Save the Lives with Untapped Potential of Google Glass Wearable Solutions

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Google Glass
By: Manish Shewaramani

Save the Lives with Untapped Potential of Wearable Solutions

Groundbreaking innovations are turning science fiction into real facts. The impact of wearable solution is not too little to recognize while immense potential of this technology has brought radical change across various industry verticals.

The new wave of wearable applications is transforming the health industry in an unimagined way from monitoring personal health to the access to medical services at distances in real time.

Still, there is a room for more solutions because many a times patient’s life could not be saved either due to the untimely dosage of the medicines or absence of the way to know about the patient’s vital signs & symptoms for immediate treatment.

Wearable medical device sales will reach more than 100 million by 2016

As, necessity is the mother of invention, so Google glass iron out this concern and help the doctors to save the life of ones in an emergency or remind the patient when & how to take the medicine just by scanning it.

Isn’t it surprising?

Well, before that you must get to know what Google glass is?

Google glass is a wearable headset that will work through an Android Smartphone or an iPhone via Bluetooth or Wifi. Simple, hands-free & voice-driven computing system allows the users to connect in real time and render digital information relevant to the object. Even, the device can also be used standalone, if an app doesn’t require internet connection.

Let’s unwrap how Google’s powerful eyewear applications would help and excite the doctors and patients in real time.

Transmit patient’s data from ambulance to the hospital

In an emergency case, it is really critical for the doctors to prescribe the immediate medication without knowing the patient’s medical history and taking some tests. Such scenario made difficult to save the lives of the patients.

Instead, how it looks like if doctors know about your injury or trauma and previous health records while you are in the ambulance?

The telemedicine platform Twiage has developed a Google glass app with which electric medical technicians (EMTs) record the patient vital signs & symptoms, take EKGs, photos & videos, then send the same information to the hospital to ease the immediate treatment.

This way doctors get enough time to manage resources, and evaluate the condition of incoming patient for decision-making. Best-in-class technology save time, save costs and most importantly save precious lives.

Affix reminder & visual display to medication

More or less often, people forget to take the medicines at right time or don’t know about the side-effects or precautions to be taken for the drugs. In such cases, Google glass solutions would put them out of the trouble by scanning the bar code or QR code of the prescription and displaying the relevant information, and reminding about the dosage timing.

Medical glass app is one such patient centric solution that displays the side effects and precautions to be taken for the prescribed drug. Also, it enables the patient to schedule simulated reminder that reminds the patient about dose timing along with picture of drug.

Even, with this glass application pre-loaded images of the drugs can be recognized and after the identification of the pill, data is flashed on the screen.


Albeit, Google glass is in rudimentary stage, but the wearable tech fruits has start ripen and gained a large momentum in the health industry. Wearable solutions eliminated the distance barriers and relay the data easily which in turn help in faster treatment & saving the life of patient. Unprecedented effects of glass applications for instant medication in real time are ready to amaze you!

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