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Augmented Reality
By: Sandeep Agrawal

Sphero – Game Apps & More

Hello, everyone Sphero fan is here again. and is actually sorry. Yes, I owe all my readers an apology. As promised you in my last blog that I will be back soon with more detailed technical blog about Sphero. Deep research with completely detailed research but as soon mesmerized by the games played with this technical ball, I took quite a long time to get back to you and I really apologize for the same.

Let’s start up our discussion with the best three games that can be played with Sphero. Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite – zombie games. My favorite here for Sphero is ‘THE ROLLING DEAD’. Your surrounding turns into a video game when you play this game. Unlike other Augmented Reality games you’ve ever played, ‘the rolling dead’ is completely different and amazing. The robotic ball is a ball of fire, which shoots the zombies coming towards you. You need to look through the camera of your device and use Sphero as a fireball-shooting warrior against the zombies. Your challenge is to stay alive in this game.

The next game that I want to talk is ‘SHARKY – THE BEAVER’. A simple and lighthearted game actually relaxes you after a hectic day and the specialty of this game is the character. Your robotic ball turns into a cute beaver named Sharky who loves eating cupcakes and you can play this game anywhere and everywhere as this is not a marker based Augmented Reality game. In other words, Sharky the beaver is the first app ever to let you take 3D dimensional character for a walk around your house or anywhere else and since this character loves cupcakes you can interact with the real world by launching virtual cupcakes into Sharky’s mouth.

These two games can be played individually but now here is a game that you can play with your friends and see who wins this game. ‘Pass the Sphero’ is a party game, which can be played among 2 to 6 people. The target is pre selected by each one who is playing the game and the one who reach first wins. However, the twist here is that your Robotic ball is actually a ticking time bomb, which can explode at any time. Amazing, isn’t it?

Wow, I think I am just addicted to these games and I think once you play,you too might get addicted to it. So why not try it and your gaming experience.

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