description.

Have Multiple Versions

Product descriptions are going to play a key role in your product sales, so it’s better to go with A/B testing while writing a good product description. If you do not have enough confidence to provide product descriptions to convince certain audiences, then don’t worry you can always hire experts & talented writers for writing high-quality content for your products.

2. List of Don’ts product description

Never Rely On Single Business Unit/Department

Depending only on a certain unit like manufacturing/developing for writing product description. Instead, seek references/advice from other departments so that you can find an array of information about the product.

Don’t Forget To Proofread

Silly mistakes like spelling errors or punctual errors will turn off your potential buyers from making a positive purchase decision. Having such mistakes will create doubt on the company’s or business’s legitimacy on buyers/consumers’ minds.


Product descriptions are not something that any business can overlook easily. It is the modern secret mantra for achieving sales targets and company growth. It should be written to create more engagement with the buyers; it will raise your online shop’s conversation rate and customer base significantly.

So, while creating product descriptions, think and go big, else you need to go home with failure. Utilize a product information management platform that helps you to create and share the relevant product description and allows you to enrich it over time.

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